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    It's really a pity that the company without its headquarters was once again faster with their quick shots and that their German branch also announced that they had sent this plant into production at the end of June, after the developer of this addon showed here announced on June 18th that there will be news soon. Even more uncooperative is not possible. It's sad that you can fish the first customers on this tour, because quality is obviously no longer in demand and doesn't wait at all. The pictures here show the work and love. Unfortunately something like this doesn't seem to be rewarded anymore. ________________________________________________ Es ist wirklich schade, dass die "Abfischertruppe " ohne Firmensitz mit ihren grottigen Schnellschüssen wieder mal schneller war und ihr deutscher Ableger auch noch mitteilt, dass sie dieses Werk Ende Juni in die Produktion geschickt haben, nachdem am 18. Juni der Entwickler dieses hier gezeigten Addons mitteilte , da es bald Neues gibt. Noch unkollegialer geht nicht. Es ist traurig , dass man auf diese Tour die Erstkunden abfischten kann, weil Qualität offensichtlich nicht mehr gefragt ist und warten gleich gar nicht. Den Bildern hier sieht man die Arbeit und Liebe an. Leider scheint so etwas nicht mehr belohnt zu werden.
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    And the last set of images... And that, my friends, is why we do not fear competition for this airport.
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    We are never very afraid of competition. If a product of the competitor is better we must do better, if ours is clearly better we believe customers will make the right decision. What we will always try to do is announce our products as early as possible.
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    Some more images.... More tomorrow.
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    Hi guys , sorry not a Lightning , but I've been experimenting with the new PBR materials , so would anyone with P3d v4.4/5 like to give this Mitchellwing U2 the once over for me, and let me know if I've missed (or Messed ! ) anything before I stick it up for general consumption . Mitchell Wing Cheers Dave R
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    I am sorry but that is the structure that both Microsoft and Lockheed advise for these kind of things. There are indeed a huge number of files, but that is because navadata is build up that way. But as they are very very small syncing them is fast and after first sync a question of seconds. We do not have plans for an X-Plane version but when the software allows it are very interested in a version for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1906 or newer for best results. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: Route Charges (Aug 2019) Update: Restrictive Airspace (Spain) adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Alicante LEAL arrivals via Bordeaux FIR/UIR Valencia LEVC arrivals via Bordeaux FIR/UIR Regards David
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    Fantastic! Few people know it because Mathijs never, ever seeks credit for all he's done for the flight sim community for over 30 years. If people knew 25% of what he's done, flight simmers would have zero doubt that he's been directly responsible for helping push flight sim to ever higher levels of realism, immersion and new products. The same goes for Aerosoft as a whole, who donates large sums to the non-profit side of our hobby. In addition to the A330, I hope they ask Mathijs about his history and involvement in our hobby! It's time people knew all he's done for us, and we should care about that!
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    PCPilot September/October 2019 [Number123] has an interview with Mathijs which centres around the upcoming A330 Professional. Quite informative. Regards. M.
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    Honestly, what kind of an answer did you expect? I told you why it's not possible in our Airbus, I also made a reference to some older discussions about some technical details about our addon which explained in detail why something is the way it is. Then you tell me it works in an addon of a totally different aircraft by a totally different developer. With all due respect, what kind of an answer did you expect? If the unavailability of 16x time acceleration means this addon is not for you then it's a pity but we'll have to live with it.
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    It already is. You quoted "not compatible with older version" which doesn't mean that it is not compatible with newer versions.
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    Doesn't work for me... livery looks darker than normal on the outside, and dark textures in cockpit view as well... same for the LH repaint as well...
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    Well okay indeed, as long as no passengers are onboard you can leave it open. You can also take 5 pilots, give 'em a trolley and make them run up the aisle during takeoff on circuit training though Whoever wins and gets up fastest can fly the next circuits. We aim to model normal operations however so in our case the ambient soundset will match what you see: A closed door.
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    Are you flying online and do you have a Carenado addon installed? If the pilot client calls a Carenado model as AI model it will trigger Carenados copyright protection which in return kills your engine. Can happen with any aircraft you're currently flying, no matter which one.
