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  1. I just did again this flight, I had the same issue. Over Pagog, the speed is showing 202 KTS, and it starts to decel. BUt double-checked and it has no speed constraint there.
  2. SBRJ UMBAD UZ44 PAGOG SBSP Approach: RWY 35L Stars PAGOG-2A - CI 25 - Fl260
  3. I have the same issue. There is no speed constraint on this STARS but it's reducing to 210 KTS. A319 IAE. Last Update. Help me.
  4. Go around path doesnt work? I cant follow the path. It doesnt become green, it remains in blue.
  5. TO fly RNAV approach with aerosoft CRJ is very simple: you just use the Vertical Speed - you can see the profile on FMS.
  6. Yes. Have you tried to performe a go around to see if it works properly.
  7. Not sure if it is simulated but today I tried to go around, but the aircraft didnt follow the go around path. The Route is blue, but it doesn`t follow. I hit the button to active the goaround.
  8. Hi Adriano,


    I read you had problems with the z key not working in prepar3d.


    I have the same problem in prepar3d v3.2. FSX is fine.


    Is it still fixed for you? What version of prepar3d are you running?

    Any suggestions how to fix?



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