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    • I love my old school. Even turn the VNAV off going into outstations from time to time and use the 3/1 rule with the above mentioned mental math combined with cross checking every 3 miles to stay sharp. That really helped two years ago (I think it was 2 maybe 3?) when the ADSB glitch crapped out the entire CRJ fleets GPS and we had a few birds that went “FMS IN DR FOR 5 MINS” forcing us to go true green needles. The magic box only got off by 200 or so miles during those flights. 
    • Liebes Team,   Im Februar 2020 habe ich schon mal angefragt. Darf ich meine Frage nach eine Tutorial für den A-330 nochmals stellen? Laut eurem Chef sollte das ja längst verfügbar sein?   Danke für eure Mühe! LG Gernot
    • It’s easier for me in my head to cut a number in half and add a zero then to multiply by 5. How people do mental math differently is interesting isn’t it .
    • Do you use Navigraph beta replacement nav data for MSFS - or more to the point, did you try it at one time and then later remove it?   Navigraph installs its own folder in Community, and modifies the MSFS content.xml file to tell MSFS to use the Navigraph files for navaids and procedures instead of the default MSFS nav data.   Some people have “uninstalled” Navigraph by just deleting the folder from Community. The problem with doing that, is the modified content.xml still points to the (now missing) Navigraph folder, and the result is that all VORs, NDBs, Localizers and Glideslopes will be missing entirely.    Navigraph should only be installed or uninstalled using its own data manager app.    If that is not the case on your system, the second question would be if the airports with missing ILS are default or add-on? Some airport scenery developers do not set the ILS correctly in their scenery, and it ends up missing.
    • Danke dir. Das erste hat nicht geklappt, sind nur leere Vorschaubilder geworden und das Fragezeichen ist weg! Versuche jetzt die 2. Variante.
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