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  1. Hello folks, let me add my "two cents" to your interesting chat ... I wouldn't dare to add a single ounce of pressure upon Oliver right now, given what he's still trying to accomplish for us; after all, I think we'd all go for some more valuable additions, rather than just seeing this kind of issue fixed. Also, if it's only a matter of timing, it can be done more easily by him; but if it's also about wording, so that sound files need to be corrected, it's no longer depending on him alone (btw Oliver, you know I'm always ready for any change to the italian marshaller's voice ... as soon as you ask for it). To the most active ones: think about editing the wavs, both for timing and for wording changes. As for timing, why not adding a couple minute silence before the marshaller speaks ? As for wording, the unwanted sentence might be cut out from the rest of the wave. Happy landings and always three greens ! Eu
  2. As always, Oliver, you have T-O-N-S of good tech reasons ... But this desperate "kind of SOS" was another signal that the ever growing people of AES users really CAN'T WAIT to see AES taking some step forward, along the directions that you already pointed us to. Are we still far, far away, from the day when we can see our planes filled by active fuel trucks ? Looking forward to that happy day, oh happy day ... :beer3_s: In the meanwhile, here we are, the AES-addict simmers Good night, sir Oliver.
  3. Thanks Oliver ! Nice to know that it's not really "impossible", but that you will be - sooner or later - given the information to be able to set it up. You had a nice idea by offering us the chance to externalize AES menu on another machine, and maybe I'll try it; but to many of us, especially those who do not have multiple pc setup, the chance to resize and relocate AES menu I guess would be sure enough. Thanks for keeping the thought alive !
  4. The tech question from the untech guy ... If these data are saved - it seems - automatically along with the other parameters of the active "situation" when a flight is created (Fs9), so that ATC window is recorded, why doesn't it happen to AES window, too ?
  5. Here ! Taken from the last lines of my active flight (.FLT) in FS9: [Air Traffic Control] Undocked=False ScreenUniCoords=102, 3324, 1431, 2304 UndocCoords=0, 0, 0, 0 [Flying Tip] Undocked=False ScreenUniCoords=500, 400, 7192, 650 UndocCoords=0, 0, 0, 0 [AES - Airport Enhancement Services -2.07 - LGAV-FULL - <Close window with F10> ] Undocked=False ScreenUniCoords=1536, 1216, 5120, 1425 UndocCoords=0, 0, 0, 0 That's where came the thought that AES window size & position would have been saved from flight to flight ... Why isn't it so ?
  6. I see ... so it looks like the only present solution is using AES Remote ... but then I would lose verbal commands, not running on the client, too. Yet, I remember seeing some parameters of an "AES Window" included in some .cfg or .flt file ... would it be possible ? Will make further research, and report back here. ATC Window size and position, after all, is saved with the situation (.flt) and so why couldn't this "sister" window deserve same treatment ? Thanks and regards, Eugenio
  7. Hello Oliver, hello folks, forgive me for not conducting an extensive search, maybe the question was already raised in the past somewhere else in this forum ... Is there a way to position AES popup window inside FS, so that it becomes permanent from session to session, and not just within a single flight session ? Thanks and regards, Eugenio
  8. The other night, as I moved into a spanish airport and was welcomed by a "Bienvenido", I thought what a powerful sensation of realism is linked to a relatively minor effort in programming ... That's why I hope that Oliver will consider to "open" AES to other idioms (German, Portuguese, Greek, etc.) applicable to the scenery already supported by AES, even before the "official" AES voice for that idiom is picked up ... (the default voice being always there, if no local accented set is available). Why couldn't a German AES user record and place his own files in AES sound folder, even if they do not sound good enough to be chosen officially for the rest of the world ? Also, I would like to invite other AES dedicated users to spend some time with the mike and create a library of new AES voices for the languages which are already available, destinated to sound sub-folders, so that before every flight, during the pre-flight setup, one can use a simple batch file and send the voice file set in place ... I cannot dare to ask Oliver for AES randomized pick-up among many voice sets, simply because ... we don't have them (yet) !!! Maybe with the long-awaited version 3.0 ? I hope - anyway - that this will be another nice way to encourage people to exchange their works on the net, strenghten the community, enhance the fun, and make it even more "as real as it sounds" !!! Happy landings and always three greens to y'all, Eu
  9. Thanks, Oliver, you couldn't be clearer than that ! Best regards, Eugenio. p.s. no german accent for the marshaller yet ? I thought you could take your opportunity to be "with us" on every single flight ! It would sure be a honor ... and you aren't that shy, are you ? ;-)
  10. If you're really saying that door 1R can be set differently from 1L, and 2R differently from 2L, the only one missing something it's me !!! When I go setting aircraft parameters, I don't even see the yellow markers placed in the vicinity of doors 1R and 2R, since on the right side of the aircraft I only see the cargo door markers ... How do you set (and maybe deactivate) these right doors individually ?
  11. Dear all, I just bought the iFly 737. I was excited also because I thought I could see all four cabin doors served by AES ... But it looks like: - door 2R does not open at all so, unless I missed the correct command key, I will see the catering truck uselessly parked in front of it. If so I ask Oliver "Please think of a way to separate not just aft/forward, but also left/right, so every single door can be declared inoperative for AES. - doors 1L and 1R are not located at the same distance along the longitudinal axis. Setting the distances for 1L gives incorrect placement of the catering truck, and setting the distances to suit door 1R will fit the catering truck but not the finger/airstairs ... GRRRR ! Once more, I wisk I could set all parameters for these doors individually. ... or is there a workaround ? Cheers, Eugenio
  12. Hello Oliver, you know what ? I am really looking forward to the moment when you allow us users to be ACTIVELY grateful and helpful in the open growth of AES ... taking the burden somewhat away from your shoulders ! In my humble opinion, if AES doesn’t lose the sense of its identity, by trying to be something else, and do always more and more (but – that way – chances are it will interfere with the role of other addons ...), there is really not much to add in terms of new features (apart from expanding to a growing number of airport sceneries). I am chiefly waiting for the active refueller... But only after you have added the ability to pick-up randomly other sets of sounds/textures, we will have the chance to share, on a freeware basis, our personal creations in terms of marshallers voices, marshallers clothes, bus textures, catering truck textures, airstairs textures, etc. etc., so that such a variety will add much to realism, with little effort on you part ... How do you feel about it ? Thanks for AES, and for keeping it alive ! Regards, Eugenio.
  13. Oliver, please welcome not just my thanks, but also my offer to cooperate again freely, should you like to add more marshaller's regional voices ... long live AES, there's a growing number among us simmers that just couldn't fly anymore without its services, looking forward to the active refueller, etc. etc., so ... please keep it running ! And glad to welcome y'all folks when you park and set the brakes somewhere in Italy ! Happy landings and always three greens, Eugenio
  14. ... or, if you wish to dedicate your work to the brave pilots which take the landing challenge of rwy 33 at LICR, the "italian Kai Tak" (no kidding, it requires specific training and abilitation ...), have a look here: http://fafylela.altervista.org/ very nice freeware by Fabio Scopelliti and co., suitable for VFR lovers too (the town of Reggio Calabria is depicted with the main monuments). Thanks and best regards, Eugenio.
  15. Hello Oliver, proud to be the first - if so - to ask you for one more step in covering Italy ... Torino Caselle (LIMF) for FS9, good quality freeware developed by Renato Galter, webmaster at Volo Virtuale Torino, here's the d/l link: http://www.vvtorino.it/public/root/download.php?list.7 which was downloaded over 25,000 times so far ... Thanks, Eugenio.
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