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  1. Sounds like they didn’t really „found an opportunity“ yet, despite what they told us every 2-3 months. :
  2. never imagined that I could be ever happy to have bought something through the MP 😉
  3. Glad to see the CRJ update as of now in MSFS content manager. That was fast, well, at least publishing the update once it was submitted to MS 🙂. Now I am curious where to find the change log?
  4. I am also losing faith in AS and any update for my CRJ and Twotter. Luckily I have the FBW, 146 and now PMDG.
  5. bad word, we had some modding issues before. however, include me to the list of those preferring - being realistic or not - some bigger ALT numbers, on my screen I really have difficulties too to adjust the setting while scrolling on the far right and screening the numbers on the left
  6. Cannot confirm this, for me it was less than 10mins on a side note the CRJ flies just nice in SU9beta, did a perfect flight ENAL ENVA today, ils captured perfectly and flown down to threshold, no oscillation or going ever below GS
  7. Happy I was one of the guys over at avsim who talked you into the CRJ. Loving it too
  8. Both points understood but I still rather see a „developer focus“ hindering more frequent updates than the marketplace as such. Just my 2 cents. Add Crabby‘s disclaimer here in case someone feels offended. EDIT which seems to be the case since I got downvoted above as I just realized. This anonymous denunciation always bothered me here - and this comment alone will easily get me more downvotes 😉
  9. Not sure I understand what a lack of updates has to do with the marketplace? I mean does the marketplace hinder you to submit weekly updates? Cannot imagine that tbo. But well…
  10. Well, at least 2 weeks obviously, being „very soon“ or not…
  11. Well, this is the fastest change possible - just don’t dial at all - unless you mean 180 degrees 😉
  12. seemingly OK. it loads find and I could take it for a spin around PAKT, did not check avionics any further, just taking the CRJ for a ride to YBBN 🙂
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