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    First of all, this is only what I was making when I doing Finnair announcements. The list of files and they triggers are below. If you confuse? it is best to setup my announcements, make an test flight and you understanding process better, and ready for take off with your own announcements File name / content of the announcement / possible trigger 1, ASC_CC_CabinSecure.wav / Captain the cabin is secure all passengers are on board / after door are closed. 2, ASC_CC_Safety.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s please pay at tension… / when plane taxiing to runway. 3, ASC_CC_Prep_TO_Day.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the captain is…takeoff / landing lights is on. 4, ASC_CC_Prep_TO_Night.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the captain is…takeoff / landing lights is on. 5, ASC_CC_Climb_Device.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s it is now safety use your portable electric devices / PED switch is off. 6, ASC_CC_Des_Device.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s we are descending our destination please make sure your all portable devices…. / PED & SEATBELT switch is on, and altitude is about 8000ft. 7, ASC_CC_Landing_Dest.wav (left intentionally blank) I have an empty .wav because after landing into runway there is announcement “Ladies and gentlemen’s the door is open please…” 8*, ASC_After_Landing.wav / Please remain seated an till aircraft is fully stopped (or similar) / On taxiway to taxiing to stand or gate. 9, ASC_CC_Landing_Gate.wav (left intentionally blank) I have an empty .wav because after landing when taxiing there is announcement “Ladies and gentlemen’s we have arrived our destination…” 10*, ASC_After_Landing_Wait.wav / Please remain seated an till aircraft is fully stopped (or similar) / On taxiway to taxiing to stand or gate. 11, ASC_CC_Unboarding.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the door is open please… / After opening the doors. ** the no. 8 and 10 is the same content. So if you want replace one of those? Replace both in same content! The files above I replaced Finnair announcements. There is still some Aerosoft announcements in use, and it’s fine. If you want to make your own, pleace make a backup your Sound_ASC -folder. You found it: YOUR DRIVE\YOUR INSTALLATION PATH\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\ A318/319 is similar path. Setup my Finnair announcements, and make test flight. Short flight is recommended, TURN AROUND STATE, make your preparations, close doors, taxi, take off and climb FL160. Descent, land and taxi to gate and open doors! Now you understand the base idea, and get ready to make you own announcements. Happy landings Download links: 7-Zip: RAR: Instructions included (Into README, there is tell 7-files included! But after update there is 11 -files) sorry about this... File list with triggers (as above) in .RTF -document File list and triggers.rtf
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    Cockpitdoor open... since when are you allowed to have the flightdeck door open when closing the 1L door?
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    Yes... The developers are working on a bigger update for Bergen beside some new airports and other updates. So at the time I cannot say a date for an update. Sorry ... If I know more, then I will post it .... Greets Heinz
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    Danke schön Günther! Wenn ich Park höre verbinde ich damit auch Bäume, daher erzeuge ich da welche und auf den Bildern oben sieht es ja mit Bäumen besser aus. Wenn dann spezielle Ecken sind wo das gar nicht passt, hat man in der nächsten Version die Möglichkeit, das in einem extra Layer zu korrigieren. Dieser enthält VFR-Objekte für Europa (aus 3d warehouse, ähnlich @Günther Kremp Szenerien für Deutschland) und die (möglichen) Korrekturen. v3.0 wird statt jetzt 3 dann 7!! Layer haben (uff), so sieht das nun (Stand heute) aus: Und so sieht der Park beim Eiffelturm in v3.0 aus, ist nicht mehr ganz so ungeordnet: P.S. Wenn du auf dem Bild in der Mitte läufst, hast du den Eiffelturm fast immer ohne störende Bäume im Blick. Mach doch mal ein Selfie wenn du oben stehst.
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    Just a very quick update on progress..... Things are going well, honestly. Most work is at this moment on enhanced systems and the EFB that needs to not only handle all manuals, flows, checklists, takeoff and landing checklists but also Navigraph and NavDatapro charts. Time consuming but all doable. We had a few issues with the semi intelligent co-pilot in regards to GSX2 (after a GSX2 update) but we think we solved this. Our biggest show stopper at this moment is the fact RealLight does not want play with P3D PBR lighting. TFDi's RealLight is the best option for serious lighting in a VC (our A320 series has the largest amount of dimmable lights of any add-on) but at this moment it simply does not work with P3d V4.5 when we use PBR in the optimal way. As we have explained we do not want to add a PBR layer to an aircraft but have it incorporated from the start. That makes it works a whole lot better and reduces loss of framerates and memory. In two weeks we'll show images showing the difference. It's big. We REALLY want to use the latest compilers to make sure customers get an up to date product. We are hoping that TFDi and Lockheed are able to solve this issue soon. We are far from the only users of RealLight that suffer from this problem.
