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  1. Roger that, pity. Apparently Honeycomb has huge issues getting it right. It seems to be more then a year over due. But it's out of Aerosoft's control/reach.
  2. Hi Mathijs, Is this still the planning? Are the boxes already piling up in your storage facility? Egbert
  3. No offense but.... Since about 1980 FS was 32-bit and during those 35 years each and every developer/publisher (incl AS) did a great job in creating attractive products. But I fully understand the decision nevertheless.
  4. For those using the SAS retro livery (OY-KBO): Use the Sharklet model ! AS_A319_EXTTAIL_L.dds is not required Rename both AS_A319_EXTWINGS_IAE_?.dds to AS_A319_EXTWINGS_IAE_SHARK_?.dds I hope that AS comes with a more convenient way of transforming old liveries to current ones. This is just trail and error method.
  5. Roger that Sir! Helaas pindakaas, nog even wachten dus...
  6. So.. what were they telling you?
  7. Still on their web site: "We expect both products to launch in Q1 2018 but will provide more accurate information as we get closer to a release date." @Mathijs, I guess you have have the same information as we have, or can you disclose some more?
  8. Hi, Like Mathjs said, starting is not easy and can be overwhelming in the beginning (terminology, etc) However after a few flights, you will get used to it. I started online flying eons ago and since then never flew offline anymore It is so much fun to fly with real ATC and other aircraft/pilots. Just bite the bullet and go for it, you won't regret it. About IVAO/VATSIM It is a matter of your location (and likings) Personally I prefer VATSIM over IVAO. For Europeans VATSIM is more present in Mid/Northern Europe, IVAO is more present in the Mid/Southern region. (correct me if I'm wrong)
  9. For a Denmark oriented VA, you could check Scandinavian VA: http://www.scandinavian-va.eu Also I understood the Brittsh Airways VA is pretty good : http://www.bavirtual.co.uk There are dozens of good VA's around, It really depends on your preferences: Region, Fleet, etc, etc
  10. Ahhh, thanks! I had installed V2.23 and not V2.23a Works as advertised!
  11. Hi, I don't know if it has already been suggested, but is it possible to redefine the repaint logic a bit, like: AES-VN-01-11-ESXX : Repaint is valid for all airports starting with ICAO code ES?? AES-VN-01-11-ESSA : Repaint will overwrite the ESXX repaint This way it is possible to quickly assign a certain repaint for all airports in a country and if desired to assign also a repaint for a specific airport. Currently it is kinda tedious to rename appr. 20 files, for each airport you would like to use it. For example Germany : renaming 20 x 10-15 airports to use a specific repaint. AES-VN-01-11-EDXX would do the trick much easier. Egbert
  12. Do we have to re-download/re-install version 2.21 or was it already fixed in 2.21 when it was released?
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