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  1. One additional issue, I used this fplan from Simbrief, tried to programm it in MCDU: EDDM KIRD2E KIRDI DCT MEDEL DCT STEIN DCT TEGRI L605 GESBA/N0410F270 Y574 VASIS T898 IBINU IBIN2S LRSB The ND shown MEDEL way up, the MCDU did not recognize STEIN or TEGRI in the legs page but in FPLN yes, but in the end did not calculate the altitudes after I removed MEDEL and I had to use again HDG mode for the flight. No more TOD displayed and at DIR INTC all altitudes were 0.
  2. Well, nothing can run great the P3D v4 with DL at 4K and with addons And I can not OC too much with my X62 AIO. But usually I have at least above 20 fps, stable at 30 fps most of the times, at pretty high settings. You are right about the RAID but I will switch at some point to NVMe SSD also for Windows, no more RAID. @GEK_the_Reaper, so it is normal, thanks. Yes, with Engine anti ice and Wing anti ice is going to fast on the ground.
  3. I am using the P3D v4.1 , version System is: i9-7900X @4.5GHz (core 0 @4.8GHz), EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3, DDR4 32GB @3200MHz, Samsung 840 PRO Raid for Win 10 Pro, Samsung 960 PR0 512GB NVMe SSD for P3D v4.1
  4. Just noted that engines goes during taxi from 30% to 35% due to wing anti-ice, and from 20% to 30% due to engine anti-ice. edit> did exactly the steps indicated above, the issue with the pop up occurred again at waypoint WG832 in NAV, the control was lost, CRJ was going to the ground.. end of flight... Will fly this plane again when this critical issue will be solved (perhaps there are also other but this ends my flight unfortunately). Any idea when the patch for this will come?
  5. Will give it a try and reinstall it again exactly as you mentioned Dave and then I will perform the same flight. I am using P3D v4.1 (Win 10 Pro) Regarding taxi, with throttle at IDLE I saw that engines are at 35%, is that normal?
  6. I decided to give it another try to the CRJ, I updated it to 1.0.3... I do not know but it seems to me that during taxi it is really speeding over 30kts, with the engines at IDLE (both, the 700 and 900), I need to brake a lot. In one of the flights, it could not climb, not with AP, not in manual mode, engines were above 87% percent, CLB mode for the throttle, flaps 8... it ended on the ground. I could do nothing about it. Last flight tonight, during the approach to LOWG, XIBAR2S transition a pop-up window appeared saying invalid heading hold event, could not fly it anymore, not even in HDG mode...I closed the sim as pop up was always on. Sorry to say but I am quite disappointed by all these flaws...after all this time.
  7. With the new update, will the CRJ be able to follow properly the STAR arrivals? For example this evening, my CRJ 900 on the EPGD STAR arrival RATO2T did a nice 360 degrees turn in NAV mode (till GD907 was with HDG mode and then NAV mode) and this was not nice to be seen on Vatsim by the controller, neither by me.
  8. Heathrow p3d v4

    4.1, yes, sorry if I created confusion.
  9. Heathrow p3d v4

    I also experienced low 15 fps (FSLabs A320).. I deactivated all the options from the EGLL config. Then I unchecked FTX England and EGLL scenery. By default and with Piper Cub, fps were around 70fps or more. After restarting the P3D I checked the EGLL scenery only. I have 25 fps on the runway (sometimes above), with FSLabs A320, all lights on (at night), except the flood lights. DL is ON in the P3D settings. (i9-7900x, GTX 1080TI FTW3, 32GB DDR4, SSD) I have many issues with the addon airports and FTX regions..
  10. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    Yes, I am using P3D v4. I do not compare add-ons or sim with the previous versions but within the actual version of P3D v4, as said, the results are coming from same conditions. I do not use Nvidia Inspector. In P3D I have V-Sync ON and Triple Buffering ON too, frames unlimited. I am running at 4K. I can get into settings detail but they are unchanged, only the add-on used at EDDF for a circle flight is changed (same hour, same weather). If I am using the monitor at 30Hz it will not make such a difference in terms of fps between CRJ, 777, 747. But at 60Hz, with frames unlimited, you can see better the fps fluctuation, which I saw it for the CRJ today up to 40% sometimes and up to 15% for the 777. Average fps is comparable between CRJ, 777, 747 usually. But usually stuttering comes from the fluctuation which I still consider it high on CRJ (this is why Rob or other or me use the monitor at 30Hz, to try to get it smoother against the fps fluctuation).
  11. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    On my system, 7900X @4.5GHz (all cores), GTX 1080TI FTW3, at EDDF Professional, ORBX (GES off), AS16, night or daytime, the CRJ has with usually plus 10-15% fps fluctuation compared with the 747, 737 or other add-ons, which seems a little bit too much (tested in the same conditions). Most of the add-ons have till 10%, CRJ has till 30% fluctuation.
  12. I have this issue as well, with the latest variant. FPLN: EDDM KIRD2S KIRDI DCT STEIN DCT TEGRI L605 GESBA/N0363F270 Y574 VASIS T898 IBINU IBIN1S LRSB After KIRDI it goes right and forgets about the FPLN. Tried 2 times, every time did the same. FMS1 is used and displayed. NAV is selected. I use HDG to get back on track, then NAV as it intercepts the path but then again it crosses the line and does its thing... Also several times (other flights) I saw it flying parallel with the track.
  13. I thought that job is for Mathijs
  14. Lol, that does not put Hans in a good light now
  15. In Europe at least, HOP has still around 10 CRJ700, the rest in use are mainly CRJ 900 and CRJ 1000 (or old CRJ 200). Hopefully will not disappear entirely till CRJ will be released. At least for Europe VAs, CRJ700 will be not be so much used or needed. On my side, only CRJ 900 is the one which I am interested of. Info here: