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  1. That's a lie.. you do not like trolling us.. no.. You love to annoy us
  2. So true.. Now that it's cxx I can go on vacation
  3. Don't you get it ? It'll just happen to be there in their next update by pure accident
  4. He is never in a good light or good mood except when he bosses you around and think he's right (because he's always right like he would say). True Story '-'
  5. Please read more efficiently this page:
  6. Shush... Go back to sleep
  7. Oh boy... This again :/
  8. Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Auckland is already being made. And no one said it was Aerosoft decision, it can be an external developer for all I know. Don't forget that Aerosoft is also a reseller and if you ain't happy about it, that's fine by me but don't kill the joy for the rest of us thanks :D.
  9. Trust me, you can't jinx something that was jinxed since Day 1
  10. Already working on that
  11. Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    I don't have UTX but FTX and already tried it out.. didn't work
  12. Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    Hello, Yes I tried it with it being enable and disable. Still no luck, and please don't forget that I also have FTX England
  13. Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    Hello there ! I've already tried your method and unfortunitely it did not work sorry
  14. Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    I've tried that but sadly didn't work
  15. Manchester X Airport Elev problem

    Me too