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CTD after Update


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@Mathijs Kok, thank you sir! I'm sure you understand our frustrations as well. The majority of us realize that there are a lot of complex issues, but time is money; so to speak.  The CRJ has become a favorite of mine, and probably for others as well.  Not being able to fly it is disappointing. Rest assured you have our support. Hopefully these issues are resolved soon.


Best regards,





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I may have a solution for this, that just might work... It seems that the loading of the plane in the community folder is different from the loading in the Stream or the OneStore folder... I did this on the FS2020 Microsoft Store edition, with the FS Marketplace CRJ.... What I did was, with the simulator closed, copy the aerosoft-crj folder from the OneStore directory (Steam Directory if you are using the Stream version), then move it to the community folder. Remove it then from the OneStore or Steam directory, and then start the simulator. This seems to be accounting for most of the issues, I have consistently had since Let me know if this works for any of you, besides just me... I was not experiencing the CTD, but I do wonder if this may prevent it on your machines. 

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16 minutes ago, pulplion said:

I tested it with CRJ in official-folder, and in community-folder. Always the same CTD by selecting CRJ.

I will wait for answers from Aeorosoft.




And here it is: 


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Falha no bucket 1462387464290934685, tipo 4
Nome do Evento: APPCRASH
Resposta: Não disponível
ID do CAB: 1751663011322866054

Assinatura do problema:
P1: FlightSimulator.exe
P3: 00000000
P4: StackHash_92ae
P6: 00000000
P7: c000001d
P8: PCH_73_FROM_ntdll+0x000000000009D974

Arquivos anexados:

Esses arquivos talvez estejam disponíveis em:

Símbolo da análise: 
Verificando novamente se há uma solução: 0
ID do Relatório: 692a8d56-f570-4819-9688-754813407625
Status do Relatório: 268435464
Bucket com hash: 957edf535908753da44b71a6950b9f9dGuid do CAB: 3172bab5-9faa-4f88-884f-283a64172986

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vor 8 Stunden , zebulon69 sagte:



Erase the aerosoft-crj folder localized in the ... LocalState/packages  Folder and restart the game with the aerosoft-crj  folder in the community folder

and that helped you to start the CRJ from the MS marketplace without CTD?

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vor 6 Stunden , LH4371 sagte:

and that helped you to start the CRJ from the MS marketplace without CTD?

negative, that did not help either. if the issue continues then it would be great to put the previous CRJ version into MSFS store again, I rather fly with the old CRJ instead of none

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This thread has evolved into a catch-all support question basket. This area in the forums is specifically not a support one, so it's best to lock this. From the header: "General Discussion Open discussion about the Aerosoft CRJ, no support please!"


For those in need of product support, please repost in the appropriate support area. Thanks for understanding.

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