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  2. A330 Alitalia please (before Alitalia fails) https://www.google.it/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiuvKLEsqnmAhUBqaQKHaQUDKkQjhx6BAgBEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.planespotters.net%2Fphoto%2F865947%2Fei-eji-alitalia-airbus-a330-202&psig=AOvVaw3ySB1qpqH9Q1KAHjwjKxj9&ust=1576009352838224
  3. Thank you very much for these liveries, they look great. Please do Iberia and Air Europa Thank you.
  4. It seems to work now after a reinstallation Thx.
  5. Hi Ralf, please have a look into this topic as it looks like you might have the same problem:
  6. can confirm that. With SS throttles wont work
  7. I just did some fooling around and I think you can get used to it quickly. It will certainly pose a challenge when landing in Kai Tak (one of my planned flights with the A330), but I am sure it ain't impossible hehe ­čśë
  8. Guten Abend, ich habe folgendes Problem: - Kein Fahrwerk - Querruder steht hoch/runter Keine M├Âglichkeit den Acft State zu ├Ąndern. Bei der Installation bekam ich die Fehlermeldung das VS2015 nicht installiert werden kann da eine neuere Verion bereits vorliegt. Meine HW: I7 -6700k auf 4,0Ghz GTX 1080Ti Win 10 Home 32 GB Ram 500GB SSD Viele Gr├╝├če Ralf
  9. One thing that I wonder about though. In the EFB settings I can only setup the login for Navdata Pro. Where do I setup the login for Navigraph (when it is active)?
  10. What about discount for early CfD club membership?
  11. mirage9


    Small upd. Seems like P3D will crash anytime if u are using EFB to offten. Both pages (DOC and EFB) are not so important to fly so I would wait for AEROSOFT to figure out issue. Im still in testing and P3D- recently crashed with same file libcef.dll. but i was able to play with EFB for 2 minutes Seems like EFB will crash after some time if u play with it so we need to wait for AS solution. I found the solution. For anybody that sim crashes when u press something on EFB 1.Go to ur P3D installation then to Aerosoft A330 Professional\SupportFiles. Try install VC_redist.x64 and If installer ask you to repair please do it. 2. In ur P3D folder go to \WebSimBrowser\CEF4FSXP3DXP.67\64 Copy all files (not folders!!!) to \WebSimBrowser\2.1\64 and pasti it. If u need to replace old files. Try to run WebsimProcess.exe If nothing happend You are good. Restart Ur computer and then start the P3D. Check results with A330. It works for me. Thanks Tomas.
  12. Have you rebooted your system after installing the A330 as the installer suggested?
  13. Kurze R├╝ckmeldung. Ich habe jetzt den P3dv4.5HF2 draufgespielt.Ebenso ist der Airbus jetzt auf dem aktuellen Stand.Aber Leider keine ├änderung! Ich werde wohl nicht drumherumkommen und den Bus sauber zu l├Âschen und dann neu aufspielen.
  14. No. However, when I run it as administrator I get the same result. I will try a reinstall.
  15. Hello I bought the A330 however I have a major problem, everything works but I have no written indication as for example speed, QNH, altitude, radio frequency etc , I have updated C++, I have hotfix 2 and I reinstalled several times .... what to do?! I attach a photo of the problem Thanks for help
  16. A330 Same problem for me but with a joystick. Full scale left rudder deflection and the aircraft kept veering to the right on takeoff. Default axis calibration, FSUIPC installed but not used for flight control calibration.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Ho fatto tutto ci├▓ che la lista di controllo mi ha detto, ma non appena ho finito il puschback. ├Ę bloccato. Ho aspettato 5 minuti, ma senza la cheklist ripetuta da sola e sono andato al dopo avvio. Ho continuato e sono arrivato in pista, stavo per decollare e il controllo dopo l'avvio ├Ę iniziato. Quindi mi sono fermato, la lista di controllo ha chiamato tutti gli elementi e ora sta andando bene.
  19. I did everything the checklist told me, but as soon as I finished the puschback. it is locked. I waited 5 minutes but without the cheklist replayed by itself and went to the after start. I continued and got to the track, I was about to take off and the after start check started. So I stopped, the checklist as called all the items and now it's going well.
  20. After installing the new Bus I seem to no longer have balance values presented for the previous aircraft although the A333 does present these values. Is this to be expected?
  21. Hey Amadeo and Dave! Same here, identical """issue""" like Amadeo has. I went trough the procedure as Dave advised. Made some test flights and there is no significant change. The aileron and elevator need a lot of input (visual 15-30┬░)...so the yoke is dancing hard around :D. Other planes act normaly on the input and maybe it is really the A330 in itself? Kind regards Max
  22. Thanks for the reply Mathijs, All short press buttons like the one in the MCDU, FCU, EICAS, transponder are depressed in real life. They are short distance but they get depressed to be selected. Any real Airbus pilot can confirm that. Other airplanes already have this functionality and now in a 2019/2020 P3Dv4 64 simulator I think these details are important details to have. For example, the overhead panel buttons are nicely animated, and this add tremendously to the realism. I am sure everyone would appreciate if you could make them animated.
  23. Yes sir, regarding how the A330 handles, as a far larger aircraft compared to it's smaller Airbus cousins you're going to notice a little more lag from when you command the control surfaces and when the aircraft actually responds.
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