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  1. I can only join it, doesn't work for me either. When I reinstall the old version everything works fine. Program was run as admin.
  2. @Hans Hartmann That sounds very good. Thanks for the effort to fix the problem.
  3. If you need more information please let me know, I am on holiday now and can try to recreate the flight again if necessary.
  4. Hello everyone, the last time I had the error two weeks ago, i set the landing altitude in the overhead panel before the start. This seems to have caused my problem. I don't know if there is a connection, but since I adjusted the landing altitude in flight again, I had no more problems.
  5. Moin, the following points would be interesting for me. - The possibility to switch the animation of the coffee service and the table etc. on and off. - An optimization of the updater for example so that not all paintings have to be reinstalled. Otherwise I am actually quite satisfied.
  6. Hi Oliver, there is no .bat file in the Bergamo folder, nor in the Sode folder. There is also no description to the Sode installation, as promised in the manual. There are only two folders and the Sode Installer itself. Anyway, my download only contained the files I downloaded from the shop or I missed something. Therefore I installed the files by hand and renamed the corresponding file.
  7. I just renamed the file extension to off and it all works for me. Many greetings and thank you for the beautiful airport.
  8. Habe den Airbus gerade neu installiert und bei mir wird ebenfalls 156 angezeigt. Geändert habe ich nirgendwo etwas. @Hoffie3000 Hast Du alle updates via Updater installiert. Also auch mit dem Haken Experimentelle Aktualisierungen? Ich bin auf dem Stand Version Viele Grüße
  9. I think he's talking about things like volunteer firefighting that suddenly come up. In such cases a pause function at the TOD is very helpful. It saved me a lot of flights on other airplanes back in the days. It doesn't always have something to do with learning the function of an airplane.
  10. Hattest Du die Anleitung mit den fallback texturen befolgt? [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A31X  Siehe hier:
  11. UPS Did someone break something again? In any case, you haven't lost your sense of humor yet. That's a good sign, I think. Thanks for the change log.
  12. Did you try Shift+4 to open and close the third MCDU? Im not on my PC right now, but i think it was this shortcut.
  13. Hello, I have figured out how to adjust the C&D mode. The corresponding file is in the Data folder. Now the stopwatch is not running. Now all I had to do is to find the variables to get around the automatic from the table and the footrests. But maybe there's a tip.
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