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  1. Probably working hard on the CRJ900/1000 at the moment......
  2. If other players have liveries installed which you don't have installed yourself then MSFS creates and shows an auto gen plane instead of an CRJ..... i pressume?
  3. Do the probes actually work? After engine start the pitot heat CAS messages dissappear without switching the probes on. When you forget to switch probes on while taking off nothing happens even in higher altitudes with icing conditions. I expected the airspeed indicator to become erratic or freeze??
  4. Just to be sure, you have a full understanding of what "indicated airspeed" means?
  5. Goto navigraph page and log in. Choose fms data, left in the menu. click open the pull down menu "FMS Data Manual Installation" in the main screen. Choose Aerosoft CRJ Professional from the list. then download and install..... et voila! (this all with the sim closed offcourse) Tip: Also install navigraph navdata beta, it replaces the default navdata in the sim and you can use the in sim flightplanner without problem, if you ever want to
  6. Just tried it and the workaround works... thx! It also helps with following the route in steep turns (zig zagging).
  7. they can't fix it at the moment. Set the weight manually or leave it to default which has a correct flying behaviour according to weight. Setting fuel in the EFB works fine.
  8. in the climb detent? Where did you adjust the weight, as the EFB doesn't adjust it correctly? The msfs fuel/weight tab is leading how the aircraft performs.
  9. Hi are there plans to convert your Maastricht - Aachen airport EHBK to MSFS???
  10. When there is a significant turn in the route the autopilot struggles to get back on the centerline. The initial turn is to narrow en then the struggling starts. 20210401_113215.avi
  11. Exactly Mugz, yesterday they got a bit aggitated at me mentioning it, they closed the topic so i let it rest. it could be because of my bad English there was a misunderstanding. @Mathijs Kok To verify, if you set your weights in the EFB, then the plane flies according the weights in the MSFS Fuel Tab??
  12. Same here. After a sharp turn the autopilot has issues getting back on the centerline. especially with a crosswind or when the next waypoint is close after the turn.
  13. @Mathijs Kok The problem is in the code of the CRJ. When you change passengers number or the ZFW in the EFB the payload is NOT adjusted in the EFB!!
  14. See my first 2 pics! If you change passengers from 0 to 70 then no weight is increased in the EFB!! That has nothing to do with MS Fuel window.
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