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FMS Runway Length Filter CRJ 700

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I don't know if the actual CRJ 700 has this option, but PMDG allow it in their aircraft. In short the CRJ 700 has a present runway filter limit of 4000 feet. If you attempt to load a flight plant to a shorter runway it won't allow the flightplan to enter. I just installed the beautiful and very handy airport CYTZ Toronto City by FSimStudios. The main runway is 3900 feet and I have been using this airport a lot. However, I can't currently load a plan to or from it in the CRJ 700. Please consider giving us a workaround or the abillity to toggle the runway filter to off. I kno9w this request has come up in the past (last year) . I currently own 7 or 8 Aerosoft products and enjoy the quality. Thanks!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I believe the limit is 4.500 feet. As noted in the linked post below, operating out of an airport with less than that isn't realistic. For that reason, I doubt this will change. That said, since it's a sim, just fly in or out of there anyway. SIDS/STARS/approaches can all simply be set up and flown without the FMS to help. Just like real life.

Edit: LOL, Mathijs beat me to it.

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