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  1. Hi Shaun I already have the atc parking codes assigned in the aircraft.cfg, I think it is more an error with the AFCAD file. When I chose parking position 8 it set me up on the runway and a plane was parked on the grass to the side. Also in the gate list when choosing my planes' gate it only lists the gates at the passenger terminal and none are listed for the cargo area which I know has loads of parking because back when I was still using FS9 in the gate list there were loads of cargo positions at the DHL centre in addition to passenger gates. When I load the airport up all the AI aircraft are as if I have a duplicate AFCAD but I do not. Surely as a major DHL cargo hub one would expect to be able to choose a cargo stand, as it is there are only 3 cargo specific gates listed and they are at the passenger terminal. Surely the airport was not released like this so is there anything I can do? Also in the AFD folder the afcad for EDDP is just 'AF2_EDDP.BGL' where as the other afcads for the other airport in GAP2 have 2 afcads, 1 for static aircraft and non static aircraft. Is there a reason why it is not the same for EDDP as when you install the package it asks if you want static aircraft? Searching through the German speaking forum I found that it is a conflict with VFR Germany 4 which was released after GAP2 so I have now fixed the problem and I now have loads of DHL planes parked at the DHL center. Thx for replying to my shout for help Shaun
  2. I have just installed the German Airports 2 package for FSX and at EDDP Leipzig/Halle all the DHL/cargo aircraft are parked at the passenger terminal which has pushed all other airlines to remote stands and there are no cargo aircraft parked at the DHL cargo side of the airport. I have checked in the Aerosoft AFD folder in FSX and their is a 'AF2_EDDP.BGL' file in the scenery folder. I do not know much about AFCADs so could someone help me and has anyone else had the same problem. I have checked through the FSX Scenery Support and can't find anything about this. Thx
  3. Hey Matt you can get it here http://giannisworld.net/english/LOWK.html
  4. Have you assigned each individual aircraft for each AIG Flightplan 1st before compiling them in TTools?
  5. hey rich56, i have the cloud9 orlando scenery for fsx and it's pretty good. if you goto www.fsdreamteam.com, click products and scroll down to the botom of the page and click clou9 products, click on Orlando 1.01 and save the installer. it will install a demo version which you can then unlock by using there in game purchase system. The only other scenery for FSX that i know of is by blueprint simulations. the cloud9 scenery costs more but then you get more for your money! anyways happy new year and i hope that points you in the right direction
  6. Outstanding work holgi!! That tail section just scares me, in photoshop I mean. Have you set up your website yet? If not could you upload this paint to avsim when you have it finished please;)
  7. Thank you Holgi and to you too!!
  8. Can someone from Aerosoft please confirm if a date has been set for the download release of Barcelona X??
  9. Thank you holgi!!! That's one more paint off my list. Merry Christmas
  10. Has anyone emailed support to let them know cos I'm guessing they don't know as the forum has benn up for a few days now
  11. OK I have uploaded it to the downloads section
  12. 1813 downloads

    An exact replica paint of SAS A321-232 IAE LN-RKK for the Airbus X with all dirt removed.
  13. Thank you! I should have it finished and uploaded tomorrow
  14. Coming soon.... SAS A321-232 IAE LN-RKK. Exact replica of the aircraft currently in the SAS fleet
  15. Hey holgi cool way to let us know what ya painting!!!
  16. OK cool I will get it finished just as soon as I finish my SAS A321
  17. Yes very nice work. jankees are you planning an A321 cos I started one a while back n can finish it if ya like?
  18. Hey Holgi beautiful work. I love the ribbons on the tail!! Sorry I been quiet Darryl just been really busy, real life has a way of taking over!. I have been working on an SAS A321 so will get back to it and hopefully have it ready for you all soon
  19. My problems that I reported at the beginning of this thread were due to a duplicate AFCAD and are now resolved. This airport is amazing - a work of art!!! Well worth the wait :D
  20. If you mean the gates in the foreground they are correct and are actualy like this. The following picture shows the road running behind the airbridge, it was the best one I could find: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Baltic/De-Havilland-Canada/1797856/L/&sid=0b29d7ff84c2e4587fcd8e8b8c6a1cb7
  21. All my AI aicraft are landing on 8L about 200 metres from the runway start - in the fields. I have just installed ADE to have a look at the AFCAD, although I don't know much about them. After installing ADE It is asking me to locate the 'BglComp Folder' and 'Shp2Vec Folder' but I do not know where these are located. Can anyone help and is anyone else having their AI land far short of the runway 8L?
  22. scarebus


    I am also very surprised that there is no FSX version of this airport available and I would buy it if AS was to do it. So AS how about it??
  23. Thanks Shaun I will make sure I have enough funds in my PayPal account
  24. What airfield scenery is in the background? EDIT: Oh I see from 1st pic that it's Plum Island. This preview has just gotten 2 purchases from me, the Falcon when it's released and Plum Island
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