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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.

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NAME: Paro -Bhutan
TYPE: Payware


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Oli, I know a new version has been released yesterday but would it be possible to add this airport before the next version?

NAME: Rome Fiumicino
TYPE: Payware
DESIGNER: Aerosoft/simflight

AES 2.40a

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12 minutes ago, martinlest said:

Not sure if this has been requested before - too many pages to check!

Yes, it has. That's why I will hide your request, following this thread's rules.

By the way, Martin, what is the problem to check? Regardless of the number of pages, it takes a few seconds!

Use the forum search engine which is located in the upper right corner of the page:


I will also hide my post some time later as I want you to read it first.

Enjoy the weekend!

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