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    Also du bist einer der gerne den ganzen Arm nimmt wenn man dir die Hand reicht? Wir möchten uns nur gemeinsam mit Euch freuen. Aber so wirds schwer... schade. Paul
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    ... oder sollte ich Aerosoft danken? Ich habe wegen des enorm hohen Preises immer gezögert mir Switzerland Professional zu kaufen. Aber billiger als für 91 Euro ist das Paket wohl nicht zu haben. Es sei denn das Viertelfinale endet nach Elfmeterschießen mit 8:6 Wenn es so kommt werde ich mich ärgern und FSGlobal2010 kaufen.
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    Recienemente he adquirido los CD-Box de diferentes productos Aerosoft y ante todo les felicito por el excelente calidad de los mismos. Uno de los productos adquirido es el BALEARIC ISLANDS X que registré en su pagina web con mi nombre y apellidos sin darme cuenta que debía introducir mi dirección de correo. Posteriormente lo volví a registrar con mi dirección email. Me he decargado la actualización AS_BALEARIC-ISLANDS-X_FSX_UPD_V101 pero cuando trato de instalarla con mi dirección de correo y el numero de registro del CD-BOX me aparece el siguiente error: Los sentimos pero el codigo de registro (o la dirección email) proporcionada son incorrectos. ¿Qué puedo hacer para instalarme esta actualización y para estar seguro de que he registrado correctamente el producto para poder disfrutar de posteriores actualizaciones? Gracias.
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    Archammer, There are many differences between the Katana and the Eclipse, not the least of which is the completely different engine. I have no inclination to remedy your rant, save to point out for the mirth and merriment of other users that if you can't tell the difference between a Continental and a Rotax running, you have no business being anywhere near a real aircraft, lest you hurt yourself. But a particular feature I WILL pick up on is the simple fact that the currently-available soundset is NOT for the Katana - the available videos of the real recordings CLEARLY SHOWED an Eclipse. And that you are in breach of forum rules for mentioning it, as well as your other laughable attempts at insult, each one of which digs you deeper into mire of misinformation you spout. Cease, lest you drown, while we giggle... There are also considerable differences in the structure, configuration and operation of the Katana v. the later Eclipse. I know because I fly them both, for real. A simple yet pertinent example being the use of slotted flaps on the later variant, together with a change in wing sweep angle. Depending on variant, there are also changes in fuel tank size and configuration, aft cockpit windows, location of battery and the accommodation of a 125hp air-cooled slow-turning fuel-injected Continental in place of the 80 or 100hp fast-turning, carb-equipped Rotax. If you have nothing accurate and nothing intellectual to offer, best to say nothing at all.
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    Hi Archhammer! First post and a way of language which shows me that I can´t take you serious But: Snave is right on the issue that the DA FSX Katana is just a quick and dirty port over from FS9 and I care a lot about those things because it won´t work under DX10 preview which is an essential issue for me (runs way smoother than DX9) and it´s not frustrating for me buying the "new" Katana from Marcel (rather having paid for the losy port over which can be done for owners of the FS9 version with some tweaking by themselves). Well calling someone "dumb ass", "bitch" etc. on a public forum - hmmm... should I comment on that? No I don´t want to comment that one! It just shows me the IQ of a poster! Have a nice evening!
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    Thx shaun, its not Aerosoft but i hope after this one that cornel can find another job. Its good you checked for us, if you keep us informed we will sit this one out. Thx again. Rider
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    Just two pictures of the little Fokker starting in Vienna and climbing out. Model by Digital Aviation
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    Thx for that Shaun, not your fault.... the wait continues
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    Some preview images to help you decide if this is worth developing/waiting for:
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    I'm still trying very hard even as I type. [EDIT] Got some info but its not what you want to hear I'm afraid but I'll not fib. There was something wrong so we are awaiting some corrected files to come back from Cornel.
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    Pics look great Jerry!!! Release soon hopefully by looks of things??
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    To thank you for the nice pics, I´ll give you two back. Bare in mind, this is beta! It´s not the end product, and I am not a professional in arranging pics. Having said that and to answer your question: surroundings were taking into account too.
