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  1. ICAO: SEQU NAME: Mariscal Sucre International TYPE: Payware FS: FSX SE/FSX/P3D DESIGNER: Aerosoft LINK:!0,7322259050,D13741 AES 2.42
  2. ICAO: KMSY Name: Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl. TYPE: Payware FS: FSX/P3D DESIGNER: FSIMSTUDIOS LINK: AES 2.42
  3. ICAO: OMAA Name: Abu Dhabi International Type: Payware FS: FSX, FS2004, P3D Designer: SIMBREEZE Link: AES 2.41
  4. ICAO: RKSS NAME: Gimpo TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX Designer: Miyu/ Seongsu Kim Link: Note- Gimpo is among the other airports located in the file
  5. ICAO: KATL Name: Atlanta International Airport 2016 Type: Payware FS: FSX(P3D and FS9 coming soon) Designer: Imaginesim Link: AES 2.40a
  6. ICAO: KSFO Name: Flightbeam KSFO HD Type: Payware FS: FSX, P3D Developer: Flightbeam/Mir Link: AES 2.41
  7. ICAO: CYTZ Name: Toronto City Center/Billy Bishop Intl Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Final Approach Simulations Link:
  8. ICAO: KRSW Name: Southwest Florida Intl Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: LatinVFR Link: AES 2.39
  9. ICAO: NZWN Name: Wellington International Airport Type: Freeware FS: FS9/FSX Designer: Robin Corn, Godzone Virtual Flight Link: No AES, Groundlayout (Taxilines) and Gateposition (AFCAD) far away from real airport, so that a operation is not fitting (pusback ... ), sorry.
  10. ICAO: KDAB NAME: Daytona Beach International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Aerosoft LINK:!0,7092230770,D13192 Surprised no one suggested this yet AES 2.39
  11. ICAO: KGNV Name: Gainesville Regional Airport Type: Freeware FS: FSX Designer: Art Poole Support: Link:
  12. ICAO: KAMA NAME: Rick Husband/Amarillo International TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Brian Navy LINK:
  13. ICAO: KSRQ Name: Sarasota/Bradenton Intl, FL Type: Freeware FS: FSX Designer: Art Poole Support: Link(Scenery): Hope you can get it working! Just a small little airport!
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