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Some boxes in the Cockpit


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have a few funny boxes in the cockpit with the SP 3. Is not a big thing, just looks weird...
In this case it is the Airbus A321 CFM on the other models I still wasn't looking because I just stumbled by chance on it.
If I come closer to the boxes then they disappear.
Can anyone else see that?


Btw, thanks for the work on SP3.

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Hello Mathijs,

took unfortunately somewhat longer, but I wanted to try everything more closely again.

I made a few attempts at different times of day.

I've tried all models with each different liveries. The problem concerns only the A321 CFM and IAE. No other model is affected.

On the day the box are black at night they are bright. Also the painted buttons are affected. A new installation has brought no change.

Many greetings





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That`s all i put in or change in the FSX.cfg. So nothing special.

I have no idea if any other addon has changed anything...

Because until now, no one else has the problem, think I we need also not to pursue it. Costs and benefits are not compared. Since it occurs only at the A321 it doesn't really bother me.

Thanks for the look into it and have a nice weekend.
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Any reason for that Affinitymask? We have tested this extensively and have never seen any advantages and we have seen systems that lost 35% fps because of it. Won't solve the issue though, still no idea why you got that,

There is no real reason. I read it somewhere and tried out. Somehow it felt softer in the FPS. But I'll try it again without the entry. Thanks for the tip.

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Probably we know what causes it, we'll try something tomorrow.

Hello Mathijs,

thank you that you and your team take care to the problem, although fortunately only a few have the problem.

That's the great thing about your service that such problems are trying to solve. There are other manufacturers that would ignore this.

Thank you to all of the Aerosoft team.

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