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  1. I just did a full uninstall and reinstall of the Airbus narrowbody and in the settings along a flight can't get it to Pause at TOD or next way point, it just keeps on trucking along. I didn't have this problem before and curious if this is a known issue or not? I am running P3V and have Version installed. Reinstalling it didn't work, trying to cycle the MCDU setting on and off again repeatedly as I pass fixes didn't work,.
  2. I tried your method as well, I'm saying even without a controller attached it does work. That method also didn't work. The only thing that changed was I updated it to .7
  3. I just straight unpluggeed my joystick and can't get it to work with keyboard commands.
  4. Thrust Lever, and no I'm not jumping to a common denominator, it worked before I updated to .7 and after it stopped. No control bindings, it's as close to default as possible.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question? This is the only addon I have where F2 doesn't engage reverse thrust. It used to prior to the .7 update, after the update it stopped working.
  6. Yes I am. I got them to deploy once after hitting F2 like a maniac but I still can't get them to deploy.
  7. Just wanted to report also having this issues, tried reading the things to fix it with no luck.
  8. Is there a fix for the rear doors not having the grey outline like the front doors?
  9. Bump for the American A319/320 IAE America West Registrations!
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