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  1. Yes, but built slowly over time. While lurking... 😎
  2. I’m thinking KDCA-KBOS - a route I’ve flown a few times as pax on Jet Blue Embraers. Not too long, but long enough for a little downtime during cruise. Trip two will be the reverse - I want to wind up at home. And with luck, the wind will be out of the south so I can finish by hand-flying the River Visual to 19. That would be the way to cap it off.
  3. As a professional mentor of mine liked to say: corporate crises start in the marketing department. We had a nice community gathered around the developers, all keeping track of progress, exchanging information, getting to know and respect one another. Then the word came down: enough of that, communications needs to happen the old way, top-down, strictly managed, no more substance allowed here. So for want of food, the members started feeding on one another. Completely predictable. If your taste doesn’t run to street riots - as mine doesn’t - might as well just head over to FS Elite and wait for the release announcement. It’s guaranteed to be just as informative and a lot less stressful.
  4. Very sorry to hear this. Clearly it's out of your hands... and if I had to guess, the new directive comes from Microsoft and Asobo... but it's a bad move. Undercuts a proven way of generating enthusiasm and creating a sense of community. Typical corporate over-control. As you might remember... only because I've pointed it out from time to time... ... I've made my living in corporate communications and PR for the past 30 years. So... take this as a professional opinion and feel free to pass it up the line. Probably won't help, but you never know. Maybe somebody can be persuaded to open the doors again. Oh, and... looking forward to the CRJ whenever it lands. Hope all of you have great holidays!
  5. Have you guys checked the FMA? He’s in TOGA LK. To the original poster - somewhere along the line you’ve climbed too steeply or gotten too slow, or both. The airplane is trying to keep you from stalling by going to full thrust and keeping the nose up. What you’ll need to do is lower the nose to gain speed. You want to get your airspeed above the yellow band. Then, when you have enough speed, you have to unlock your throttles by turning off autothrust, pulling the thrust levers back, then returning them to the climb setting and turning the autothrust back on. The airplane will the. Go back to following your flight plan. Look up “alpha floor” and “toga lock” (or “toga lk”) in the documentation. Matthijs is right - the step-by-step guide will take you through all the normal procedures. Hope this helps.
  6. Understand completely about the complexity of the Katana and the difficulty of porting it over to X-Plane. But unless the Katana and some of the other complex aircraft (like A2A's) move over, I won't be abandoning FSX anytime soon. Happy to look at X-Plane, and in fact I've been exploring X-Plane 9 to get the feel for it, but right now I'd expect to use it in addition to, not instead of, FSX.
  7. Apologies - my post wasn't nearly as clear as it should have been. I wasn't reacting to the OP at all - more to Mathijs' post. Though in fairness, now that I read what he wrote more carefully, I don't think he was drawing as sharp a contrast as I thought. And he did say it was his personal opinion, which is of course fine. All I really meant to say is that it's great to simulate things that customers could actually do... but there's also a place for simulating things that they could never do... and simulating them to a very high standard. That's the NGX, for me at least. I'll say this - the NGX and the Katana, between them, have ruined most other simulated aircraft for me. I'll still turn to them from time to time - there are moments when I just want to get into the air quickly to test scenery or some other in-sim setting, and then I might load up Ant's Tecnam Sierra, which I still enjoy - there's something indefinable about it that just makes it feel like a very light airplane. But most of my others have been hangared. The A2A Accusim aircraft still measure up, especially the B-17, though personally I'm not a big user of the more game-like features like Heidi or the new 377 career model and usually turn them off (others swear by them, of course). But the NGX and the Katana are a whole new world. I'm guessing we can all agree on that.
  8. Speaking as someone who's flown a lot of FS GA... loves the Katana... is also a longtime airline buff and is currently learning airliner simming via the PMDG 737... I have to ask, why set up a conflict between the two of them? The choice between them isn't an either/or. Why not learn (slowly) to fly the NGX like a professional... and enjoy the Katana as though you own one and fly it on days when you're not flying the line? You could even branch out and spend some time in a restored warbird or propliner thanks to A2A, or borrow their Cub as though they were a friend of yours that had one to lend? It's possible to enjoy FSX in a whole variety of ways with just a few ultra-realistic aircraft. If you like a particular style of flying, great... but there's no reason not to explore a couple of them.
  9. Or was I just oblivious before? I could swear I heard some new creaks when closing the canopy. And the wind sound through the vents seemed more distinctive, too. I think the sound might have been enhanced. Though if all the sounds were there and I just hadn't noticed... well, that could happen, too... I'd be interested in hearing others' takes on this.
  10. Also, if you have any repaints, you'll need to re-enter them in the new aircraft.cfg. The textures aren't affected - the folders remain where they were - so all you need to do is copy the entries back to the cfg and you're good to go.
  11. The Eclipse is planned as a follow-up. Search the forum for "Eclipse," or visit Marcel's website and click on "simulation," then "Eclipse."
  12. Yes, that's the one. Screen freezes, controls and keyboard freeze, sound continues. I've read about people waiting it out and getting FSX to resume (sometimes after 10 minutes or more), but that's never worked for me - typically, the freeze-with-sound continues for a minute or two, then FSX crashes to desktop. I'd love it if I could get it to resolve on its own - the freeze/crash is really frustrating. As I mentioned earlier (I think in this thread), the only cure for me has been upgrading the video card. That made me think the problem had to do with some aspect of video processing power. If others are right about corrupt textures, that would fit the pattern, though the fact that mine usually happen during ATC interactions make me think that there are thread collisions happening elsewhere, too. Unfortunately I'm not fluent enough in hardware or software to be able to work out a better explanation than that. But I hope others will.
  13. Interesting. My sound freeze crashes (also linked to G3d.dll) uaually happened when I was interacting with FSX ATC via the menus. Makes me think the problem is some sort of thread collision - FSX being asked to do too many things at once. I agree with bliksimpie that the "too many things" involve texture loads. The fact that I was having my problems in proximity to Paine VOR leads me to wonder if there isn't some sort of texture corruption at Paine Field. Most of my sound freeze crashes were in Orbx scenery. A couple were outside of Orbx country, in the Washington, DC area using UTX, GEX and Cloud 9 landclass. The heavy load in those cases came from weather - significant thunderstorm activity. I've been too distracted by a string of real-life obligations to test the Katana in Orbx, but I'll try and see if I run into similar problems.
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