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  1. FS2020 has an unrealistic physics model in almost anything... With that being said... Make sure your trim is set correctly for landing...
  2. Thanks @JRBarretttotally appreciate your work... Like I said it only occurs with RNP in brackets.. Otherwise it will either fly it or it won't, but of course no sim crashing or wasm issues... I already understand the bit about it not always being able to fly it, but this is what I just documented from my recent testing today.
  3. @JRBarrettI am sure this issue is being patched... But here is what I noticed, it is anytime RNP is in brackets in the title of the chart that it causes generally a Simulator hard lock, or a WASM crash. I just tested this out on 10 different airports same behavior everytime if RNP is in brackets (RNP) in the title of the chart. This might be something to add for the devs to look into. (Hard Sim Crash or WASM Crash) Juxtaposted to without RNP being in brackets... (No Hard Sim lockup or WASM Crash)
  4. Try this first https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-10-update-bsod-frame-rate-plummeting ... Fixed my issues
  5. If I were you do yourself a favor... unmap the entire mag switch, it causes loads of issues not just with the CRJ but other planes in the sim....
  6. 0.1.3 is the latest update The FS marketplace version does not always match the developer's version number. Have you attempted to reset the aircraft yet? This update for me fixed the FPS drop looking at the FMS before clicking execute.
  7. Is your Flight model set to modern under options flight model on the Simulator? If you cannot takeoff how do you get up to cruise?
  8. Glad I could help.
  9. The normal climb profile for this aircraft is 250 to 10K, and then 290 above that, and mach .74 above 28K.. Try that, and let me know if that helps. AOA can cause you to stall out if you are going too slow.
  10. I can add that the Honeycomb Yoke, in its current state with the default settings from the simulator, I had to unbind that entire switch, because of issues it causes with autopilot on everything else as well... Off, L, R, both, start had to be unbinded completely. I also make sure the rest of the switches are in the off position, because this aircraft does not like direct controller input...
  11. Under Aircraft on the EFB, drag the cold and dark state all the way to the bottom, this will set the default state to cold & dark. Be warned however, if you want to join a friend midflight, this will also result in a cold and dark midflight.
  12. How do you set your climb? What is your flight model set to? I always run speed mode to 10K, at 250, above 10K to 320, above 25K or so to 290... Also I do this in climb mode, it sounds like you might be using V/S, or possibly have the Legacy Flight model selected?
  13. This is not to hijack, but I just wanted to thank you all at Aerosoft for looking into these issues. I was going to create a post about this, but found this post instead. I do know the folks over at Working Title got the CJ4 TA/RA mode to automatically turn on mode C for the CJ4. Not sure what all is involved, but I am excited to see it as a potential function in the future. I have been really enjoying the CRJ on VatSim!
  14. I just read through this thread myself, I am going to throw a few things at you to try. Please attempt them in this order, as this will essentially reset FS2020 back to a default state, and completely reset the CRJ. 1) Move the entire contents of your community folder to somewhere else (I always do this before any MSFS update) 2) This is a question and answer sort of deal, did you buy this through the FS Marketplace or through Aerosoft? If you bought it through FS Marketplace, load up the sim and delete the CRJ through the content manager under Menu->Profile->Content Ma
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