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FYI: No CoPilot in external view, and how to fix

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vor 19 Stunden schrieb Ha_Ma:

That is another poor issue, as the CRJ is designed to be flown by two pilots. In all my other addon planes i can switch the copilot on and off via the efb...

In contrast to the copilot from the outside view, this is not a feature of MSFS. However, some third-party developers added this feature. I would like to see it in the CRJ as well.

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Is there any update on getting an update out for those of us who purchased your CRJ from the marketplace and for over a year have not had a copilot avatar visible from the exterior views of the aircraft?  I have personally sent a couple notices to support about it over the past year.  The copilot was visible when we first purchased the aircraft from the marketplace, but after a sim update along the way, the copilot disappeared.  The “fix” that’s been reported out there to try and make the copilot visible does not apply to the marketplace purchase because the model file is encrypted and is not visible or editable within the official CRJ folders in MSFS.  Yes, I have the most updated version and yes, I have a copilot selected in the options.   I know it may sound petty, but it is kinda an immersion killer when you pan around outside views and only see the pilot avatar in the cockpit, especially at 30,000 feet.  Seems like it should be a simple fix for Aerosoft to put out……patiently waiting for a year now!

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