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    Yepp, superfaire Aktion! So kann auch ich mal die nicht mehr ganz taufrischen Airports auf den neuesten Stand bringen! :-) Allerdings hat das ganze auch andere Konsequenzen: Eigentlich ist mir Fussball ja egal, aber jetzt fiebere ich natürlich mit! ;-) LG Jochen
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    Ich erweitere mal das Danke an Aerosoft Das ist eine Prima Aktion !
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    Hi, das hier hat Florian Praxmer im Fokker Supportforum bei Flight 1 geschrieben:
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    guten morgen Gerd, das ganze müsste man eigentlich in der sound.cfg ändern können. Diese befindet sich beim jeweiligen Flugzeugordner im "sound" ordner. Hab das aber selbst noch nie gemacht. lg Max
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    It's not 'my' Larnaca, but I can paint Cyprus anyway..
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    Guys iv seen that there is news of the BAE 146 due for devolopment sometime this year!! I read the topic as im all in for the 146, im also shocked that the post has had over 9,200 views and this is without any pictures even being posted!! Im guessing there is quite a few simmer waiting for this bird!!! I look forwards to the screen shots when they are made available!!! Thanks Danny!!!
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    Hi Danny, as you read the Topic, you have propably noticed, that developement has not started yet - ergo ne screenshots available. My personal guess would be, that the first developement shots will arrive 2-3 month after beginning of developement. So we have to wait on this one
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    You won't get an answer. Given the vitriol that always flies about when a developer fails to make a stated date, NOT stating a date but simply saying: `it's ready when it's ready` always seems like a better plan. After all, it's not like you're going to plan a life-altering operation or family holiday or funeral around its availability, it is just an addon, y'know!
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    1: Two weeks are not over yet! 2: Lass diese Äusserungen bitte, sonst wird hier wirklich nie mehr ein release Datum gegeben..... 3: Wird nicht mehr lange dauern
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    So "loony toon" is apparently a more palatable venacular for you? Here let me remedy it for you little camper: Also, my first post here only means that I felt compelled to take issue with someone's continued bashing of other hard working individuals in this community. Offering no productive critique or sound advice of any kind should be met with authoritative response. Your choice not to take my only post here seriously only means that you lack focus and fortitude. But possibly that you hold some misguided and misinformed emotional attachment to someone of such low character. And I'm curious to know how you gained knowledge of the IQ of a poster. Was that a Special Needs class you attended? What were the results of your testing? I'll continue with the hand holding and forewarn you that those are rhetorical questions. So, now I have to push this topic back on track, since certain people fail to really grasp textual acceptation. Again... Aerosoft congratulations, and the model is looking great! Keep up the good work, and we all (well mostly all) look forward to your future releases. Also, my sincere apologies for this hijack, but I could no longer bite my tongue.
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    Unequivocally, and without reservation I say that if you find `developing` affects your health, find something else to do. No way is this hobby worth it. Nor any other for that matter. And in any case, the why's and wherefores of delivery dates have not really ever been an issue for the developer - for whom it's ALWAYS out when it's out, but for the customer, and the crazed, skewed viewpoint of a few who think the world will end if you don't deliver on Friday, as promised, and its a personal slur on their manhood if you don't. It's these vacuous, clueless loonies who need to have their health checked. Their mental health.
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    No sorry, you are wrong. Iris have never released a Katana. They have released a DA-40, but that is not a Katana. They have released a DA-42, but that isn't a Katana either. And it has two engines... Defintive statement follows, before this confusion gets embarassing: There is NO native Katana for FSX. Let me say that again, in case Nicholas and Klemm are still confused: THERE IS NO NATIVE KATANA FOR FSX! The aircraft that are available are as follows: 1: The Digital Aviation Katana - an FS2004-era model ported to FSX, with varying degrees of success 2: The WSSimulations FSX native DA20-C1 - the C1 is NOT the Katana, it is the Continental-engined variant known as the Eclipse, Evolution or Falcon, depending on model. 3: The Premier Aircraft Design DA-20 model, marketed through Abacus - again not a true FSX model. in addition, some loony-toon has done a completely inapproporiate soundset for a Katana, obviously never having heard the difference between a Rotax and a Continental. It is for the Eclipse, and the Eclipse alone. So, based on your own theory there IS A NEED for a FSX-native Katana, as nobody has done one. Can we get on now please?
