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  1. Many thanks for that. The mentioned FSUIPC setup has solved my problem with the flaps. Just needed to be setup with my individual values and now it works great
  2. But that post you mention is about the Thrustlevers. The problem we have though is the Flaps (Add-On Pack). Or have I missed something else in that post? Or are your refering to older posts?
  3. I agree with the first sentence 100% 😉 I would however love to see the A320 first. The default A320 is just meh, and even though FBW are doing a great job in making it somewhat flyable, its still light years away from wanting me to make the switch to MSFS 2020.
  4. Im not quite buying into this "all down to Orbx" theory as I was having CTD's when just flying over or past LSGG. Since I have uninstalled the LSGG scenery I have not had any more CTD's in this region. This even though all my Orbx is still active.
  5. Thats not correct, when I disable the "EXT.POWER GPU" in the MCDU it also turns off the OVHD panel switch. Like I said, turned into a habit because I use the MCDU as a pop-up when closing doors, so I leave it open and wait for the EXT. POWER CALL. I will shake off that habit with immediate effect though and from now on switch off on the OVHD panel Still doesn't change the fact thats its taking two calls to acknowledge when using the MCDU.
  6. Ive done a clean install and started a new flight about 45 minutes ago. Again the plane would not follow the SID. I had a straight line in the ND following the runway heading and ignoring the NAV route. Even though HDG was clear and marked with a dot, it just won't follow. The only workaround is to route DIR to a waypoint. Then it follows the route. Ive had that in previous versions too, where for some reason a HDG number is prefiled in the FCU and the dot is marked. Pushing the knob didn't do anything, it would only follow the heading number. Again, only workaround was to go DIR t
  7. I don't like ViewFocus, I like to move around myself. Also for some reason it seems to zoom in too far, maybe thats to do with Chase Plane? (I have the VF Chase Plane option activated). I allways use the MCDU in pop-up mode to close doors etc. Its therefore convenient for me to switch off External Power right there too. Has become a bit of a habit I have just tried switching off in the OVHD panel and that seems to work fine. It only seems to happen when using the MCDU to switch off EXTERNAL POWER.
  8. For whatever reason it seemed to miss TRANS ALT. Im also having other issues since the update (incl. not following SID's after take off), so I will try a re-install.
  9. Heres a short video, after the APU has come on, I disconnect the Ext Pwr after the EXTERNAL POWER call. This action is ignored and waits until the call is made a second time before confirming "Disconnected and OFF". This happens every time. Im using P3D v5.1 HF1 and the A320. Prepar3D 2021.02.04 -
  10. The last call I remember was the TCAS one, cause that is the one I interacted with. If I remember correctly, it did not call the Trans Alt one. Actually right at this minute (I am in flight on approach), it called the Trans Alt item and ended the After Takeoff CL. Now it obviously won't do the others (Climb, Cruise etc.) because I am already on Approach.
  11. On three flights so far I have had the problem that the Checklist hangs after Take Off. It doesn't make a call when passing 10'000ft and stays in the "After Takeoff" mode. I have checked off all the necesarry items and its not repeating any calls. In the attached screenshot I have been cruising for at least 20 minutes.
  12. I am using the Checklist without the Copilot (Checklist = ON, Copilot= OFF). In the „Before Start“ checklist, the call „External Power Off“ does not react the first time around. It waits for the second call and only then confirms External Power is off. I also find the checklist is very slow, especially after landing. I know it was your intention to slow it down analog to the A330, but with time I know what I am looking for and it just takes too long and breaks down the „flow“. After landing, especially on short taxis to the gate, I have sometimes reached the gate and its still g
  13. Ive just had a look in the FSDT Forum and there are also reports of the same issue with their scenery. It has been suggested that the ILS frequency change causes problems. FSDT have today however posted that its an Orbx issue.
  14. Well my Autogen and scenery draw distance slider IS set at medium. I even had a CTD flying past LSGG during a flight from Zürich to Malaga the other day. I have now sadly uninstalled LSGG ...
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