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    Many thanks for this great realisation of the paint scheme.
  1. Hello, everybody, it became a very beautiful airplane and the first flight was also possible without problems. What bothers me a little is the automatic animation of the table and the footrests. Is it somehow possible to switch them off to use them only manually? I would like to decide for myself when to use them and when not. Unfortunately I did not find a menu item for this. Thank you very much for an answer.
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me please witch program is missing? I want to install the new version 1.3.4: Thanks for help...
  3. I hope the Post is correct in this section. Is it possible to change or delete the combintion to open the Menue? TAB+S ist not the Problem but Shift+- is a Problem in FSX. Sorry if i miss the answer anywere in the Forum.
  4. Hi Holgi, thanks for all your delivered liveries. I love them... A question, you can write a date behind the updated liveries. I think it's a bit easier to see if we have the last version of the liveries. Sven
  5. Very nice! Großartig! Danke / thank you Holgi
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