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  1. Is there anyway to completely delete all honeycomb inputs and just assign from P3D? Scott
  2. Honestly, You should do this will ALL add on aircraft. Load a P3D default, then load your add on. PMDG requires this as well. Scott
  3. Are there any Air France repaints for the Professional Bus series? Cant seem to find any anywhere... Scott
  4. Hi Mathijs,


    Disregard this :-)



  5. VCBI would be amazing, also ZBAA and just about anything else in China. I would also love to see KTUL, but that isn't gonna happen ;-) Scott
  6. Hmmmm, It didn't work. I'm still underground. Scott
  7. Not Whining Oliver, but I was hoping LAX would be there. FSDT not give you the files? Scott
  8. Hi Oliver, Thanks for add the rest of Hawaii!! I thought Simwings was going to release PANC as an FS9 airport also. I see you are only supporting FSX. Did I misread something? Have a great vacation. Scott
  9. I can tell you this, I will not buy any scenery that is not AES compatible or at least planning on being AES compatible. I'm really looking forward to nextgen! Scott
  10. Just figured that out. I assumed the update would be with the original download since I bought it today :-) Scott
  11. Same Here, AES doesn't seem to recognize EGKK. Scott
  12. I guess I'll just have to do this in USA Southern for ATL and DFW. "Clear to Taxi, Y'all have a great day! :-) Scott
  13. Bruce didn't miss anything. As an air traffic controller, I expect airline and corporate pilots to know where the runway is. Period. You can find the chart for just about any airport on the planet on the web. That's just lazy. Scott
  14. I fly into VTBS a lot in the real world. GREAT job on the terminal. I started looking for Customs! :-) I will also buy it! Scott
  15. Oliver, I spoke with the folks from CANUK Scenery http://www.fsnb.ca/canuk/ and they would be very interested in getting AES Support. The Calgary scenery is fantastic, it just needs your touch. They said they contacted you, but no response. Please don't pass Canada up! Scott
  16. Has there been any fix for YBBN? Scott
  17. I'm running YBBN lite and that won't work either. Sometimes upgrades are not a good thing....... Scott
  18. WOW, I had no idea. Now I'm impressed! Scott P.S. The Cargo Loader is a great idea
  19. YBBN doesn't seem to work any more. Scott Disregard the above post. My Bad!!!
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