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Fabian Boulegue

There comes a time of the year..... Aerosoft anniversary poll

Anniversary poll  

692 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. What Platform are you currently using?

    • FS 2004
    • FSX (not included FSX Steam)
    • X-Plane 10
    • X-Plane 11
    • Prepared3D 3 or older
    • Prepared3D 4
    • FSX Steam Edition
    • Flight Sim World
    • AeroFly FS
    • AeroFly FS2
    • DCS (Digital Combat Sim)
  2. 2. Are you planning a shift to another simulator within the next 6 months?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I'm not sure, I check the options
  3. 3. What OS are you currently using?

    • WinXP
    • WinVista
    • Win7
    • Win8
    • Win10
    • Linux
    • macOS
  4. 4. Did you buy a new computer within the last 6 month? Are you planning to buy a new one?

    • Yes I have
    • I will get a new system
    • No I wont upgrade my system
    • Just parts of the system will be upgraded
  5. 5. Are you interested in other simulations beside our Flightsimulation titles?

    • Yes - other simulations are interesting for me
    • Yes - for friends/kids I also check your other products
    • No

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Hello all again,


I conceded in my first post most of what you are saying.  You are, of course quite correct. 

The only point I will NOT concede is the fact that, NO-ONE can or will, show me 6 monitors working on ANY system. 

If there are people out there in Sim land who are getting good performance on any platform with 6 monitors(other than FS2004) their silence is deafening. I would LOVE to hear from them. I would really, like to know how they do it and what hardware they are using. The only comments I get are that one would need a Supercomputer (I have bids in for the USA Defence computer system LOL) to run it.  The makers of FSW, P3Dv4 and XPlane are strangely quiet too and generally do not respond to enquiries of this nature.  I have emailed them all.

In conclusion, IF you (or anyone) can tell me exactly which system I could buy which is guaranteed to duplicate what I have, I will GLADLY save my pennies to buy this system and join those flocking to P3Dv4 or XPlane permanently.

I know 30 FPS is slow but it is far from unusable and it is smooth ... My system is slow and ancient but  what would be the point of upgrading to get 50-100 FPS in FS2004 (it wont run the programme any better) and still not get what I want from another platform.

I am really open to suggestions and have in fact, been trying to go to other platforms (with this configuration) for years...well, at least since FSX came on the market. I have spent a few dollars buying these platforms but have yet to buy any addons with a couple of exceptions.  When P3Dv4 emerged I rushed in and bought ORBX Global and Australian sceneries/airports. I also rushed out and bought the Ifly 737 for P3Dv4 days after it came on the market as an upgrade for P3Dv4. All of these (thus far) have proved a rather expensive and futile purchase. So, YES, I am listening in the vacuum and still attempting the move.  Over to you, (the big boys who know)



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On 12/5/2017 at 11:48 PM, himmelhorse said:


I have not voted and I would assume that many users of various platforms have not either.

However, I take your statement "I don't know why anyone would choose not to make the switch." with a healthy grain of salt.

I will tell you why I have not made the switch on a permanent basis from FS2004 to P3Dv4 or any of the other platforms (which I own by the way).

I fly using 6 monitors. End of story.   I get 30+ FPS using those monitors in FS2004.  NO other platform will allow me to do that and I very sincerely regard going (upgrading) to another platform  2 which doies not allow me to do this is an actual DOWNGRADE. 6 monitors gives me an incredible immersion factor which is not duplicated with one to three monitors.

If any of the other platforms bother to find a way to allow simmers to use more than three monitors without turning it into a slideshow, OR, tell me how I can do it with their platform, I will jump into it with reckless abandon and reckless alacrity.

Until then, I will concede ... better graphics .... better lighting ....better, more complex and more varied aircraft .... better weather ... ground services and a myriad of other benefits, none of which singularly or collectively, cancels my immersion factor.

Until this happens, I do not want to hear that FS2004 is dead or that I should switch to P3Dv4

The poll though is very interesting if not very informative in that we all know which way the mop is flopping.

Cheers and regards to all

Tony Chilcott

To be honest, my post was a bit tongue in cheek, but thanks for the info. FS2004 certainly has it's benefits, I won't deny that.

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I took no offence to your posts whatsoever. It is, in reality, quite a normal response.


We all have our own perception of what makes a sim platform "right" and what contributes to our sense of immersion.

I really do envy people who are very happy with a single screen and maybe use VR or Trackir to intensify their sense of immersion.

Those who do, or can, actually enjoy far better graphics, aircraft and other addons in more complex Platforms.

Unfortunately for me, I am an old dog who cannot learn these new tricks and enjoy them in this fashion. So,by choice, I "settle" , for now, for immersion of the other factors. Again, if ANYONE can show me the way to use my configuration in P3D or XPlane, I would be vastly appreciative.

Thanks for your responses and cheers to all


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Wow...  I am stunned by the results and cannot help but think that we are seeing a highly skewed result in favour of hardware fanatics that upgrade for the sake of upgrading and frequent forums. I worry that all of those FS2004 and FSX users do not need support and simply are not being represented in this survey.


 I am an IT Professional and have 3 sims. A triple screen i7 4.5ghz overclocked 1070 PC, a VR 1080Ti setup and a Projection room setup. Frankly I am loving P3Dv3.4 and all my add ons and everything works with it on all 3 platforms. I have minimum of OOM errors and the hassle of having to upgrade all my scenery and addons for v4 is a waste of precious flying time. I have tried v4 but its like MEH...more of v3 basically but with lots of hassle to move across for what?????


