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  1. Same issue here. I was approaching ENZV Stavanger, no big deal with some clouds, no storm, and also Icing set to "visible only" in the sim (ICE is far away from real in every sim). But during descend and with anti-ice on, the aircraft was unflyable. I could land with high speed and also after landed the ICE indication remained active in spite of no ice around. There was no visible icing in the aircraft in any moment. I hope they look and correct it soon. Regards
  2. Where did you moved it? I canĀ“t find the right forum. I am having the same problem with the TQ6 throttle. As you can see in the picture, the calibration asume the same value for idle and reverse, hence when I try to validate it gives an error. How can I put all in zero and start again? I uninstalled and reinstalled again, but no change and it is very frustraiting. In the meanwhile, the levers dont move in any way. I read the tutorials, videos and all you published, but there is no mention at all to the TQ6 from VirtualFly. It would be good to make a tutorial for this also. Ir works fine with all other aircrafts in MSFS, except the CRJ. Many thanks for any help.
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