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  1. Thanks Mathijs and sorry for my maybe slightly strong tone. As mentioned I love your products but its just a bit frustrating. Regards Luca
  2. I really enjoy Aerosoft products (either released through them or created by them) but what is going on with Geneva Prof is ridicolous. It would only take a small update but at the moment the airport is just unusable at night because the Configurator resets itself. Please fix!!!
  3. Dear Heinz Thanks a lot for your very quick acting. Could you just make a post here, when it has been uploaded :) looking forward to flying out of LIM! Also big thanks to @ashj24uk and your team <3 Regards Luca
  4. Thanks for your quick support Heinz Regards Luca
  5. +1 Same issue and yes I have installed everything thanks 0:00:32.077 E/SCN: Unable to locate .agp: SAM_Library/dockings/ADB-Safegate-4.5m-pole.agp 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package: 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: | Custom Scenery/Milan Malpensa1 - LIMC/ 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: | The scenery may not look correct. 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: | Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information. 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: | (io_dsf.cpp:695) 0:00:32.077 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00:32.077 E/SCN: DSF canceled due to missing art assets, file=Custom Scenery/Milan Malpensa1 - LIMC/Earth nav data/+40+000/+45+008.dsf, err=15 (dsf_ErrCanceled). 0:00:32.077 E/SCN: WARNING: got error on DSF load for scenery file 45, 8, Custom Scenery/Milan Malpensa1 - LIMC/ 0:00:32.077 I/SCN: DSF load time: 3726191 for file Custom Scenery/Milan Malpensa2 - LIMC - Mesh/Earth nav data/+40+000/+45+008.dsf (339730 tris, 23 skipped for -6731.6 m^2)
  6. Hello Heinz I had it installed but something seemed wrong It works now after a fresh install of SAM Thanks so much for the quick help. Scenery looking on point now. Gruss Luca
  7. I have been trying everything since over an hour but I cannot figure it out... This is the log of XP11. 0:00:32.289 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'SAM_Library/dockings/Safedock-T2-24_3.5m.agp', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_LSGG_2_Scenery/'. 0:00:32.289 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_LSGG_2_Scenery/Earth nav data/+40+000/+46+006.dsf: 0:00:32.289 E/SCN: Unable to locate .agp: SAM_Library/dockings/Safedock-T2-24_3.5m.agp 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package: 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: | Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_LSGG_2_Scenery/ 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: | The scenery may not look correct. 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: | Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information. 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: | (io_dsf.cpp:695) 0:00:32.289 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00:32.289 E/SCN: DSF canceled due to missing art assets, file=Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_LSGG_2_Scenery/Earth nav data/+40+000/+46+006.dsf, err=15 (dsf_ErrCanceled). 0:00:32.289 E/SCN: WARNING: got error on DSF load for scenery file 46, 6, Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_LSGG_2_Scenery/ Thanks for the help! Regards Luca
  8. I know Mathijs but its been very quiet for 3 months. Cheers for the response anyway. I'll keep waiting. Keep up your work Luca
  9. Good day Is there any information about any update on this scenery. I have searched on the internet but found nothing. Thank you and have a lovely weekend. Luca
  10. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9163574 Would be great if someone made an A320 Edelweiss Registration "HB-IHY" Warm greetings from Switzerland
  11. I will do so, the next time it happens.
  12. Twice today on approach into Zurich. No issue and both times ober 4000kgs FOB left. Always happend when descending through FL130. Saitek joystick in use, however did not touch anything. I will inform if it happens again tomorrow. Really frustrating though. 1x with A321 1x with A320 So it seems to happen on all aircraft. Regards Luca
  13. Make that 3rd person for the issue. as mentioned above its nothing that need to be fixed fast, but do look into it Otherwise fantastic product. TY very much
  14. Hi Mathijs Just wanted to add, that I also had the problem. It was my bad as I had forgotten to replace 4.2 with 4.3 However I followed step to step guides from LM and just had to remove the client.msi and install the new one. Now everything works fine. Thanks a lot for your support even on weekends!
  15. Hi all On my MCDU some of the options are greyed out and I cannot select them. ACFT STATE/ ACFT DOORS / GND Services and Checklist are not usable. Anyone know a fix about this? Thanks and have a lovely weekend flying Luca
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