We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. I concur, I am having the exact same issue, even using the filter... I deleted the CRJ, exited the sim, went back in, and am stuck with pending for the download of the CRJ 550/700...
  2. Seriously, thank you!!!! It is nice to see it is not just the Marketplace version having this issue!!!
  3. @JRBarrett can you attempt mine as well? I am tempted to just drop more money for the Aerosoft version to avoid the issues with the FS Marketplace version.
  4. quasiguru


    TCAS has worked since the original release in the CRJ. Just turn on map or radar
  5. It seems like no matter what configuration I do on the radio panels, I cannot select COM 2 for TX... Is anyone else having this issue with Vpilot? I can switch over with vpilot via .com 2... Also it appears there is no way to stop receiving on com 1 even with the knobs pulled out....
  6. I may have a solution for this, that just might work... It seems that the loading of the plane in the community folder is different from the loading in the Stream or the OneStore folder... I did this on the FS2020 Microsoft Store edition, with the FS Marketplace CRJ.... What I did was, with the simulator closed, copy the aerosoft-crj folder from the OneStore directory (Steam Directory if you are using the Stream version), then move it to the community folder. Remove it then from the OneStore or Steam directory, and then start the simulator. This seems to be accounting for most of the issues, I have consistently had since Let me know if this works for any of you, besides just me... I was not experiencing the CTD, but I do wonder if this may prevent it on your machines.
  7. I did check the One Store Aerosoft-CRJ directory and sub directories... They are absolutely nowhere to be found with hidden files on... Wondering if they stuffed them elsewhere??? Heh
  8. Out of curiosity which version of the sim do you have Microsoft Store or Steam, also which version of the CRJ do you have, FS Marketplace or Aerosoft? I have the MS Store, and FS Marketplace versions... Honestly, my mfiles are not being recreated either, I don't think this has to do with differing pcs... I think this may have something to do with a potential coding error for the FS Marketplace version.... As Asobo continues to do small coding overhauls on every update. I do agree some problems are potentially different pcs... However in this case where mfiles are not being recreated and the livery for UAL is missing for the 550, I am thinking something might be sus with the FS Marketplace installer per se...
  9. I just noticed this, but I have the Microsoft Store version of FS2020, as well as the MSFS Marketplace version of the CRJ. Due to recent issues, with a loop of the update, I went ahead and deleted the aerosoft-crj folder in LocalState->Packages. Also deleted the aerosoft-crj folder in LocalCache->Packages->OneStore (this one does delete by itself if you remove it from the content manager in the Sim)... What I have noticed is the mfiles are not getting recreated in either directory or sub directory, but the plane still flies. Kind of interesting, aside from the UAL livery being missing for the CRJ550.
  10. I just wanted to add in, I am still experiencing zig zagging too, I had this happen on a flight last night that I streamed. TNCC/11 SCAP1K SCAPA DANDE AVAKI TNCM/10 This happened between SCAPA to DANDE.
  11. @Mathijs Kokokay I did everything documented even went ahead and deleted the aerosoft-crj folder in LocalState Packages and the one in LocalCache\Official\OneStore ... Mfiles are not being recreated in either directory or sub directory, but the plane flies well.. But alas still no CRJ550 livery other than Privat... Only one model/texture of the CRJ550 is being downloaded.
  12. @Mathijs Kok I did have an anomaly with the update process. When I first started the Sim up, and tried to update in content manager it was stuck in a loop of constantly downloading and extracting the plane. Which in turn deleted it, that is when I did the m file reset, well more over, I deleted the entire folder, as I have done this before for stranger issues with the aircraft... I just noticed none of my mfiles have been recreated... Let me do some further investigation here on my end.... I am going to uninstall the aircraft again, delete the aerosoft-crj folder under LocalState->Packages, and I will do the same under LocalCache->Packages->Official. This now has me really intrigued, as without the mfiles, I am not exactly sure how the plane is even functional...
  13. @Mathijs Kok I have already done the reset myself, and it has not changed the 550. Just one livery now.
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