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  1. should be a sticky somewhere, preferable in the Updates / last version section
  2. Hm, checking my calendar we slipped into July already. High hopes now
  3. Well, I used the wait and opportunity to upgrade my PC, now with an i5-10600kf and 32gb on 2 SSD m.2 the CRJ installed and loaded just fine…
  4. oops. interesting. did you submit the ASInfo details to AS, see
  5. while I see your point on minimum requirements, with all due respect in this case MS changed something "in between", if prior aircraft (including the release version of the CRJ) handle / load fine (I still get slightly more than 20 fps in the FBW320 and until recently in the CRJ) and it stopped just now. If that had happened from release day of the CRJ I would have asked MS for a refund within 1 day and all fine. And if the mentioned minimum CPUs are meant to be mandatory they could have put it in bold letters like the internet connection. But so they changed horses during the race which is just not anticipated and fair. anyway, thanks for your insights and support from AS, especially Hans pulling strings in the background. still hoping MS is willing to revert this new CPU instruction issue since it was perfectly working before and thus should be also a possible way forward
  6. That makes me wonder, too, whether it's just the missing CPU instruction causing the CTD just now unless marketplace and direct purchases are for whatever reason different builds where marketplace purchases require now (actually since SU4) a specific CPU instruction while direct purchases do not. Curious how this sorts out
  7. just the ASVersionInfo, no running MSFS required as it just collects some HW and SW data on your machine
  8. that was quick. so much to AS support and collaboration with Asobo "behind the scenes". appreciated!
  9. thx. just sent mine to Hans via PM and you
  10. not quite the point. If AS sold you the CRJ then AS would be the one to turn to. But it's not an AS issue as acknowledged by MS. MS sold the CRJ and MS messed up with the encryption of DLC. MS is our counterpart to deal with. I understand that AS cannot do much as the CRJ sold directly works obviously perfectly. Which is why I am dealing with MS to get a refund and then buy directly from AS. MS has to understand though to prioritize their resources better, while I appreciate WUs and SUs and possibly even the XBOX version, there should be still somebody working on such technical issues as ultimately MS is hurting themselves selling something which does not work/install. And causing trouble to any 3PD like AS when the shit rolls downhill like in this case and thread. Yes, my CRJ is grounded since weeks. Lessons learned: don't buy from the marketplace unless MS prioritizes it better. Happend in the past with DLC updates showing up in the marketplace much later and now with the DLC encyption support. Buy direct!
  11. Fully understood Tom and I already reached out to MS for Support/Zendesk and Refund. If MS acknowledges the problem then I can - as a paying MS customer - hardly accept they focus on other topics like WU5 (before) or XBOX release (now). Again, I understand this is out of reach for AS but indeed a workaround could be to also offer the prior CRJ version through the Marketplace so I can at least fly that version. Now I am grounded since 3 weeks… A completely different topic is the MS refund policy for DLC. They refuse my request since I exceeded obviously the allowed refund period. Just discussing with them why I cannot accept it if MS issues mandatory updates breaking DLCs when at the same time they are focusing their workload on other topics, see above. Just my 2 cents and no ranting against AS so no reason to also lock this thread (hint)
  12. let's just hope we don't have to wait for SU5 now, was actually hoping they fixed it already with WU5 now... but maybe AS has a word to say here as well (towards Asobo/MS, I mean)
  13. Just got an update for my zendesk ticket from MS: The development team has narrowed down the cause of the conflict with the CRJ and is working on a resolution. When the fix is ready it will be released as an update.
  14. unfortunately not, same CTD when loading the CRJ for the first time... deleted it and all fine again. off to explore the Nordics, without the CRJ though
  15. anybody already downloaded all new MSFS launcher/content updates and able to check whether MS/Asobo fixed the CRJ CTD issue with the de/encryption of DLC? Still downloading here, may still take a while I am afraid
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