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    @Mathijs Kok (Aerosoft):When is the download version? The two weeks are over.
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    It's placarded so to do so would not just be stupid, it would be insane and the musings of a madman. At least two fatal accidents have been attributed to opening the canopy in flight - and one of those was deliberate (the story goes they had a trapped seatbelt flapping around outside making a noise and the dumn schmos thought they could open a rearward-opening canopy to pull it in...) The pilot cannot `forget` to close the canopy - the wind noise and the bloody huge crack allowing the air in in plain sight in front of him is a large clue, and you also get the baleful stare of a warning light as well, AND checking for closed and latched is part of the pre take-off checklist. So yes, you'd have to be stupid to try...
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    haha.but now let's really come back to the airbus discussions please. and i'm sure that mathijs (or any other admin) is going to delete those nationallatyposts anyway! so here a question to aerosoft: on the online store it says that the airbus (boxed i think) will be released on 1st aug, and usually the downloads appear at about 2 weeks earlier, does that mean that the airbus x is going to be releaed within the next 2 weeks or something? or is that date in your store in reallaty that one for the download and the box will arrive a few weeks later? and (even if the projekt is on ice) could you please at least release the manual this weekend so that we ahve something usefull to read? and please aerosoft, this time please release the airbus really on your planned releasedate. i've just bought you scenery "santotini x" and i'd really love it to fly there with an good looking airbus (like yours will hopefully be) regards Emi
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    Hey everyone I am looking for someone to do a panel repaint of the carenado 152 and I'm looking for it to be black instead of white. Everything else is the same. Also looking for it to be free reply if you can do it. Thanks.
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    Now that the airbus 320 is delayed, will the extended version still come out around summer? Not to bore you any further, but SID/STAR is really appreciated if you'd include that - also think about IVAO which you also take part into sometimes where SID/STAR is very important. Still looking forward to the first reviews popping up in august
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    Ich sage mal ausdrücklich nicht Danke! Ich finde es sehr schade, dass Aerosoft sich nicht überwinden konnte, die Downloads in die WM - Aktion mit einzuschließen. Gruss, Max
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    I'm sorry, but I have to say something to this idiot. @Snave 1) Congratulations, you get my first post on here since March. 2) Digital Avation released a payware Katana for FSX... period. I don't care whether it was ported over or not. The simple fact is that a Katana has already been released for FSX and it's very frustrating to customers to have to purchase multiple versions of the same aircraft. 3) You call someone else a loony-toon for doing what I saw as very hard work on a soundpack for the DA-20? Listen moron, maybe you didn't watch the videos, but that was REAL sound from that model of plane, and maybe I'm missing something, but I don't remember seeing the engine in the DA aircraft, did you? I didn't think so. So maybe YOU don't know the difference between quality work, because you're too busy whining like a little girl. IT'S THE EXACT SAME BODY!!! Other than the "katana" tag, THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE! So why not have a good soundpack. I mean, the guy actually went out and recorded the aircraft. Did you ever think, that there wasn't that engine type available?? So why don't you either go produce something on your own, or just shut your dumb ass mouth. I don't give a shit whether it's an eclipse or a katana, as long as it looks good, sounds good and flies well. That DA 20 Katana model from DA was ok, and the sound was again...ok. But add that soundpack from Sonic Solutions and it made it a hell of a lot better, plus, now I'll be able to save some money when I use it on this "NEW" Katana. Snave, I've watched you bitch and cry for long enough in this community. I hope like hell that you read this, cry and go somewhere else. @ Aerosoft and Marcel, you guys are doing a great job, and I hope everything turns out well. I'll be sure to mention it on the show this week about the development. See if I can create a little buzz for ya'll. ttyl Shane

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