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  1. Hi Mathijs, do you feel a Quarter 1 release for the first product of the Airbus series is realistic at this stage?
  2. With due respect there seems to be a timeframe provided for the 318/19, sometime in the next 6 weeks is still Quarter 1.
  3. That's right, they needed the clickspots limitations to be increased which 4.2 fixed.
  4. To give some idea of things, Mathijs has said it's certainly the plan to release in Quarter 1, "if" that were to happen at the last friday it would be 30th of March, add 11 Weeks (the timeframes given) and you're looking at Mid June for the 330.
  5. Hi Mathijs, with this point, are you referring to a release still needing many many hours before a release is realistic, or are you saying many many hours referring to the point about still having issues?
  6. They are single products, so both the 318 and 319 will be at the same time.
  7. Thanks for the update Mathijs, My estimates a page or so ago were pretty close, if I may say so. Earlier in the week, you mentioned releases in February, March and April, was that just tounge in cheek?
  8. Correct if you buy the 330 it will be compatible with 32 and 64bit sims. , Mathijs stickied post "The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next"
  9. I know from previous info the only 330 confirmed is the RR engined 330, I recall seeing mentions of 5 variants not sure which, sure Mathijs will add info when Aerosoft is ready. I do also remember stating their goal is not to cover every engine. so fingers crossed for some form of 330-200 (perhaps the ge and rr)
  10. Hi Perez, that is all of the post I see as well, I believe the greying out is done intentionally, and that is all of the Mathijs's post.
  11. The latest was a release date isn't known, and that the plan is certainly to still release Q1 2018, which is now till March 31. That's the best answer it'll be till more is know.
  12. This is just based on consideration of info in this thread and speculation , on page #64 Mathijs states that the plan is certainly still to release Q1 2018, that would be anytime from now till 31st March, Considering the 318/19 and the 320/21 and 330, with the 318/19 first to release, there is still significant hurdles for aerosoft to release it (P3D clickspots an example), and I imagine you'd know at least a week or two before release, I would say a realistic window is Mid February till march, adding +2 Weeks for the 320/21 and perhaps a longer time gap for the A330X.
  13. Understood Mathijs, so Back in November,you mentioned you hadn't heard any news and you'd asked the Project Manager of the scenery haven't seen any update to that,so just to understand correctly, this is the same case today?
  14. Mathijis gave the answer only in the last page he doesn't know when the release is, as Project manager he'd know, I would not use the sticky post as gospel, the point of it was an attempt on getting folks not to bother them with repeating questions, If you refer to Tom's post about software being fine to release with bugs than the bug count doesn't seem any big deal at all, and the release could be soon, but Mathijis says he doesn't know when the release is and he ultimately decides so, I doubt the airbus will be out soon, I'm thinking its still months away. (purely based on my perceptions alone)
  15. Just an observer like everyone else but just from the language tone. I wouldn't be hoping too much, the real a320 first flew on 22 of February, I would hesitate betting on being virtually able to simulate that flight.
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