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  1. Hello all, UPDATE. I have just discovered that I fibbed when I said that PF3 was not available for FS2004. Whilst I am downloading the demo as I type and will definitely try it out I would still like to download my original purchase. Thanks again Tony
  2. Hello all, Let me please start by admitting that this is the wrong forum and please move if required. I bought PFE for FS2004 in 2011 but never used it mainly because I thought, at the time, it was incredibly complicated to set up ... my bad. However, as I am increasingly using FS2004 due to my ancient hardware making my P3Dv4.3 almost unusable. Again, my bad, but I cannot afford to upgrade just yet and when I do, it will be to accommodate VR. Having made this decision I went looking for a reasonable ATC programme for my FS2004 and the43n remembered PFE. I cannot, however, find it on my computer as a download so I thought a simple re-download. I can not find it though, so I emailed Dave March with my purchase details and he replied overni9ght, that he thought, back in 2011, it would have been purchased through Aerosoft. I now seek some information on how to get access to this download. My order details as follows PFE - ORDER DATE 25/10/2011 (FS2004) ORDER NUMBER DELETED SERIAL NUMBER DELETED (Please note that this serial number is incorrect and incomplete ... for security purposes. I do however, have the correct serial number) I am quite aware that there would probably be no further support for this product but I would like to use it and at least try it out. I do not think PFE3 is an option for FS2004 but I most probably will be buying that for P3D when I upgrade my hardware. Thanks for any information, tips, links or responses. Regards Tony Chilcott
  3. Hello everyone, I am a newbie. Just downloaded my PFE 2.14 (can't get any newer than that LOL) My first problem... Install installation procedures request email address and serial number. My email address I know. The serial is a very long mixture of everything which I copied from the confirmation email of the order. This was pasted into the serial section and was promptly rejected. Any ideas??? Tony
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