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  1. I have all volumes up all the way to the right in the manager closed door before pushback volumes on my speakers turned up .pressed call button in flight still can't hear them but landing call outs are loud and clear. Could I be missing something in the config
  2. Just did another flight and I hear the first officer cough and landing elevation call outs but nothing else.
  3. Yes I have other payware airliners and they work ok .Yes I checked the volume setting.The only thing I here for callouts is the landing 500 100 50 40 etc.I did have antivirus off when I downloaded and did it as adm.I hate to reinstall but if I have to I will.Thought I would put it out here first
  4. Not hearing any callouts on take off. Also no cabin announcments is this just the way it is on the CRJ ? Or am I missing something
  5. At what time should I set this.On approach when loc becomes active?
  6. Can not open my documents at this time.What does it mean when vor1 is in red.
  7. When I set to VOR 1 should it be red until the APP button is pushed and in range then I can enter course?
  8. I pick up the loc but when it makes the turn for it it just keeps turning. This is the crj
  9. I pick it up but when it makes the turn for it it just keeps turning. CRJ
  10. When my crj intercepts the LOC it continues to keep going in circles. I fly other planes also and never have this problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated. ilS frequency is put in .Course is entered loc 1
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