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  1. John Kunde

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Hello Dave, why do you write such a long text? I didn't find a single sentence belonging to my theme. This theme contains two facts: 1.) Mr. Kok has written: (closed a forum = closed a thread, I suppose in this context ?) 2.) Within some minutes I gave two links where threads were closed. One by Mr. Kok, one by TomA320. For me it's obvious (my personal opinion, you need not to agree with this), that these threads were closed because there were posts that Mr. Kok didn't like. And I did explain, that a lot of people had complained very emotionally in the past, that in Aerosoft-Forums the threads are regularely closed "too early". (I don't want to complain about this now, I only want to give the facts.) So _all_ these people could easily give at least one link where a thread was closed, and where _they_ feel (their personal opinion, you need not to agree with this) that these threads were closed, because "Aerosoft" didn't like the posts. So I think Mr. Kok has a problem now, because he has written his two sentences too hastily, as I suppose. I don't want to embarrass him, I only want to show him this problem to give him a chance to react. I for myself don't need an explanation (or excuse?), but I think it could be helpful for a lot of other forum members. I don't want to turn a molehill into an elephant, but first especially this theme is very hot and second I remember a lot of other similar situations. I only wanted to explain because you have started the theme again. I agreed with Hermann to stop nitpicking, so I don't mind anymore. But maybe Aerosoft should mind? It's your decision (take it or leave it). I hope this didn't sound too arrogant, sorry, English is a foreign language for me. I hope you see my best intention to help and to clarify things. So everybody have a nice start in the new week, good luck and success on all you are doing John
  2. John Kunde

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Herman, I agree with you that we should stop this nitpicking, as you called it, here and now. But I think the theme "closing threads" is a very important theme for a lot of people, as I've read often in the past. I think you should discuss it in the future in a seperate thread, when it comes up again. Show the people, that you (the team) take them serious, and give room and time to other customers to reply on this theme, not only writing "I / we have never closed a forum because ..." and thinking that this would be an answer and would let the people calm down. No - such an answer will push the emotions higher. I think in a lot of themes there were answers from Mr. Kok (and other team members) not to be taken word by word. Maybe better to be more cautious in the future.
  3. John Kunde

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Sorry Herman, may I answer very, very friendly and polite that also your answer is also misleading? I never wanted to start the discussion about the poll here (today) again. Can you show me a remark from me why you think this? I only wanted to answer to the statement from Mr. Kok "I have never closed a forum because there are posts that I did not like. I can show you 12 years of forum management to proof that." I want to make clear, that I do NOT want to bother Mr. Kok in any way or to blame him. I think his answer was given quickly and most of us will agree that we should not count his sentences word by word. But a lot of people have the impression (they "feel" it), that postings are closed too quickly. They can easily quote examples like I did and so everybody can imagine what they feel. I don't want to express this in words - I think everybody can understand. Do you understand what I mean? I wanted to give an example, that the statement from Mr. Kok was given hastily (this is my personal opinion - you need not to agree to this) and that exactly a statement like this could lead to very, very bad feelings and disappointments in the community. So you and everybody can see, how easily misunderstandings can come up. And therefore I wanted to give Mr. Kok a reflection to what he wrote. To avoid misunderstandings on this emotional theme in the future 🙂
  4. John Kunde

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Sorry Dave, but your answer is not very correct / is misleading. May I correct things? 1) I posted these threads in the forum "General discussion" not in "Talk to the management". And I did this because I think this might be in the interest of a lot of flightsimmers. And I think a discussion about this poll could be in the interest of a lot of simmers. 2) As I remember I restarted the theme only one time, so you may count "twice", not "three different times". I might be wrong, so can you show me the third time? 3) I restartet it, because I wondered that I've got a downvote on it. And because Mr. Kok made the statement "commercially FSX is dead" and I wanted to answer to this and thought it would be interesting to other users to discuss this. As I remembered the threads are normally closed with the remark "for further questions feel free to open another thread" or something like this. So I felt free to open the second thread. Now I see that both threads are closed without this remark. So it's clear that they are closed because there were posts that Mr. Kok did not like?!? This was all I wanted to correct.
  5. John Kunde

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Dear Mr. Kok, please look at this: and this: Sincerely John Kunde
  6. John Kunde

    Commercially FSX is dead?

