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    When it is ready for the A320 it is ready for the A330, 100% the same code.
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    You will find information for overclocking on the net, yes. The better the hardware in the YT Video or guide matches yours (especially in regard of the mainboard and used RAM), the easier it will be to perform the same steps. But to be honest, if you have no experience at all in overclocking, you might rather not do it. It needs some time and knowledge about what you actually adjust in your BIOS to perform the necessary testing steps for stability. It is in no way "dangerous", you can not do any harm to your processor.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Air Canada C-FXCD New Livery DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use manual installation. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid!
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    Bump for the American A319/320 IAE America West Registrations!
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    Nee, das Manual im Download von X-Europe, ist zusätzlich auch unter simHeaven_X-Europe-2-scenery Richtig, Zurich V2.0 c, MeshXP_Switzerland und das Overlay dazu sind wirkungslos, weil du obendrüber terrain-szenerien lädst (zPhotoXP...), ist im Manual erklärt.
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    Wow, guys. First off thank you to all of you for the opinions, help and support shared. I'm not yet sure where to start really. I looked up the upcoming RTX2060 and it comes with 6GB GDDR6, which leaves me with the opinion that a (maybe second hand) GTX1070 or 1080 might do better. On a sidenote, I actually found a first 2060 (PALIT) which is only 20€ cheaper (485,- to 504,-) than the cheapest 2070. Conerning CPU-overclocking, Querer, do you have any hints on what kind of cooling system might be a good one, especially concerning the price-to-value pov? Sorry for the silly question😂... aaand, I never dared thinking about overclocking, so I might need some kind of tutorial. Do you know any youtube tutorial about the subjct, maybe? For now I thought about buying step by step. I need a new PC case and thought about buying the case and a better cooling facility first (there are some cases that come with cooling systems, what's your opinion of the Sharkoon TG5 for example)? Then the SSDs and then the new GPU (who knows maybe the market and prices are changing during the next months😀). Again, thank you 1000 times for support and yes, Mathijs, I might have stumbled upon you telling us about your and Aerosoft's fondness of LM😄. I appreciate that, of course. Best wishes, Nicolas
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    Can we expect the A330 to come with PBR out of the package?
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    One question on that, I couldn´t find using the search function: You´ve released the A320 professional series without the connected flightdeck system to make sure you can release the Airbusses now, continue work on the CFD and implement it afterwards. Will you also do the same with the A330, so release first with the CFD to be implemented in a future update, or will you wait with releasing the A330 until CFD is ready for it and implemented?
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    Totally agree and just the right level of complexity for me , always checking the updater for updates lol
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    Yes, ProATC also flies UN871 in the wrong direction. Maybe you should ask Pointsoft, whether they will solve this problem.
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    Hello All- I am a new purchaser of Airbus Professional and noticed the bug immediately into my first flight. I do hold a A320 series type rating and spend about 85 hours a month in one so I couple of odd things jumped out at me on the first fight. I love the Aerosoft product as it is beautiful inside and out, the nice surprises like the printer and clip board. The copilot and checklist feature is great too. Anyway, back to the problem, I pretty much have a vanilla setup with just Active Sky and ChasePlane. I'm probably wrong, but the managed speed mode seems to enter some form of approach mode soon after take off, and remains in the mode all through CLB/CRZ/DES. It could also explain the goofy TOD predictions too. What can I do to help? Can I fly a short flight and somehow share a "log"? Mike
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    I understand you like a release date but I am simply not able to give that at this moment. The whole team is currently busy closing the known issues on the A320 series and most of that code is already prepared for the A330 (it's basically only config files that are different). At the same time modeling has to be completed and the Connected Flight Desk system has to be implemented. All in all a lot of work to be done and it is all work that is very very hard to schedule. At the same time, I am negotiating some professional (for real training) deals that could affect the whole process. So nothing sensible can be said, but the release is not close.