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    As Jouka wrote, any report of these things is welcome and we ALWAYS fly these routes to test. These tests are done on a system that has a stock Win10, stock drivers and stock P3d V4.5.
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    Hermann, ein Video mit Fps Anzeige: EDRT bei aktuellem Wetter (FsRealX mit ständiger aktualisierung). Im Cockpit konstante 30-39FPS. Außen 50 -60 Fps.
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    Looks wonderfull. I'm waiting for this airport since 20 years. Two weeks ago I did a photoshoot of the civilian terminal to improve the default Gateway X-Plane airport. At that time I didn't know it was coming in Flight sim. I'd love to see this converted for X-Plane. Note that this is the first time ever that I made such a wish on a forum.. I love how the mesh is reworking the whole Suda peninsula. Great !
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    X-life bei JARDesign herunterladen. Ordner entpacken, Open me and read öffnen und dort das X-Life Manual durchlesen, in dem die Installation genau beschrieben steht. X-Life installieren. Dann X-Plane öffnen und im Plugins Ordner X-Life Deluxe öffnen und Registrierungskey eingeben. Fertig!!
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    My friends, Some years ago I was fortunate enough to receive formal training in computer security, and I have long recommended that flight simmers run Nortons, Bit Defender, or Kaspersky. These are in my opinion and that of AVLABs are the best and most comprehensive security programs for PCs, and contrary to common belief the performance impact of this software is very minor. In fact, we mandated the use of the above security software in a private flight sim group I managed for 10 years, and if there was an adverse effect we would have seen it. The only time I've seen an adverse effect of running such software was either because someone was running a different computer security product or if their system was an older computer which required them to significantly reduce their settings in order to maintain a decent frame rate. This year a new virus that you should know about it running around the Internet. It's called r.eablink and you can read more about it at the links below. Among other things, this virus specifically targets one of the most used browsers, Google Chrome, and it's something we all should at least now about. Had it not been for my computer security, my system might have been compromised early today! Please take a moment to at least consider running computer security on your systems, and familiarizing yourself with r.eablink. This is a nasty one. Best wishes!
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    Hallo Thomas, Das Update von X-Life (Deluxe) mußt du auf der Website von Jar-Design herunterladen. Bei Aerosoft bekommst du nur deine Registrierungsnummer um X-Life Deluxe freizuschalten. Gruß Hermann
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    Hallo, ...V.3.34 full installieren und dann V.3.35-15 drüberinstallieren ..have fun !
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    Richard, when possible, can you try to fly the same route with the Lufthansa NavData we supplied?
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    Version 1.0.1


    Hey guys, this is my Repaint of the Finnair OH-LZL (MSN 6083). I hope you like it. if there are any bugs, please let me know Happy Landings with this bird
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    @TOPSWISS Alex The reason is that I like to fly over the Leman lake, with my 777, near Saint-Prex where I have 'filets de perche' when I go to Lausanne @Mathijs By the full page ad in Micro Simulateur it seems that Geneva Professional is in a very well advanced state?
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    Just one additional remark: As soon as you start the GSX-Boarding as well as the GSX-Fueling functions the internal MCDU3 functions (LSK1 and 2R, or LSK3R and as well as LSK4R) are automatically blocked e.g. you can either use the GSX or the internal MCDU3 functions. The reason for the delay of starting the fueling function (when using GSX) has been found and "repaired". It currently is tested by one of our beta-users. Regards, Rolf
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    Hey Dave.....same ole excuse....real life getting in the way of simming! Planning more trips to the lightning capital of the world in the future (other than when the Expo is held there...)....going to eventually retire down there....will let you know when our next trip is. Hope you and E are well!
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    Version 1.0.1


    Hey guys, this is my Repaint of the Lufthansa D-AIEA (MSN 8761). I hope you like it. if there are any bugs, please let me know Happy Landings with this bird
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    I HATE developers that change default files. Very unprofessional.
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    There is something totally wrong with your installation.The installer does a perfect job, no manually tasks needed. I asssume that you did something with your P3D installation that doesnt allow the installer to make the necessary entries in the config files. Make fresh install of P3D, run the installers as Administrators, do not apply any fancy tweaks, do not use tools changing default files etc. and you are good to go.
