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  1. same problem i wrote in nearly 5 threads now - trimming is up 15 way out of the comfort range... really weird selftrimming with speed and nav mode engaged - it happens in 1 out of 10 flights, and it must be a bug - really strange...
  2. That could explain my problem after all that fixing white the CRJ s selftrimming to plus 15 - regarding your screwed COG Problem after ESC and reloading.
  3. As mentioned in the titel. The Airport SJRG whilch is in the basic sim, you can find it there and select it - its Rio Grande in Brasil - the CRJ FMS says "not in database" - can you please check that ?
  4. I had the same for me simply pressing esc and click on reload/newstart fixed it immediately for me. This problem came for the very first time after msfs hotfix 1.15.8
  5. Hi JR i might missed my point above - i assigned it to buttons,m, sorry for the misleading info ... on the frontside of the TM 16000 Throttlequadrant there are some buttons wich works perfectly for trim in the a320 ... but as mentioned above - the crj trimmed it selve to 15 - loading was absolutely inside all limits !
  6. I encountered the same issue - first of all i had to turn on anti ice at around fl250, the plane lost a lot of speed rapidly but the really weird thing is it set its trim to 15 - totally wrong trim, after that i disengaged the ap, trimmed the nose down to get some speed and at around 290 knots i engaged the ap again, the plane trimmed the plane again to 15 - the nose all the way up ... that happend also while decending ... first time that happened to me. I use the thrustmaster flight pack 16000 with pedals and i have the trim set to an axis. Next time ill unbind this trim axis and see what happens...
  7. I had the same issue since the latest msfs hotfix 1.15.8 - but it works for me if i only click esc and reload - all fine then... msfs was not runnin as admin because then i can t purchase stuff inside the marktplace
  8. Dont have this issue with a lot of community liverys on board
  9. It would be great to have some clicking sound if i idle my thrust, cause i often pull it down too much, so i get into the reversers during flare - it would help to get an audio feedback like on the airbus, otherwise its such a tiny space between idle and reverse, which makes it really hard to set the thrust right during landing. for groundeffect in general it might be a little bit too much, but as stated above due to the higher and way back mounted engines, its physically totally correct to bring up the nose if you lower your thrust during the flare - so if you have that in mind, for me, it feels realistic at the moment!
  10. Not that much, except the infos i got from videos on youtube where i barely see that much highspeed shaking... so thats the reason i ask here !
  11. Live Traffic is ( most of the time ) broken ever since...
  12. As i cant edit my post above i included a real world wingview landing... there is literally no flex at all, or at least near to no flex... think the Animation is way off the Original... what are you guys thinking ?
  13. Is it just me or is the wingflex completely weird on this aircraft ? If i set up my wingview and taxi with around 10-15 GS 90% of the wing seems to be ultra stiff except at the very end of the wing where the winglets are - this ending is shaking very fast and it looks totally unnatural... anyone else experiencing this ?
  14. I have the store version ... thx for your help... i also start the msfs as admin to get all rights right... i ll keep an eye out for that file !
  15. I m setting up some views with ctrl + alt + a nr and it works all fine till i close the msfs ... next time i start msfs all my set custom views arent there anymore...
  16. That’s basically true but unfortunately after i restart the sim all pre saved customsviews in the crj are gone...
  17. I see every 2-3 flights a few crjs... normally hopping through europe sometimes us or canada
  18. It hatppens also if you fly regular without VR. I guess it s duo to the systems running in the back, waiting for approving the new inserted data.
  19. here are my 2 cents about this problem... had that cabin press warning also - what i was figuring out was, i forgot to disconnect the ground power kart, the GPU. So that clickable button in the EFB ( inside Aircraft ) greyed out. i wasn t able to click it again and it said while i m in the air "connected" - so i thought, that might be the problem.... some "inside the code" things ...
  20. I have this „left and right“ problem also. In short, right turn ahead, plane will fly right a bit early, then do a hard turn to the left to catch the route path again then doing a hard right turn to stay on that track. Kinda weird as i only have it in the crj atm.
  21. Can second that. I also have the feeling that the nose comes down a bit better the in the version
  22. In short ! Same issue - sometimes it nose dives sometimes it doesnt capture the GS at all and fly level straight... hope for a fix soon as the crj is the only plane which has those GS Problems for me atm.
  23. Today i tried it another time at Brussels Airport but this time even at the right speeds, landing config, nav 1 data correct, correct nav source it didn t capture the glideslope at all. loc and gs were armed, loc went green and gs also for a second then it disappeared and the aircraft didnt start to decent at all.... all over i have the feeling that ils landings are worse after the latest patch.
  24. Hey there... yesterday i tried the new version which really runs smooth and fine now. But i experienced 2 issues 1. i loaded up on Vancouver international, setting up the plane for a flight to Kelowna CYLW. I programmed the Approach for RW 34 RNAV which is the only RW 34 Approach inside the FMS. As soon as i clicked the right button next to it, the sim crashed. This is reproduceable... all goes right, until i click on RNAV RW 34 Approach at CYLW 2. GS was captured good, but at 1000 ft it lost the slope and went down way too steep ... i already read this problem with a few times now.... so far so good, i really love the crj but i think a few details should be investigated further. all the best, mike
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