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  1. Dear Aerosoft’s team, I felt in love with MSFS. And you did a very good and reactive job delivering products for this beautiful sim. I spend hours of flight onn Calvi as this is one of the best beautiful approach in the world. Do you plan to release Aerosoft Calvi for MSFS ? Thank you for your reply and I wish you the best for 2021!
  2. ICAO: WADD (v3)NAME: Bali, Ngurah Rai Intl AptTYPE: PaywareFS: FS9/FSXDESIGNER: BDOaviation FS9 : http://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-ngurah-rai-international-airport-wadd-fs2004.phtml FSX: http://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-ngurah-rai-international-airport-wadd-fsx.phtml AES 2.41
  3. ICAO: LFKC NAME: Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9, FSX DESIGNER: FSX3D LINKS: http://secure.simmarket.com/fsx3d-calvi-st-catherine-airport-lfkc-fsx-p3d-(fr_9580).phtml http://secure.simmarket.com/fsx3d-calvi-st-catherine-airport-lfkc-fs2004-(fr_9706).phtml AES 2.42
  4. very nice screens guys ! just finished my flight OTHH-LSGG deboarding in progess
  5. Hi! I'm at ibiza and i confirm that the jetways are in service and the terminal was expanded.. "Adios"
  6. Thanks for your work ! Quality, fluidity, beauty ! The screens are dedicated to the team.
  7. An update with the new connection between the terminals 2A and 2C and with the new satellite S4 is scheduled ? Thanks for your very good work ! NB : the new connection : SATELLITE S4 :
  8. Any news please ? We're in May, and the update was scheduled in January/February ... Thanks !
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