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  1. Managed descent work now with experimental. Flex still not. Anyway thanks for your quick reply. Is there any chance to pin this topic for futere solutions of to flex ?
  2. Ok i will try but what with flex to ??
  3. aerosoft updater shows no new update. Its new clean install with admin rights. Pmdg and maddog works fine. Flex to dont work a320iae and im not the only one. There are at least 2 topics with same problem. Managed descent is always nose dive -5000-6000fpm or dot is jumping showing vdev on prog page ones +2000 or - 3000. Winds update 4 times. Tried already reinstall. Didnt help. Bus for me is unflyable. And one thing- guys from fselite had exactly the same problem like Me.
  4. Hi. Did You guys resolve problem with no working iae flex temp? On newest ver i still have issue And cant takeoff with flex temp calculated by the bus. 180pax 4500kg cargo 8.2fuel oat is 8c And calculated flex temp is 52, rwy lenght 3200m. Barerly take off with 800-1000fpm. Only toga works. I think prof ver airbus is regret comparing to 32bits. You guys had so long time to working on 64bits...And it looks Like this: managed descent only with speedbrakes with 4000fpm, managed mode sometimes dont work at all. So many problems.. just take a look at forum today And i cant believe that after a yea
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