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  1. Night flight into Bari with AXE 321,quite a pleasent airport.(LIBD) AlainV
  2. I think it is a Mirage 2000 and Alpha jet. AlainV
  3. Here is mine, if I remember correctly a Hawker Hunter flew under the bridge for real(obviously he was fired from the RAF afterwards). AlainV
  4. Yes it's pretty good flying it comes from the film "Skyfighters" on DVD. AlainV
  5. Yes you're right Arlanda , and the fishy scheme is really wonderfull. AlainV
  6. All taken with Aerosoft scenery with PMDG NGX or MD11X Anchorage temperature -14C and they all work in T-shirt!!!. Parked at LEMD Evening lighting at LFMN Oslo was not snow bound for once LEMD waiting for a Paella... LSZH with the loading almost finished. Uploaded with Hasta la vista! AlainV
  7. Hi, Version 220d is super, I love the catering guy with his red T-shirt going in/out of the a/c.Also the bus driver is excellent with the doors opening just like the real thing... I think a cargo version would be welcome.I would like to see (if possible ) luggage moving in/out of the a/c with a loader at the bottom with a green T-shirt (lol) ,thks anyway wonderful stuff. AlainV Uploaded with Vienna under the snow Uploaded with
  8. I have updated my airac to 1101 and everything seems to be ok but the validy on the FMC still shows 23sep 20Oct. I have checked the navigraph info and it correctly shows there another manip to update the FMGC? I use WIn7 64. AlainV
  9. Thank you very much, you made my day... AlainV
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