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  1. Hi, Thanks, downloaded, copied the file… Now, all right! Regards, Peter
  2. Hello Aerosoft! Today I updated ASUpdater EDDK Cologne Bonn - Configuration Tool exe can't use it The log, writes this error: "InfoImage_Scenery_SODE_Jetways_3.gif ": no such file or directory" Please help… Thanks! Peter
  3. Hi Mathijs, "Thank you" for your answer ... At least I got an answer if not on the "right" page ...I would rather not answer this sentence: “If you don't agree with those conditions, we strongly advise you not to buy them. " I've been a buyer of Aerosoft Airports for a very long time ...I trust that what you have just described to me will no longer be the right direction ... Because if that were the case, ASUpdater would be useless ... I wish you more correct comments… like “just” on behalf of a customer… Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Tom, Not quite here, I'm just writing for ASUpdater. Zagreb airport ASUpdater is displayed. Three weeks ago we reported Zagreb Airport Runway Change. We didn't even get an answer. It is very selective what Aerosoft responds to. What's more interesting is that the Aerosoft Scenery opening page has a "opening image" of P3Dv4 ZAGREB professional Shop now. With these rwy numbers, Zagreb is no longer a professional. Not even responding, even though the mistake exists, is not professional… Sorry to do this in this post. I only noted it when looking at ASUpdater… All the best! Peter
  5. Hi everyone! Today, after the ProSim Database update, the EDDK 32R ILS data at APPROACH REF has changed correctly. I've attached a picture. 2.7 Generate scenery database In ProSim737 System->Config->Database - select the path to the installation directory from your simulator (Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® or FSX) and click on "Build database". Remember to repeat this step after making changes to your installed scenery. 316/315 degrees is the result of the new magdec bgl. I wrote to Herve Sors and his answer was: "1 ° difference (and sometimes more) is not uncommon and could result from different magnetic variation data between the airport / ILS and sim values" I thought I would. Maybe and if somebody had, has or will have such a problem… Regards, Peter
  6. Hi everyone, I'd like to ask for help with my issue. I use Aerosoft EDDK airport. The 32R rwy ILS approach, I have a problem landing. The attached pictures show what information I get on the FMC APROACH REF page, is no longer used. The 109.70 freq. is no longer used. The new course, 315 degrees. All databases are updated. I'm using ProSim 737 version 2.26. Navigraph 2003. Herve Sors update 2003. Magdec bgl updated for ProSim and P3D 4.5Hf2 / Scenery / Base / Scenery I've included an image of the Navigraph Charts EDDK 32R ILS map. Here, 316 degrees and 111.1 a (correct) frequency. If you have any advice on how to get the FMC correct data, especially ILS frequency, thank you very much… Best regards, Peter
  7. Hi johnny 19, As I have already stated, this rwy correction will not be easy. We haven't even received a response to our signal. The official "maker" is Aerosoft. Many times this is so…! At least one answer… one “promise”… We wait! One answer, one promise ... but what's important is an update ... We commented on an Aerosoft product in the Aerosoft forum… Thank you for understanding everyone… Regards, Peter
  8. Hi everyone, Yes, this is a problem that all scenery production companies handle "very hard". I wonder, the creator of Zagreb airport, when he will make this correction ... and fix it in the form of an update. The runway's magnetic directions are an existing phenomenon. Let's hope the scenery is improved too ... and it doesn't take long to "bark". Regards, Peter
  9. Hi, AS-Updater, update to fixed the “above” issue… Thanks! Peter
  10. Hi, Thanks for the information! Yeah, I just watched that I have a new download version ... Regards, Peter
  11. Hello, I downloaded the improved version of LSGG I deleted the previous version and installed I saw from the beginning that not all repairs were successful! I'll attach a picture and ask again if I understand the RWY 22L and RWY 5 !?. I've already reported this problem. You may have to fix this once (?) I think this patch would fit in… Regards, Peter
  12. I agree! Already, I don't understand how it was possible to release Aerosoft "another company" faulty product LSGG with such a bug (multiple bugs) ... Okay. This may happen… But after several weeks, shouldn't we fix it…? That doesn't "bother" any publisher ...? Yes, i would ask for the update… Thanks! Kind Regards, Peter
  13. Hello TopSWISS Alex! Thank you very much for your help! I think there is something to improve on this first version of LSGG…! LSGG config malfunction, why not fixed yet ...? I wonder when the udate will be released… Kind Regards, Peter
  14. Hi everyone! Two comments on my part. The first one is already indicated and I also have a problem with the double jetway. I don't use GSX and I don't need the Sode jetway either. LSGG config is also useless for me. It is not possible to control what option is currently set. There is already a promise that it will be corrected. Who knows how long it will take to fix this. How can I eliminate the double jetway ...? Which bgl file should be turned off to remain just a static jetway ...? My other comment is in the attached picture. Are the names of the current RWY and gates correct? I am thinking of 22L and 5 course names. Thanks for any explanation…! Best Regards, Peter
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