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  1. Egbert Drenth

    Honeycomb Products.

    Roger that, pity. Apparently Honeycomb has huge issues getting it right. It seems to be more then a year over due. But it's out of Aerosoft's control/reach.
  2. Egbert Drenth

    Honeycomb Products.

    Hi Mathijs, Is this still the planning? Are the boxes already piling up in your storage facility? Egbert
  3. FWIW: I downloaded the 900MB file in about 20sec in the Netherlands. (500MB+ glass fiber) So I guess it depends on your download location.
  4. No offense Matthijs, but if it is a fundamental flaw in the sim, all users would be affected by it. Apparently this isn't the case.
  5. Egbert Drenth

    New cockpit view on F9 in

    Most likely by defining it yourself, so you are 100% flexible. These days a lot of flightsimmers either use EZDok or ChasePlane to define their own custom VC views (which you also can look like 2D panels) I use EZDok for many years now and will not fly without it anymore. Defining custom VC views and outside views is a bit of work (30min) depending on how much you want, but it is absolutely worth the effort.
  6. Egbert Drenth

    Question about fixes

    Hi, I have a question about the current bugs and fixes for those. Will the release of the 32x series include any fixes, or are all fixes (current and future) planned for SP1?
  7. Egbert Drenth

    FMC questions

    Absolutely, landed without any problem. It's just a minor issue
  8. Egbert Drenth

    SP1 closes the 32 bit development

    No offense but.... Since about 1980 FS was 32-bit and during those 35 years each and every developer/publisher (incl AS) did a great job in creating attractive products. But I fully understand the decision nevertheless.
  9. Egbert Drenth

    Ridiculous climb rates

    I have/had same issue, although not as high as 8000 fpm. It appears I had forgotten to arm CLB by pressing the altitude knob (like suggested above). After that take off's went OK.
  10. Egbert Drenth

    FMC questions

    You have the same issue. In the MCDU the (DECEL) insertion point has a lower speed/altitude then the previous and next waypoints
  11. Egbert Drenth

    FMC questions

    Flightplan was : EKCH SID KEMAX N851 PELUP Z226 NILUG / NILUG 1N / ILS 19R - No manual changes WX like CAVOK, I dunno the specifics, but I think in this case are not relevant.
  12. Egbert Drenth

    Very sensitive trim control

    Just use the mouse. As earlier said: You only touch the trimwheel once after engine start to set it for TO. After that you don't touch it ever again
  13. Egbert Drenth

    FMC questions

    Hi, I'm an Airbus newbie so to speak, not very experienced. I have 2 questions related to the FMC of the A319-132: Calculated altitude Is the 2500 calculated correctly? SA476 has 4420 and (LIM) 3120. Also the speed seems incorrect. V1 versus FLP RETR Is it possible to have a V1/Vr of 145 and a Flap Retraction speed of 142? TO weight 64.2
  14. Egbert Drenth

    Repaint requests

    For those using the SAS retro livery (OY-KBO): Use the Sharklet model ! is not required Rename both AS_A319_EXTWINGS_IAE_?.dds to AS_A319_EXTWINGS_IAE_SHARK_?.dds I hope that AS comes with a more convenient way of transforming old liveries to current ones. This is just trail and error method.
  15. Egbert Drenth

    Repaint requests

    Thanks, but that is a livery of 2017