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  1. For those interested: Last night the 'Connector' at Brussels Airport has been officially opened for passengers.
  2. A330-343 Swiss (HB-JHN), A330-343 Lufthansa (D-AIKS), A330-301 Brussels Airlines (OO-SFO)
  3. I admit the old version of EBBR is good, but it is horrible on my FPS (this is a known problem with this scenery) : I usually get around 25FPS, but when I am at Brussels I only get around 6-8FPS... Also, the old version is pretty good, but is getting a bit out-dated (for example: rwy 02/20 is now 01/19, there is a new connector...) So, from my point of view, I think it is very good there is a new version of EBBR coming
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