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  1. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Here is a few pictures of My flight yesterday, it was Nice i had an option to try and see the crj since the beta testing some years ago, I was part of. Even the pc it was testet by was not optimal. Think I would share My experince as it is some time since last post in here. Hope we Can get it back by some Nice pictures. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to All. Here is a post card if you like:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/136591-merry-christmas/ Sent from my Phone. 2017-12-23_14-27-0-30.BMP 2017-12-23_14-36-27-173 (1).BMP 2017-12-23_14-27-45-890.BMP 2017-12-23_14-38-6-985.BMP
  2. Well I did have some spare time, so I did a small PDF file, now that I can´t fly as i only got this old laptop and some old pictures. The PDF contains a few pictures from. FS9, FSX, X-Plane 10 and 11 and then Outerra sadly i did not have any from Aerofly FS1 i got or the new version 2. as it could be nice to create a time line, from the very first to the latest simulator. FS to x-plane.pdf
  3. Well I have to agree that dimmable lights are often a missing thing for some projects. 1 thing is FSX that is a simulator where you got limited options for adjustments brightness and such by default of the light sources in the simulator it self. Then you of cause can adjust the monitor and such but when it comes to P3D you since was it V3 got some more options to adjust settings to match "more real lighting" not that it is much better but still more options.. By that it often seems to be a bit difficult to find the right balance between the exterior and interior lighting, as it is all down to fine tuning and how you see it by your monitor. This is why it is nice by more options to fine tune, as we got different set ups. But the fact is that it is not different, from the physical graphical world, where you sometimes get a costumer that claim what you have printed, does not match what they send to you, but it is it is mainly due to the screen they look at, and we can say you gave us a picture or what it might be by a colour code, that we can cross check by a physical colour chart. That is 1 of the main issues that you would need all to buy a special calibrated screen in order to see what is "true colour" else it is like going to the local shop and see how big difference there is in the adjustment of the main monitor. So I see why some would like it and as said I have seen add-ons where no matter how P3d was adjusted it did not look right when you mix the lighting as some was to bright other was not, but perhaps it was because if you use X-plane a lot and see how some add-ons really gives you the power to adjust individual, and how nice that can be, but of cause another way of real light sources, that they more or less try in Version 4 of P3D if I understand that right.
  4. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Perhaps because it is your livery´s, as far as I remember But sadly also the last from my old PC.. As currently I got no PC only this old laptop from the past, that cant even run well, but is how it is due to life situation, that is far from bright, but that is another story, which is frustrating and can´t seem to find a full time job/education for living. But thanks for the kind words my friend, as I am happy you like them.
  5. Here is a kindly information to those who wish to request a livery, as there is a specific post under the product support section, for this product:
  6. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Aerosoft A319 operation
  7. well I guess it might be a few numbers missing note this is from CRJ 200 but is the same except of the missing (KVA) that should be there as well. so the main diagram seems fine from what I could find by a few info from a few sources. Another thing I was unsure about was the GEN1 and GEN2 in auto if they might switch green only when engine is running, as in the CRJ 200 it is a on or off/reset.. but a off/reset or auto in the CRJ 700/900.
  8. I am not sure if it might be, something I came across some time ago, by a airport project. As I spend a lot of time doing a custom ILS as mainly some planes I used by testing did not fly it well. So I did try to adjust it and found that when you got the plane fly it well and altitude readings was right, you could take another add-on and it did not fly it well.. I know the Dash 8 Q400 VS airbus both follow the glide slope according there displays but you get different results as is it the dash that try to make it smooth if I remember correctly, its a while sinces the test, and PMDG 737 gives another result, even in fact they claim to follow the same but papi lights and altitudes do tell a different story. I just mean the airbus is close to the default airbus in FSX. but yes there is some flare problems at some airports EKCH stock is a good one it is often not a good autoland. But I dont know just try give a bit of what I experinced as far as I remember.
  9. oh LNAV the area where things are often problematic, and cause headache in the codes for developers :-) I hope the best
  10. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Samos - 29palms and Carenado - S550 Citation II both in the store, 2 good products from a few shots merged in to 1 picture.
  11. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Here is a evening picture from Billund X in the Flight Replicas "North Star / Argonaut" just before we get ready to fly.
  12. Madeira X not working

    yes but then go remove the files as they was placed as I know it is not like a pay-ware where you often just could uncheck it but since the freeware is located in the Add-on Scenery folder it is loaded at all time other then if you unchek it but not the right thing to do. so better go the steps and remove it.. but I see a problem if you got other projects in the Add-on Scenery folder, but it is the reason developers do there own folders to prevent such problems.. I know I flight1 tool where you can build your own stuff uses this folder and is smart for your onw small projects but for released ones it is advised to do it different as far as I recall from there manual. but of cause not your fault
  13. Madeira X not working

    well so you only add that file ? no edit to any other file already in the sim.. so if it was added well then just remove it and it might work
  14. Madeira X not working

    Well what file was it you edit where was it located? and what project was it you use just so we know