    Very interesting that I've got a downvote here Downvotes for sharing the results of the poll and making the screenshots, which took me quite some time? This shows me, that some people don't like to hear the results I showed. FSX is discussed dead since several years and this is exactly the reason why I'm so happy to read that FSX is so much alive and still has so much users. Commercially FSX is dead? I think, this is a question of supply and demand. On the other hand it's logical that the users of XP11 and P3Dv4 spend more money because they have to buy a lot of addons again. (Is this the reason, why FSX is discussed dead?). But if XP11- and P3Dv4-users have come to the same number of addons again, you come back to the question: which sim has the most users? In my opinion the number of FSX users in this poll is only the top of the iceberg because the "normal simmer" did not get notice from this poll and therefor could not vote.
  7. In my opinion it depends on your age, family status, personality and horizon, how often you are simming. (I'm not sure if it is so positive to have no other hobbies than flight simming 😉 ) So I think this is not so important. If you are interested in the total number of potential customers, you have to look for the number of _all_ users. That means "most of the time", "frequently", "sometimes" and "infrequently" alltogether. And if you are interested in the number of potential customers for photorealistic sceneries (new version of VFR Germany for example), you should have a look to the people with a wide horizon. If you understand what I mean 😉
  8. Source: If you add 36 % (FSX) and 24% (FSX Steam Edition) you'll see, that FSX still is the most popular (from the most people used) flight simulator with approx. 60%, followed by Prepar3d v4 and X-Plane 11 nose by nose with approx. 56% each. For me this was one of the best news in 2018 and I'm happily waiting what 2019 will bring for us flight simmers.
  9. Na aaaber, was sind denn das für Unterstellungen . . . Kunden-Feedback aufzunehmen und etwas Positives daraus zu machen, scheint nicht die Stärke von AS zu sein? Auch hier wieder mal ein schönes Beispiel, dass Kundenkritik nur abgebügelt und dann sogar noch abgewatscht wird. Ist das gute Öffentlichkeitsarbeit? Meine persönliche Meinung: es sollte bei der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit nicht darum gehen, was AS über seine Kunden denkt, sondern was die Kunden über AS denken. Aber komischerweise liest man hier im Forum immer wieder, was AS von seinen Kunden hält. Leider nicht sehr viel: die stellen immer nur dumme Fragen und Erwachsene werden moderiert wie kleine Schulbuben. Ist das gute Öffentlichkeitsarbeit? Was nützt es Euch zu wissen, wie alt jemand ist? Ich glaube nicht, dass es für AS förderlich ist, wenn Ihr Kinder wie Kinder behandelt. Also ist es traurig, wenn Ihr bei der Registrierung nach dem Alter fragt. Beim Verkauf von Ware ("Geschäftsfähigkeit") fragt Ihr aber nicht nach dem Alter, oder? Mann, mann, mann. Man kann sich auch um Kopf und Kragen reden und damit alles noch viel schlimmer machen. Ist das gute Öffentlichkeitsarbeit?
  10. Hallo, kann mir jemand erklären, was dies soll? (Ich hatte versehentlich auf REGISTRIEREN geklickt. Und da taucht nun als erstes dieses Bild mit der Abfrage des Geburtsdatums auf.) Ich meine: wenn man es sowieso nicht speichert, weshalb fragt man dann danach? Und nach den jüngsten Diskussionen über die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (gültig ab 25. Mai 2018) muss doch selbst der Gutgläubigste den Eindruck gewinnen, dass das ein "Gschmäckle" hat. Nüchterne mathematische Fallunterscheidung - es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten: Entweder ist hier was "faul" oder Aerosoft gibt sich alle Mühe, den Eindruck zu erwecken, als sei hier etwas "faul". Ist das gute Öffentlichkeitsarbeit?
  11. John Kunde

    Frage zu Downvotes

    Frank, Danke schon mal. Aber wo siehst Du 17 minus? (13 minus habe ich bisher finden können - wobei das auch wieder so ein Thema ist) =6 minus =4 minus = 3 minus Was habe ich übersehen? Emanuel, auch Dir vielen Dank! Die gelöschten Posts sind ja nur die beiden von gestern abend, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere? Sorry für Eure Mühe und Danke nochmal, auch nochmal im Voraus . . .
  12. John Kunde

    Frage zu Downvotes

    Zitat: Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen. Meine Frage wurde leider noch nicht beantwortet: bekommt man hier auch Downvotes auf Beiträge, die gelöscht bzw. ausgeblendet wurden? Hintergrund: Ein Beitrag von mir wurde nicht angezeigt, so dass ich vermutete, ich hätte mich vielleicht ausgeloggt, bevor der Beitrag richtig abgespeichert wurde. Ich habe ihn aus dem Gedächtnis neu geschrieben und auf einen ironischen Satz verzichtet, um die Ernsthaftigkeit meines Anliegens nicht in Frage zu stellen. Beitrag erneut abgeschickt, einen Screenshot erstellt und kurz darauf war er verschwunden. Es kann ihn eigentlich nur derjenige gesehen haben, der ihn gelöscht hat. Nun sind gestern meine "Punkte" in den Keller gegangen, was ich nicht nachvollziehen konnte. Wenige sichtbare Downvotes ergaben nicht das große Abwärtsergebnis. Das gleiche heute morgen. Weiteres massives Absacken der Punkte tief in den negativen Bereich, ohne dass ich dies mit sichtbaren Downvotes nachvollziehen kann. Ich bitte um Überprüfung und um Beantwortung der Frage, ob ich auf ausgeblendete Beiträge im Nachhinein noch Downvotes erhalten habe. Vielen Dank im Voraus John Kunde
  13. John Kunde

    Question for developer of ENBR X

    Hey Geir. Welcome to the club :-) Somebody is thinking we are like apes, being controlled with banana and electrical shocks.
  14. John Kunde

    Performance London Heathrow Professional (EGLL) Teil 2

    Und schon wieder dieses merkwürdige Absacken der Punkte, ohne dass man nachvollziehen kann, woher die Downvotes kommen. Oder bekommt man hier etwa auch auf Beiträge, die in Sekundenschnelle gelöscht bzw. ausgeblendet wurden, noch schnell Downvotes? Leute, "Euer" (wer immer die Akteure auch sein mögen) Verhalten hier im Forum ist sowas von undurchschaubar, Missverständnisse-fördernd, vergraulend und letztlich erniedrigend - Ihr könnt Euch das offenbar gar nicht vorstellen, wie abschreckend das wirkt. Nicht nur auf Neulinge. Scheint aber offenbar niemanden zu stören. Ich verstehe das einfach nicht. Ein scheinbar perfekter AS-Shop, pünktliche Lieferungen, gut organisierte Logistik/kaufmännische Abwicklung, ansprechende Werbung, internationale Beziehungen und das Forum, die Visitenkarte des Unternehmens, ist eine Kundenvergraulungsmaschine par excellence. Hurra, und alle finden es toll. ???