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  1. Wow SoDoge

    Aircraft ignoring waypoints

    Did you read my post ? I said everthing was set correctly. I started in the cold and dark mode, set up the Init B and Init A page , set up the Perf Page , entered manually the flight plan PROVIDED.
  2. Hello, I encountered this issue : After i took off from LFPG, the plane just ignore some waypoints and go to the next waypoint. Not really problematic as i could use the HDG mode to go to the waypoint. Route and briefing was provided by Simbrief The weight were . Everything was set up corretly (I'm familiar with Airbuses)
  3. Wrong section delete it please.
  4. Wow SoDoge

    Voice Sets

    I found out thoses callouts of the copilot or element of checklist have a bad quality and it doesn't seems the same voice : "ATC" "ONE" "FULL "LEFT" "RIGHT" "up" "down" "neutral".
  5. Wow SoDoge

    Voice Sets

    In the cockpit when the copilot is reading the numbers of the altimeters i notice a difference of intonnation and sound , it feels less clear
  6. Wow SoDoge


    Works great, i just made my first flight Paris-Nantes , also the frames are excellent and stable. It's even better because i had it for free Idk if i said thank, but thanks you
  7. Wow SoDoge

    MCDU Options Greyed Out and St. Elmos Fire

    I also had this problem, a simple reboot resolved the issue for me
  8. Just a question about the RAM usage, maybe it's offtopic, but i would know if someone here can try something (or already tested) to check the comparsion between Dual Channel vs Quad Channel vs Single channel performances on P3D. On classic games the difference sometimes is really huge (up to 20 fps in some case).
  9. Taxiing at Amsterdam, we are on time. We took off at scheduled time, cya Amsterdam A great sun rising above Pakistan, 1 hour before our descent to Delhi
  10. Daily routine at Nantes-Atlantique Airport
  11. Just a question, what settings did you used for the TrueGlass resolution ? I have the Tfdi 717, and the default TrueGlass textures are at 2048x2048 in some textures and the Realglass.xml and the Panel.cfg . When i switched it to 1024 manually, my stutters and FPS problems were all gone and the sim is smooth now . (I had the VC max resolution settings set at 1024 ) Does the installer will inclue a setting to allow us change the textures resolution ? I experienced this with a modest old PC : I5 4460 , 8GB DDR3 Kingston ,MSI RX480 8GB .
  12. Hi, It is scheduled to the Airbuses will have CRT screen ?
  13. Hi, Could you give us an aproximation about how the product is finished (in %) , and if the harder is already made ? I'm not asking a date, but how the project is advanced
  14. Hi, Did you used AffinityMask with your AMD setup ? On some AMD user it gives an incredible fps boost. Also on my PC i had a great boost with my i5 4460 , while just switching the priority to "high" in task manager i manage to get more fps and less stutters.
  15. Hello, Does the MCDU have an option , like other developpers to disable the First Officer screens ?