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    • I am out of the country until Wednesday the 27th. Will attach the flight plan then.    Thank you. 
    • Congratulations Aharon for winning the February screenshot contest.  Although your vessel is clean...LOL....its a good deception of a snow and possible ice event.  The ground texturing shows that there has been activity around that aircraft before motions are put in place to get the aircraft ready for departure.   Email to follow shortly   
    • So today I did a flight and I checked the pitch trim setting every minute before takeoff. Here is what I got : The copilot sets the trim at the correct setting of UP0.4 During taxi the trim setting is still at UP0.4 When I got onto the runway, probably after the before takeoff checklist, the trim setting was UP17.1   I put the trim manually back to UP0.4 and I started rolling. The trim setting was going up alone so I put a little bit of pressure down on the stick so the plane won't pitch up by itself. At Vr I pitched up and I took off and the trim stabilized itself around the setting set for takeoff so the flight went smoothly.   Any idea of what is causing the pitch trim to change suddenly before and during takeoff ?  
    • Von EXEC war bei mir nie die Rede, aber gut dass es nun klappt. Ganz gleich was es denn nun war. So schön Autolandings sind, würde ich jetzt an deiner Stelle nicht zum Magenta Jünger werden wollen.   Gruß
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