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Out of memory with Helsinki


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It is working much better, even running with all options enabled. No OOM errors when I would get one a few seconds after loading on the ramp.

Well done (and it still looks fantastic).

This is great news indeed but what about that AseData.dll problem others have been reporting after installing the 1.10 version?

I've been holding off from installing the 1.10 version after reading those reports since I haven't had any OOM issues lately with the 1.00 version with the OOM patch applied and don't want to risk getting into other problems.

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All worked fine with the new version! :excellenttext_s: No OOM's and no missing buildings. I landed at night with NGX and I didn't hear even the alarm of FSUIPC and all these with the tweaks ON! The scenery looks still great! This is a glorious airport scenery! Yes frames are not the best but I used to have around 15 frames at mega airports. Thanks Aerosoft for solving these problems! Most airports that I own are yours and I'll continue to buy your excellent products!

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I diden´t have the release version but i got the newest version yesterday, and i made a flight to helsinki whit out a problem whit the curent tweekings i use (1024 as texture resulution).. i hope it contiue this way.. The fps is low but for that quality of textures and such it seems to be fair whit high texture quality.

FPS is not always 1 thing you can trust, because eaven i dont have high FPS the sim still run Fair whit out lag so far... i have airports whit higher pfs that have lag for sure... i only type in this because i see so many look more on the FPS than how your pc runs in general consernig smoothness...

it´s imposible to create this quality whit out it has consiquenses if you want it to run better you might need to do some downgarding and then you might not find it as stunning.. and no im not sayeing that all is just nice i just set in perspektive.

as i know it isen´t fun if it lag like x-plane whit add-ons airports as i expirenced.. but i have to admit that i have always been against all those tweakings of the FSX.cfg to get it run better and smoother but the fact is that the flightsim itsel isent up to the latest tecnology so in oreder to get it run best posible it takes hours to find how your system offers the best.. and thats also the problem for the developers they want to bring you some of the nice stuff but is limited so much because its not there fault FSX dosent run as some of the latest games, as far as i understand there have been small changes in the file format throu the years of Flightsim and it´s only visual things that have been upgraded but at 1 point you reach the limit of what you can get out of it.. Then you have to build something new whitch might result in a compleatly new project from scratch it would take time and most of all money... it hopefully would give a new and better result but could you get all the mony back.. we are sad enough not that many whit Flight hobby as for modern games where there is i don´t know how many that buy but its many.. so yes FSX was the last FS whit the hole world covered and slightly goes below the standards whit the future..

I personaly never belive that the reason they created MS flight whit smaller areas and erased some data as they wanted more gamers to join it sounds more like if they did the world smaller they could push flight to run better, but how mutch better was the quality i dont se that big difference...

enough of what i think back to buissnes it was just a importan thing to get out that you reach a limit and then you have to think what do you want quality or smoothness as we are so coles to what FS can handle..

Also a note to those using ENB Mod it actualy affects your FPS as well i never used it until i found it yesterday and tryeid it out on my test mashine and in a airport i was able to se every time i turn it on and off how it affects the FPS.. so to those that say it dosent affect it does for sure

whis you all a plesent flight

Best regards L.N.

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Hello Folks,

The problem here is that its not affecting everyone which can make it a little more difficult to resolve so the developers need time to work on this, and if it doesn't happen to them and then it can take longer as they need to keep going backwards and forwards.

As you see in this post the patch has worked for some and not others.

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