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  1. Could have sworn I've made an approach to 26 with GS, but not done it in some time. Guess that was one of the LOC DME EASTs if I'm not misremembering. I've done an 08 localiser app but I'm willing to accept I did the descent manually & aren't remembering it properly.
  2. Navigraph, or from the MSFS one? ( which does get updated itself anyway ). I can't remember if a stock CRJ install reads it's own database or the core MSFS one, and if it doesn't, if there's a way of updating the CRJ.
  3. I would be a little disturbed if all testers were pilots, unless some of them were also involved in software. Pilots are naturally good at following procedures & fault-finding, but sometimes testing software needs some intuition ( ahem, educated guesswork ) which needs a little experience. Plus, as you say, not all customers are real pilots either. End users can do some really unexpected things
  4. Thanks, both of you. Presumably it's much the same if you're not wings-level too?
  5. Here's a small one I've not seen any talk about - setting a parallel offset, which apparently should be on the FPLN page somewhere. Is that on a to-add list or not going to happen? I have experience as a tester ( and a dev, but that knowledge is somewhat expired these days ), but unfortunately also have health issues which make me unreliable. If at some point I feel I can be reliable I'll be in contact.
  6. That sort of behaviour turns up in a lot of aircraft - whether it's an asobo AP problem or just a lot of people not tuning the AP right I don't know. How's the real jet at slow speed on AP, if anyone's actually got it in that state?
  7. I would be inclined to suspect YourControls - I've had the pushback mod installed for ... well, since it arrived, I think & I've never had any noticeable improvements removing it. I think there was a wierd interaction between that & some other mod though.
  8. That is possibly more to do with the 737 I still wonder why the CRJ needs two buttons for the APU. CRJ is still a pretty quick setup.
  9. The 146 seems less limited if you just throw the FMS out, lol. Looking forward to seeing what the CRJ patch brings.
  10. I remember the WT CJ4 went through a period of having LNAV issues itself, so that's no surprise. I sincerely hope it's not having issues caused by going from 359deg->0 deg ... Anyway, there's only going to be so many solutions to the problem so it might just have picked up a bug in parallel rather than from a shared implementation with the CRJ, but on the other hand they might both be unearthing something in the SDK... Edit: the JPL C152 has *awful* LNAV handling for me & that just uses the stock AP. Hmm.
  11. The hold part itself is very odd but I still think there's a seperate issue, there's been numerous problems with flightplan editing crashing the sim. I don't use the hold much because it never wants to fly anything I put in anyway, but the last time I was testing holds i had to enter the outbound leg & then entry & then outbound again to get the right outbound ( which it promptly didn't fly properly anyway! ).
  12. It is, but exact steps help clarify why it's doing it and what we're meant to be reproducing.
  13. Yep, deliberately picked a RNP AR approach with curved segments ( and that was actually quite windy ) as something that our a/c should struggle with. I should probably have enabled VNAV to see if that worked too but as I said, don't know what I'm doing with it. I wonder what they did, be interesting to see what they tell Matthijs. Edit: well, the 900 won't fly the usual ILS NDB approach to my local airport at all anymore - reliably sails straight across the ILS lobes & doesn't correct until far too late to pick up GS - so I'm not sure what they did, but I don't like it.
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