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    @Rich: Yours seems OK @Wolfgang: missing 2005 x64 and some other are not up to date. YOu can try to uninstall all libraries and then donwload and install all available redistributbales from this site: Also I recommend to run this Microsoft tool to fix any existing .NET errors:
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    Ahhh fair enough then, I have been working on a few recently and every time i`ve closed the doors they`ve closed with a thud and you can hear it from quite far away, but fair enough, it might be because the slides were removed when I was operating them so might be the reduced weight which creates the sound, but you can definitely hear the sound of them closing on the smaller busses like the 320s
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    Version 1.0.0


    Textures for the Aerosoft A318 CFM Professional as Airnorth Australia VH-ANO
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    Friends, let's maintain civility and not gang up on people. Everyone is welcome here, as are their opinions, so long as they are civil and within the bound of good taste. As far as I can tell, the question has been asked and answered. Let's move on please. Best wishes.
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    That 2 Sign is the logo for mechanics and engineers, this is where the hoist point for the slat is for when it needs to be removed, youll also find these on the tail, flaps and elevators
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    It's an issue we are looking at, but we are not huge fans of time compression to be honest.
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    The landing gears in the recent images are in transition state, they just go into upward position. The mechanics of the mainlanding gear, so levers and joints, are extremly near the original and we work also on a correct physical behaviour of that system. Regarding the PBR shaders i can say that they make quite some more work than they old shading system, but they also bring a lot of advantages, mostly visually with them. The FSX shading system consisted of the so called Phong-Blinn system. Phong and Blinn are names of real people. Mr. Phong, a vietnamese exilant, created the Phong-shading algorithm in the mid 1975. This was a very important event in computer generated imagery, as on his work relied much of CGI in the coming 2, almost 3 decades. The new thing introduced was the reaction of polygon surfaces on simulated light, as before polygon were only simply filled with a single color. This needed also in the 1980s high performance computer to generate, like SiliconGraphics provided them in that time. The most famous usage was maybe the movie TRON. The first flight sims used the simple shaded version still til the mid 1990s, when graphics accelerators came into usage for home PC systems. Then this model ruled the "gaming" industry as efficient way to generate very acceptable realtime 3d output. But the demands in visual fidelity grow all the time and so all disadvantages become visible: The phong/blinn shading works best in a single lighting situation only and in our flight simming environment we have usually quite fast changes of daytimes. Especially in midday FSX produced pretty suboptimal results resulting in much to bright reflections, where you often got simply overexposured, featureless surfaces. This could not be controlled by the graphic dev. The physical based shaders go a different way. They not accept that more energy leaves the surface again, than penetrates it in the first way. Then we get features like metalness, which lets us simulate the difference between nonmetals (plastic, wood, rubber) and metals in a much better way. Additionally we get a smoothness parameter which also blurs the environment reflections, adding to the feeling of getting rough structured surfaces. Ontop the icecake we have now also a dynamic behaviours of the diffuse shaded AmbientOcclusion. Those technique creates darker zones in deep edges and cavings of surfaces which almost dominant leads to realistic looking materials, as i lets us prebake pretty complex physical behaviour of light. This reacts now to direct light contact and diminishes there how it does also in reality. This was the leap the game engine graphics was ahead of our flight simming engines before the introduction of PBR shaders in our sectors. But we have still go a certain way, as we still got not the same flexibility a game engine like Unreal got, but that may change with coming new competitors in that field. I am too open for kind surprises there. One guy wrote that our bird looks like "any other PBR bird out there". This is not only logically not coherent, because if this claim would be true, only Aerosoft A330s would be out there or at least only a single type of product which isn´t, already trivially thought, not true. To these people i can only say: Please make constructive claims, not only ventilate your personal frustrations here.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Updated EasyJet G-EZIW for Pro Series A318/319. Panel is without REG Code. ZIP file. Manual Install Only!
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    You can use the Adequate Airport entries at the foot of the general planning tab as a guide. These are now entered singly rather than as pairs previously:
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    I think it is not the Hardware you have, if not just as you have configured certain entries in the Prepar3D. CFG For example, I have a i5 4690K and for being 4 core, I have configured the input [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 There are applications that tell you according to the CPU the correct value And the GPU is a ASUS GTX 970 32 GB Ram 1600 HardDisc Crucial SSD 950 GB M2 128GB
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    Version v2.00


    PFPX profile for the Boeing 707-320C, based on British Caledonian Cruise Control Manual data. Some equipment data for the ICAO flightplan required, and would be nice to add some airline specific weight and configuration data, happy to hear from anyone who can assist. Cheers Jon
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