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  1. This has finally worked for me, incldung the correct detents (by reseting using CTRL + CAPS LOCK). However, it only works if I set Engine 1 throttle to X Axis and Engine 2 throttle to Y Axis. If I set the complete "Throttle Axis" then it will not work. Im using P3Dv5 btw.
  2. Go to your Key Assignments and check what entries you have on "Landing gear (extend/extract)". I had the same and one of the throttle buttons on my quadrant was assigned to the landing gear.
  3. Same problem for me. Lever wont go into IDLE, only when using reverse thrust. Calibration via Gamecontroller useless i.e. not possible. You can see in the picture that Bernd posted above, that the throttles do not start in IDLE (green filling). Im using P3Dv5 and have no way of calibrating, only got everything working with FSUIPC and Linda, but without detents.
  4. I did a complete re-install and I still had CTD issues with the Aerosoft Airbuses during approach phase. When I updated from to I could not even start P3D5. It would CTD after around 20 seconds in the start-up screen. By accident I came accross a thread mentioning the .net repair tool. So I run the .net tool (netfxrepairtool) and I havent had any more problems so far (completed 5 flights without any problems). It even solved my problem I was having with MS Outlook. Maybe its worth a try.
  5. Ive just experienced the same in P3Dv5 flying the A320 Professional (, CTD during approach to LFSB. The Airbuses are installed on a seperate SSD dedicated to my Add-Ons. Im on Windows 10 2004, no recent updates installed. Application Error.txt
  6. I too would be very interested in this!
  7. Same here, just completed my first flight in P3Dv5 with an Easyjet A320 from LEMG to LFSB. All went without any problems. I am really impressed with both P3Dv5 and the Airbus. Great performance, not a single stutter. Just trying to figure out the right lighting settings for both the outside world as well as the cockpit. The Sim is either too bright or the colours are too strong. Will take a few flights until I find the right balance. Thanks Aerosoft for the update. I waited for my first flight In v5 until the A320 was released and Im very happy with how the first one we
  8. Ok, it was quite annoying at first, but Ive finally figured it out (probably been mentioned here already): 1) Install liveries manually 2) Go to the new livery manager 3) Backup the newly installed liveries by selecting them and clicking "Package Selected Liveries" 4) Liveries are now ready for future installs at backup location It works fine for me now. Just took a little time to manually install over 10 liveries. I do however believe the old manager should still be available for those finding it difficult to add liveries manually. Alot of confusi
  9. Regarding the new livery manager: I can also confirm that after installing the A320/321 it doesn't even show the installed liveries anymore. Please fix this and also get the old livery manager to work again.
  10. So that means by using this new "clever" livery manager I cant install any of my liveries using this installer because they are all missing some .txt. file? Why has the other livery manager been removed? At least it would work using that one.
  11. No, AV hasnt quarantined or removed anything. I also deactivated AV when I installed the Buses. Ive attached a screenshot with the error message.
  12. I have noticed the same problem. With the new installer there seems to be two livery manager links. The old one, which can‘t be found, and a new one which however doesnt work. I have to install liveries manually.
  13. Just re-installed and its working now.
  14. I can't update Zürich professional to I get the following error message in the Updater (see screenshot).
  15. Can you please tell me which entry I need to change? I only managed to change the size of the actual PDF, which is not what I want.
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