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    Congratulations to Aharon on winning December's screenshot contest...Love the livery. Email to follow shortly Cheers
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    Version 1.0


    Coats Land and Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Antarctica4XPlane - Part III The Antarctic Adventure continous! I am proud to present Part III of my Antarctica Mesh Scenery Antarctica4XPlane. It covers Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud Land, down to -81 degrees. Suitable add-ons as well as more regions will follow in the future: I recommend you to follow the development blog to stay up to date. Creating a Antarctica Mesh Scenery is a quite difficult and time-consuming task. That's due to missing or not accurate data in the public domain. Many parts of this mesh scenery were modeled by hand, and a lot of passion went into this project. However, this ambitious freeware project cannot keep alive without support. Thus, if you like the Antarctica4XPlane project and want to support the further development, then please visit the project's support-site and support the further development. Installation is simple: Unarchive the downloaded file and place the folder Antarctica4XPlane_3v1 into your Custom Scenery directory and add the following line near the bottom (below the research base sceneries) of your scenery_packs.ini: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Antarctica4XPlane_3v1/ I strongly recommend to switch on "runways follow terrain contours" and if you're already using X-Plane 11 then I recommend you my Antarctic Maps because X-Plane's default map doesn't cover the Antarctic Continent. To start your Antarctica Adventure with Antarctica4XPlane I suggest the Research Base Station Sceneries available on the project's website. First Sceneries are already available and hopefully many more will follow. Please note: Especially for this Part 3 doesn't exist so far any custom sceneries. Because of that, I attach an apt.dat (unzip the archive and move the apt.dat into Custom Scenery/Antarctica4XPlane_3v1/Earth nav data/) with some skiways and helipads: EGAH (Halley Research Station), SAYB (Belgrano II Base), AT16 (Neumayer-Station III), DRE1 (Drescher Ice Camp), ABA1 (Aboa Research Station), WSA1 (Wasa Research Station), SVE1 (Svea Research Station), AT12 (Kohnen Station), AT22 (SANAE IV Research Base), AT27 (Troll Research Station) and TOR1 (Tor Research Station). Antarctica4XPlane comes exclusively for X-Plane, for free and personal use only, but without guarantee and warranty. Antarctica4XPlane is intended for flight simulation only and shall not be used for real life navigation or any other real life purposes. You are not allowed to modify, reverse-engineer or redistribute this scenery or to use any part of it in your own sceneries. Please contact me, if you have questions regarding the license or if you are interested in a cooperation or commercial applications. HAVE FUN. Thanks to The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for digital elevation models The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for digital elevation models OpenStreetMap Contributors for their mapping work on the antarctic continent Nino for the initial ignition of the project, dozens of ideas and his support All contributors and supporters who ensure that the development continues Laminar Research for X-Plane and the permission to use their textures
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1813 or 1901 for best results. PFPX version 2 is required. Changelog Update: Eurocontrol.dat (Route and Altitude/FL Restrictions) Update: Restrictive Areas (Europe region) */** Update: RouteCharges (Dec 2018 - Europe region) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: correct usage of directs via Maastricht UIR London Gatwick EGKK departures via Amsterdam FIR/UIR or Copenhagen FIR/UIR Stuttgart EDDS northbound departures - check step 12 in readme on how to update Please check updated Readme.txt for backup and update procedure * UK and Ukraine will be done next release 1902 ** Not all restrictive areas can be activated, as some restrictions would block possible routes via certain airways/directs. which are actually allowed Regards and happy new year David
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    Version 1.2


    ATENCIÓN: Esta versión del repaint solo es compatible con Airbus A320 Profesional (P3D v4). Para otras versiones visita mi perfil. ATTENTION: This version of the repaint is only compatible with Airbus A320 Professional (P3D v4). For another versions visit my profile. (ES) El nuevo A320 de JetSMART llegó a Aerosoft, cuya novedad es que es el primer avión de la flota en no contar con un ave en el estabilizador vertical además de incluir "antifaz" al más puro estilo del Airbus A350. Algunas características de este repaint son: Dimensiones reales basadas en el avion real. Compatible con Livery Manager. Cualquier problema con el repaints me pueden escribir aquí a la información de contacto incluida en el WinRar. Saludos ! Prohibido re-subir esta textura a otro sitio que no sea Aerosoft sin mi autorización, así como también subir este archivo a páginas de aerolíneas virtuales sin expresa autorización, no robar créditos, el trabajo es gratis, agradecelo no robándolo. Prohibido editar, modificar o basarse sin autorización. (EN) The new A320 from JetSMART arrived at Aerosoft, whose novelty is that it is the first plane of the fleet not to have a bird in the vertical stabilizer besides to include "mask" in the style of the Airbus A350. Some features of this repaint are: Real dimensions based on the actual plane. Compatible with Livery Manager. Any problem with repaints can write me here to the contact information included in the WinRAR. Best regards! Forbidden to re-raise this texture to another site that is not aerosoft without my authorization, as well as upload this file to pages of virtual airlines without express authorization, not stealing credits, the job is free, thank you not stealing it. It is forbidden to edit, modify or base without authorization
