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  1. The same with simmarket, still shows download. I am aware that simmarket is rather slow in putting your updates up, but still...
  2. Second this. And for the 1234325th time I wonder, what this AS Updater is capable of, if 90% of all updates need to be downloaded as full download and re-install. For the 2, 3 times a year an update can actually be installed using the AS Updater, I actually have no use for such a tool...
  3. Hi all, AS Updater tells me that there is a new full version for my A32x package available,, but my simmarket account only shows a download for How come? Too early? Regards Chris
  4. Same here, furthermore, if your mousewheel has a recognizable feedback on the mousewheel, it is even very convenient for switches like altitude or V/S, as you can basically operate them with counting the "clicks" of your mousewheel. Happy with this approach, plz. do not change it.
  5. Hi all, I realized on my screenshots (;-)) that the shadows are broken, the tail does not cast a shadow anymore. Furthermore, something seems to be wrong with the ambient occlusion, but as several other 3D models show this in MSFS, I guess it is a sim issue not an Aerosoft issue. Anything I can do about the shadows? Or maybe some hint how to get rid of this ambient occlusion issue? I already turned the setting down to the lowest possible setting (but not off so far). Thanks for any hint.
  6. Or, in other words: a moving target? 😉
  7. Got it, that's why I deleted this anyway rather insulting part out of my post.
  8. Trying to explain what the difficulties are to find a solution? Giving some progress update? Most of the people have not an issue with the mere fact that this bug is present, but by the lack of communication and such, especially because there ARE planes in the sim (default and addon planes) that obviously have no issues at all following the glideslope. Means: for us simmers without deep technical IT background, it is simply non-understandable that this bug exists and that it is obviously such a struggle to get around it. Communication would help to alleviate this question marks at least for us simmers. But of course, that is just one way to look at. Personally I am totally ok to do as suggested and fly those approaches manually for now until you got your things sorted.
  9. It does not, the files under %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj are not removed when uninstalling the product. You have to remove them manually, at least I had to do it when I uninstalled the product.
  10. Changing both resolution AND size will make predictions slightly more difficult, one thing you could always consider is pixel density. Your 27inch FullHD monitor has a relatively low pixel density of 82ppi, a 32inch 1440p monitor will offer you slightly more 92ppi. Depending on the distance of your monitor, this is still not a lot. I for example have 1440p on 27inch, resulting in a pixel density of 108ppi and personally, I would say this is just about the lowest acceptable ppi for me, sitting about 50cm away from the screen. Personally, I do not yet switch to 4K due to performance reasons... BTW: a 52inch 4K TV has a pixel density of 85ppi, so about the same as your 27inch FullHD monitor. This only results in a good picture if you do not sit too close to the screen. For a 52inch screen, I guess this is not an issue, otherwise you wont see anything anyway 😉
  11. Querer

    HUD always down

    No apologies needed, glad I know that I have to use the newest documentation now.
  12. Querer

    HUD always down

    Simmarket. Could it be that the documentation was adjusted with the update? It is the PDF that came with the initial release...
  13. Querer

    HUD always down

    Is it? Neither one is working on my case, at least the HUD is now (permanently) stored. That is how it is explained in the manual I have:
  14. Querer

    HUD always down

    Re-installation of the plane fixed the issue with the HUD being down right after firing up the sim. HOWEVER, the clickspot as described in the manuals still does not exist, now I am unable to unfold the HUD. But that is definitively the smaller issue, but still wondering what could be the reason. Is the clickspot in the manual the correct one? Why does this not exist in my case?
  15. Ok, re-installation of the airport fixed the issue, glad I do not have to do an extensive root cause analysis here. Case closed...
  16. Sure, I just mentioned it because also the CRJ shows issues since this update-session yesterday afternoon. And also the CRJ shows issues that seem utterly strange. For this issue here with the pink textures it is unrelated, sure...
  17. Good question, I did update some sceneries from flightsim.to yesterday, yes. I now re-installed both Paderborn (and the CRJ) from scratch, lets see if this cured the issue. Otherwise I will see if disabling flightsim.to addons will fix it.
  18. Ok, I found this thread in the official forums: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pink-areas-at-airport/279233 Basically exactly my issue here, I will try to solve this with a re-installation. Hope that nothing more serious is broken with my MSFS installation now... I would hate to re-download those amount of gigabytes...
  19. Today I suddenly realized that the ground texture (all of the apron and taxiways, not the runway) is pink in my flightsim. Also the baggage cars are pinkish, more purple. What did I do wrong? Is this an issue the devs can think of a possible reason? It seems that I am the only one with this issue, so I wondering what is going on on my end (additional to the strange CRJ issue with the HUD).
  20. Querer

    HUD always down

    Resetting as described here in the forums by M. Kok did not change anything. Still the same issue, HUD folds down as soon as I click on "ready to fly" and no clickspot to fold it away. Guess I have to reinstall the whole plane? BTW: I now tested several liveries of the -700, default ones and downloaded ones, the same issue for all. The -500 I did not test yet. Could it be related to the working title G3000 mod? This is the only thing I updated in the last days...
  21. Querer

    HUD always down

    Just tried several other states, always the same. I realized furthermore that during climb, the info on the HUD suddenly disappears and never re-appears again. Something bugged here... Furthermore I noticed that the plane does rather steep turns and during those turns, the plane starts to vibrate visibly. A very fast but almost noticable vibration. Strange. Might to have to reset the plane...
  22. Querer

    HUD always down

    After the update, my HUD is already down and locked when firing up the sim in cold & dark. Clickspot according manual is non-existent. Something wrong there? Or do I have to do something in particular? Thanks for any help, Regards Chris
  23. I did my first full flight in the CRJ yesterday and while everything worked as supposed to, this was something I also instantly realized and it felt just wrong. I was exactly on my 134kts approach speed, disconnected the AP 500ft agl and when I flared at about 30-40ft, the plane just floated forever, then very gently touched down and the nosewheel remained airborne until about 80kts. So yes, without forward yoke, the landing seems to be utterly strange. For now, I can easily live with this limitiation, hopefully it will be fixed one day.
  24. Querer


    Should Paderborn for MSFS be in the Updater? If yes, it is not...
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