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  1. I had also this issue today on Vatsim, locked to a wrong freq (always nice when it happens on Vatsim with controller online..). What I do not get, if it is a Navigraph issue, why it happens only with CRJ and not with the PMDG 737 and FSLabs A320, on the same ILS Z 28? I have flown the same approach with all three, only the CRJ is doing this. A2A with GTN 750 is also OK. My explanation is that on the CRJ it gets locked on, it is in Radio to MAN (not auto), still I can not correct it myself manually as it is locked....
  2. I did a new flight, without duplicate seems to work. Usually I clean the plan at LEGS page but I had issues in the past so this is why I kept the duplicate. This can be seen also in Vol6_FMS.pdf at page 53 with VIBIS. Sometimes there is some overshot at step angle turns but it works.
  3. I will re-do the flight next days by cleaning for example AKINI duplicate. Lets see how it works. Thanks for the feedback. I used ILS 10 on my flight (rwy 10 was the active at the time of my flight today).
  4. I installed the SP1... still issues with it. LNAV issue. FPLN> EDDM ANKE9N ANKER Y104 AKINI AKIN5T EDDN After AKINI, instead of going to next point UPALA (in the legs), the plane gone straight.. After such a long time I expected finally a working CRJ. Also at clearing some legs, fpln is displayed interrupted on ND fpln. Also if the cruise level is FL100 and there are some altitude constraints in the fpln due to STAR, I saw TOD is displayed later on the fpln than the constraints (eg. FL100, constraint is 8000 feet at DN454, TOD is displayed after DN453 on the transition)
  5. Still, any explanation or better, a solution on this? Thanks.
  6. During editing the FPLN in FMC, by removing some waypoints (for example MUN and DM459 waypoint were removed), then the ND shows like in the screenshot, even the plan is OK with no discontinuity. Why is this and how it can be corrected? Of course, with this at TITIG the plane was banking left (I had to switch to HDG mode).
  7. For 2, as long as APU is ON, load for payload&fuel is not possible. It makes sense. The turnaround state set thought also the APU ON. If APU is turned off and ground power is used, values can be modified.
  8. 1, yes it might be, though the load for EDDM-LRTR was not at max (cargo was 0, 70 pax and about 7000kg of fuel, more than needed with about 2000kg, I know). And I thought is strange while the speed was increasing fine, so not a power issue maybe. Edit> today, FL380 was reached OK. So I will monitor but it might be the weight. 2, I did not try through load manager, only direct from Dave. I will try that next time to see if from there it works. 3. OK, need to take care how many times I push but it happens during FPLN check to push it several times during corrections 4. FPLN was: ROUTING: EDDM ROTA3E ROTAX L603 LATLO DCT OBEDI/N0448F330 DCT GOTAR DCT TEGRI TEGR1A LRTR (you can check it with TEGRI 1A RNAV ARR 10-2F chart from Navigraph Charts). I am using latest P3Dv4.2, latest CRJ, latest AS16, SODE, GSX, PTA and FSUIPC 5.124. All are up-to-date. Win 10 and graphic driver are also up-to-date.
  9. Once again I decided to give a try to the CRJ. I followed the proper uninstall/install steps. While the LNAV seems to work and follow the route better, no more pop-ups and so on I encountered other issues (2 flights done): 1. using CLB for throttle and altitude set at 37000, the plane stops somewhere at 36000 feet and something (baro is standard) and then the speed increases and there is no ALT CAP, I had to use VS and even with VS was fluctuating till finally it reached the set FL 2. I used the state Turnaround. In this state I could not change the pax, cargo and fuel, they were always changing back automatically to the initial values... 3. during FMC programming, I hit 2-3 times the CLR button... and then CTD. 4. using a STAR, I noticed that some intermediate altitudes are OK (at DIR INTC) and some of the STAR not (TEGR1A to LRTR), between 7000 feet and 4000 feet I saw also 12000 feet. I use the latest Navigraph in sim. Still a frustrating product...sorry to say that but I never experienced so many issues with an add-on in P3D till the CRJ.
  10. With this FPLN, EDDM KIRD2N KIRDI DCT STEIN DCT NARKA L140 ULGAP T802 BUSES BUSE4A LUKK, after takeoff the CRJ 900 was always banking left. I switch to HDG mode and after some waypoints flown with HDG I tried to reactivate LNAV, same thing, the CRJ was starting the left turn.
  11. One additional issue, I used this fplan from Simbrief, tried to programm it in MCDU: EDDM KIRD2E KIRDI DCT MEDEL DCT STEIN DCT TEGRI L605 GESBA/N0410F270 Y574 VASIS T898 IBINU IBIN2S LRSB The ND shown MEDEL way up, the MCDU did not recognize STEIN or TEGRI in the legs page but in FPLN yes, but in the end did not calculate the altitudes after I removed MEDEL and I had to use again HDG mode for the flight. No more TOD displayed and at DIR INTC all altitudes were 0.
  12. Well, nothing can run great the P3D v4 with DL at 4K and with addons And I can not OC too much with my X62 AIO. But usually I have at least above 20 fps, stable at 30 fps most of the times, at pretty high settings. You are right about the RAID but I will switch at some point to NVMe SSD also for Windows, no more RAID. @GEK_the_Reaper, so it is normal, thanks. Yes, with Engine anti ice and Wing anti ice is going to fast on the ground.
  13. I am using the P3D v4.1 , version System is: i9-7900X @4.5GHz (core 0 @4.8GHz), EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3, DDR4 32GB @3200MHz, Samsung 840 PRO Raid for Win 10 Pro, Samsung 960 PR0 512GB NVMe SSD for P3D v4.1
  14. Just noted that engines goes during taxi from 30% to 35% due to wing anti-ice, and from 20% to 30% due to engine anti-ice. edit> did exactly the steps indicated above, the issue with the pop up occurred again at waypoint WG832 in NAV, the control was lost, CRJ was going to the ground.. end of flight... Will fly this plane again when this critical issue will be solved (perhaps there are also other but this ends my flight unfortunately). Any idea when the patch for this will come?
  15. Will give it a try and reinstall it again exactly as you mentioned Dave and then I will perform the same flight. I am using P3D v4.1 (Win 10 Pro) Regarding taxi, with throttle at IDLE I saw that engines are at 35%, is that normal?