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    Hallo Aerosoft Team, nein, keine Frage oder Support, sondern ein großes Lob von meiner Seite zu den neuen A318/319 professional Bussen. Der Einkauf war zwar etwas holprig (Sofort Download erst 24h später verfügbar ) doch als ich dann die Flieger in P3D installiert habe, war jeder Kummer vergessen. Ich hatte bereits die Vorversion der Busse und finde die derzeitige Umsetzung sehr gut gelungen. Tolles Cockpit Ambiente, super neue Features und Effekte (Wetter Radar ist echt super geworden), tolle Performance trotz der vielen, komplexen Systeme und tolle Flugphysik. Die Flieger machen richtig Spaß und haben eine tolle System-Tiefe. Weiter so und nochmals Kompliment an die Entwickler Truppe für dieses tolle Produkt. Vielleicht kommt ja mal ein A350 aus dem Hause Aerosoft??? Gruß CaptainChaos
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    Hallo, grundsätzlich ist keines der Mesh (HD oder UHD) sichtbar, wenn du mit ortho4xp Photoszenerien erzeugt hast! Ortho4XP erzeugt ein eigenes Mesh aus einem .hgt Höhenmodell. Es kann garnicht das HD oder UHD Mesh nutzen! Was du mit "Verknüpfung" meinst, sind die Gabäude und Straßen. Diese nimmt Ortho4XP aus einer anderen Szenerie (z.B. UHD-Mesh). Nachdem die Szenerie erzeugt ist, sind alle Informationen in dem neu erzeugten Mesh vereint. Es gibt dann keine Verknüpfung! Philip
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    Das kannst Du so machen. Allerdings ist das HD Mesh V3 unnötig, wenn das HD Mesh V4 darüberliegt. Dann nimmt HD Mesh V3 nur unnötig Platz weg. Gleiches gilt für die beiden UHD Versionen (3 und 4). Wenn Du NUR Das UHD Mesh V4 instalieren willst (und nicht das HD Mesh V4 auch) dann musst Du natürlich dein HD Mesh V3 bestehen lassen. Das UHD Mesh deckt nur wenige Gebiete ab. Grundsätzlich ist das Mesh V4 feiner und besser als das Mesh V3 und das UHD Mesh 4 ist nochmal feiner als das HD Mesh V4 (und natürlich auch besser als das UHD Mesh V3). Auf der Alpilot Seite kannst Du das gut nachlesen. Oder auch bei uns in den entsprechenden Threads. Wie gesagt mache am besten dafür einen extra Topic auf. Dann finden es die Experten bei uns im Forum besser und können Dir weiterhelfen. Gruß heinz
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    Hallo, soweit ich weiß bringen die Orthofotos ja ein Mesh mit. Das Mesh, welches bei der Erstellung verwendet wurde. Somit dürfe dort wo die Ortho's sind das UHD Mesh V4 oder das HD-Mesh V4 nicht zur Wirkung kommen. Allerdings kenne ich mich mit den Ortho4XP Sachen nicht gut aus. Du kannst ja um das zu Testen Deine jetzigen Mesh Sachen (HD mesh v3 usw...) sichern und dann das Ganze mit dem neuen HD Mesh und UHD Mesh V4 testen. Allerdings: HD Mesh und UHD Mesh sind 2 verschiedene Meshes. UHD Mesh ist nur in wenigen Gebieten verfügbar. Also HD Mesh V3 löschen und gegen UHD Mesh V4 tauschen wäre nicht richtig. Dann lieber HD Mesh V3 entfernen (Sichern vorher) und gegen HD Mesh V4 tauschen. Und wenn installiert UHD Mesh V3 gegen UHD Mesh V4 tauschen. Ansonsten mach doch einfach einen neuen Topic mit dem Thema auf. Am besten hier. Dort gibt es Experten, die besser helfen können als ich hier.... Gruß Heinz
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    Version 1.1.0


    Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BNZ DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use AirbusX Extended Livery Manager. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid!
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    Hi, I recently purchased Newcastle X. But i am having a problem with the jetway not lining up properly with the aircraft. I don't think its the aircraft parameters for the door as it happens on more than one type of aircraft the picture shows it with the FS Labs A320 but i have also tried it with the Airbus X and it aligns at the exact same angle. This only happens with Stand 10, stand 9 is okay and i have not tried stand 3 yet. Any suggestions?
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    Hallo zusammen, Ich werde heute Abend im Zuge meines Streams das neue Soundpack von BSS vorstellen, das gestern für den Flight Factor A320 raus kam. Dazu kann jeder der will, sich gegen 20:30 via FS Cloud in LGSR Santorini einfinden, wir wollen einen kleinen Groupflight machen, mit gemeinsam definierten Ziel - würde mich freuen, wenn von euch einige vorbei schauen ! LG Mike Der Stream startet heute um 20:30 -->
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    Version V1.0


    Senegal Airlines A320 CFM
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