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Geneva configurator not keeping changed settings.

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I really enjoy Aerosoft products (either released through them or created by them) but what is going on with Geneva Prof is ridicolous. It would only take a small update but at the moment the airport is just unusable at night because the Configurator resets itself.


Please fix!!!

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I agree!

Already, I don't understand how it was possible to release Aerosoft "another company" faulty product LSGG with such a bug (multiple bugs) ...


This may happen…

But after several weeks, shouldn't we fix it…?

That doesn't "bother" any publisher ...?

Yes, i would ask for the update…


Kind Regards,


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1 hour ago, ice75 said:

Since the latest update (  the configurator doesn’t work at all now. When i try to save I get an error message.

Tried a re-install, but no change.


Here's a screenshot of what I mean ....



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