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  1. Please read more efficiently this page:
  2. Shush... Go back to sleep
  3. Oh boy... This again :/
  4. Auckland is already being made. And no one said it was Aerosoft decision, it can be an external developer for all I know. Don't forget that Aerosoft is also a reseller and if you ain't happy about it, that's fine by me but don'tkill the joy for the rest of us thanks :D.
  5. Trust me, you can't jinx something that was jinxed since Day 1
  6. Already working on that
  7. From what I know, it's a system that works like Hamachi but it's not Hamachi itself and doesn't ask to download a 3rd party software with disabled anti virus and what not. So their system is more advance/trust worthy than Hamichi. I rarely got a problem or hear someone complain about a problem with MJC8 Q400 Control Panel's shared cockpit system compared to Hamachi But then again, that's just my 2 cent.
  8. I myself have to agree with all of the above. The Hamachi system and what not is kinda annoying to go through. I find that the system Majestic developped for their Q400 is innovating and very interesting as to how it works 'cause it's really easy to use. if we could some how use the current bus interface to connect (second MCDU) and use the Majestic way to link the 2 systems (via the MJC Q400 Panel), it would truly be wonderful !
  9. I don't have UTX but FTX and already tried it out.. didn't work
  10. Hello, Yes I tried it with it being enable and disable. Still no luck, and please don't forget that I also have FTX England
  11. Hello there ! I've already tried your method and unfortunitely it did not work sorry
  12. I've tried that but sadly didn't work
  13. Me too
  14. Already am asking them but I doubt it's really from their side EDIT: But thanks for all the help anyways, you are more reactive then the developper himself
  15. That's how it's presented in my scenery library