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  1. Hello PJ, Again this is not the forum to discuss this matter. You could have sent mopperle a private message as I know he too could have sent you one.. So if you have anything other to say about this subject then please not on this thread. Thank you.
  2. Again as mentioned previously this is not a question for here but an enquiry about a product, if you get no joy from the developer then he may have already answered it numerous times so a search might be ion order.
  3. Hello Peter, Have you checked over at the PMDG Support Forums as this product has been out some time now and I'm sure if it was an issue it would have been resolved now.
  4. Hello Rob, Not heard of it being ruined by un-installing.
  5. If you have proof of purchase then you should be able to get one if you write to support@aerosoft.com
  6. Hello Rynis, If your using DX-10 Preview Mode then please disable it.
  7. You need to search your FSX for a duplicate Afcad for the scenery.
  8. Hello David, Answered your PM regarding this.
  9. You could try trial and error and remove some of the AI texture folders to see which one is causing it.
  10. Zendesk is the software that the mail that goes to support@aerosoft.com goes to.
  11. Have you tried using a download manager, when you also clear your cache you need to delete any offline content to.
  12. Might be your card as the minimum is 9800. Basic-Version: Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista/7 Dual-Core-CPU with 2.6 GHz Graphics card: Geforce 9800 GT 2 GB RAM DirectX 9.0c Download-Size: 4.5 GB
  13. It could also be a full version update so you need to redownload the installer.
  14. Dear Customer, Okay what AI Traffic program are you using and does it use its own AFCAD.
  15. Try disabling the afcad that comes with Traffic X for scenery.
  16. Can you please tell us your full system specs including make and model of graphics card.
  17. Have you downloaded the updated AFCAD from the Updates Section at www.aerosoft.com
  18. Hello Jack, Your Ticket #21761 was answered with an activation code.
  19. Not heard of this one before maybe its to do with your Orbx product.
  20. Hello Rob, Let me check my FSCatagories.xml and see what entry there is meant to be.
  21. Hello Rollerball, Dont see an attached picture.
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