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March "Madness" Screenshot Competition

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BMW 320i, go around... LOL

Madness + Aircraft + Flying = Good luck all.

'The World On Time'

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This is my contribution for the theme "Mars March Madness" ;)

I hope that I have put enought madness and March in my proposal !

Heathrow airport - 1st April 2012 - 0915


"But... what's that ? :blink: I've ordered a container of Swiss chocolate for March, not a container of Mars chocolate ! That's madness ! " :help_s:

That's one small step for a man, ... one step beyond for Madness !

(private joke for the older simmers ! :P )


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:D Very good! :)

the GSX-marhaller has big feet

Regards Alex

+1 Nice one!

The GSX one has big feet and the AES one is on tip-toes.........Well, he is a bit shorter!!

Thanks both! And I agree, the GSX seems to have a very large shoe-size! :D

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Not only is it mad to turn off the FBW system an an A380, but it is very mad to fly upside down after doing so....10 feet off the ground....in between mountains....in Afghan airspace....on a scheduled flight.......with a full load of passengers. And no airport within 50 miles.


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