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  1. Wow SoDoge

    Voice Sets

    I found out thoses callouts of the copilot or element of checklist have a bad quality and it doesn't seems the same voice : "ATC" "ONE" "FULL "LEFT" "RIGHT" "up" "down" "neutral".
  2. Wow SoDoge

    Voice Sets

    In the cockpit when the copilot is reading the numbers of the altimeters i notice a difference of intonnation and sound , it feels less clear
  3. Works great, i just made my first flight Paris-Nantes , also the frames are excellent and stable. It's even better because i had it for free Idk if i said thank, but thanks you
  4. I also had this problem, a simple reboot resolved the issue for me
  5. Hi, Did you used AffinityMask with your AMD setup ? On some AMD user it gives an incredible fps boost. Also on my PC i had a great boost with my i5 4460 , while just switching the priority to "high" in task manager i manage to get more fps and less stutters.
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