Anyway to think that 1/4 run XP11 I can understand for the flight dynamics. I can only assume the Out Of Memory Errors are just too much for the 50% of the Push Button Pilots that have dumped P3Dv3 for v4 of P3D. They must have much more time and money than I do.


Am I missing something and yes I have tried both XP11 (in VR) and P3Dv4 again in VR and 4k but am still ecstatic with P3Dv3.4.

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Well we see the same in sales, so while these statistics are always to be looked at with some caution, they do not surprise us a lot.  

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Now I thought again about this theme while Aerofly FS2 was released officially.

I'm convinced now that I will never change to P3D because I like to feel the freedom by having wings, and I don't want to play a military game.


P3D reminds me too much that mankind are not free individuals like birds, we are more like ants, always defending our territory and having a very deep horizon.

And Mr. Trump has changed my opinion about USA being a good superpower.

To make it short: I don't want to have this Lockheed Martin stuff on my hard disk.


X-Plane and Aerofly FS2: I don't like to waste my time to create my own landscape sceneries.

So _if_ there will be good landscape sceneries for larger regions I _might_ think about using them additional to FSX.

As long as there is no better alternative to Austria HD, Switzerland Professional, France VFR, the very old VFR Germany and a lot of freeware sceneries I will arrange myself with FSX.

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I don't believe you have an accurate understanding or what P3D really is...and isn't. Thinking that since P3D is developed and sold by a contractor to the US military makes it "a military game" ignores reality. P3D is simply a simulation platform, like all the other names you mentioned. It is not intrinsically military, any more that those other sims. Except for the fact that a few military aircraft are included with P3D (which you don't even have to ever see if you make all your civil aircraft "favorites" and set the aircraft selection window to only show favorites), along with several civil ones, once you're in the sim, it's absolutely no different than FSX, except with P3Dv4 you have a 64 bit sim with much better crash resistance due to far less troublesome RAM and VRAM limitations. Plus, a more fluid flight experience. So P3Dv4 is the better alternative to FSX.


The add-on marketplace certainly shows it's not a military game. And since there are military aircraft available for FSX (EE Lightning/F-14/the MilViz line), it puzzles me you're fine with FSX but not with P3D for the reason you gave. I'm not trying to say you're right or wrong about buying a product from Lockheed-Martin as an entity. I'm just trying to point out that P3D as a sim platform has nothing at all to do with "defending our territory and having a very deep horizon."

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For me it's not easy to write in a foreign language (my interests are mainly technical), so maybe I took the wrong words, sorry.

But you are arguing rational. FlightSimulation is my hobby, my passion, not my profession. So in this sphere I act emotional.

You are right that maybe I could delete the LM fighters. But the P3D will still have the smell and the taste of Lockheed Martin.

Maybe not for you, but for me.


So if you can't understand my emotions in this case though we all three are from the western hemisphere, how will you understand the emotions of a russian user?

Or an asian, mexican (we'll build a wall and mexico will pay for it), south american, african, indian user?

I think they have a much more distant opinion about american military, especially now with the new american policy.

They seldomly write in this forum. But they buy products from Aerosoft, I suppose.

By the way: in how many languages you can buy the FSX? Nearly every country over the world is represented?

P3D is only in English and this might be another reason against a change.


And there are a lot of other reasons not to change.

Can you imagine that there are a lot of people in the third world (and in the first world as well) who can't afford buying a new high tech computer every three years?

But they are flightsim enthusiasts, as well.

I think Aerosoft knows it very well and Aerosoft knows much better than me that there are much more FSX users than represented in this poll.

I only want to give an idea to the other electors because they do hard to understand this.


Sorry, maybe it sounds curious to you what I wrote, I know that I did not find the right words to express what I mean.

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Another thing I noticed. On the Avsim forums, the P3D section is a LOT busier than the FSX/FS9 section. So it doesn't surprise me either.

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One thing to add is that all electronics, consumer and industrial, do have a limited usage operating life.  Capacitors will burn out, solder joints will become intermittent, spinning disks will have mechanical failures.  At that time people will upgrade/replace their computers/components with newer more powerful models.  That is only natural.  After all, how many of us want to buy a brand new black-and-white TV, BetaMax VCR or even a flip phone?  As we improve our hardware, will will naturally look at the newest available software to go with it.  Better hardware creates new capabilities for upcoming software.  Of course, sometimes the new hardware is incompatible with our older software, other times the Operating System makes older software unusable.  For example, I was a hard core FS2004 guy for many years.  I really enjoyed the simulator and my many addons.  My ancient PC was barely capable of running stock FSX, let alone a modded version with addons.  Thus, FS2004 was my simulator of choice.  When the motherboard finally suffered an internal failure, I purchased a brand new PC.  I immediately looked around and found FSX-SE on a Steam Sale.  Flew it for a year when the video card failed.  The manufacturer kindly upgraded me to a DX11 card under the RMA.  I then purchased P3DV3 and never went back to FS2004.  In this way, I believe the shift away from FSX to P3D has happened in the same way the shift from FS2004 to FSX rapidly accelerated after 2010.   With many developers focusing only on the P3DV4, this poll shows the shift is becoming quite complete. 



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Thanks for all to commit to this poll, intressting results i feel like :-) the coupon codes will be given out by end of the week i will announce the winner here in thread

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