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Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)


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  • Deputy Sheriffs


I thought now it's time to make a all in one fix.

It incorporates all fixes done by OPabst and me.

Here is the list:

AIO 1.00:

+ ORBX Autogen fix
+ fixed coastline issues
    - added Ilhéu de Fora (Porto Santo)
    - added Baixa do Meio (Porto Santo)
    - added Baixa dos Barbeiros (Porto Santo)
    - reworked beach from Cabeco Da Ponta to Vila Baleira (Porto Santo)
    - reworked Ilhéu da Fonte da Areia (Porto Santo)
    - reworked Ilhéu do Farol (Madeira)
+ fixed mesh issues
    - new highres (10m) mesh for ProtoSanto (source and permission by "Governo Regional da Madeira")
    - new hihgres (5m) mesh for Ilhas Desertas (source and permission by "Governo Regional da Madeira")
    - added mesh (30m) for Ilheu do Farol (source ASTER 1arc SRTM)
+ texture issue
   - fixed truck on texture
+ updated waterclass
+ updated landclass
+ Windmills in Maderia and Porto Santo seperated, so they are shown, when Flight starts there
+ Lighthouses in Maderia and Porto Santo get's Custom Objects from previous Maderia X Version and Flashlights now
+ Airportname in Afcad changed to "Madeira Airport - Cristiano Ronaldo"
+ AFCAD of LPPS in all Versions compiled with FSX SDK, otherwise maybe tool reading the Afcad not work korrect (like GSX or AFX)
+ Runwaylights now working, if fly into the Airport from outside (like LPPS) (only P3Dv3)
+ fixed Approach Lead-In Lights at LPMA to have the 4 static Lamps at the end


AIO 1.01:
+ fixed ORBX Autogen fix
+ fixed Lighthouse placement and altitude
+ fixed flickering ship texture (by Er!k)


AIO 1.02:

+ fixed starting RWY numbers for LPPS (AFCAD)


Madeira all in one 1.02.zip


Only if you use ORBX, you will need the autogen configuration merger:





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  • Deputy Sheriffs
14 minutes ago, Captain Doctor said:

Thank´s @masterhawk, looks better.

But what is this? Is it normal? Haven´t met LPPS in real life :unsure:




The whole airport is not real. There is a big area flattened. The airport has a slopped runway from 103 to 73 meters. In sim it is set to 79m. Some of the military parkings are at 106m IRL. 

The mesh was edited. So yes there is now this hill. I will look if I can do something. But it will never be like in reality.

In an other post I have the original mesh like in reality. Combine it with the aerial image and switch of the other files, then you get an idea how it looks in reality.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi, you just have to download the zip and rar file. Extract them and then copy paste the FSX only folders/files inside your FSX installation. If you run ORBX you will need to install the autogen configuration merger.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
4 hours ago, evaamo said:

Hi. Do these fixes apply to P3Dv4 as well? According to the readme.txt, I have version 1.05a installed.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.




Yes, they are also for v4. Inside the zip/rar is a separate folder for every sim.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
3 hours ago, evaamo said:

Hello again, Bob.


Quick question for you. Are the nearby parts of the airport supposed to look like my screenshots after the fixes have been applied?


Thanks in advance.






That has nothing to do with the fixes. The reason is the original mesh source. It is 30m SRTM. There is a 10m mesh available, but the Madeira government does call a lot money. 

I only added proper mesh for Porto Santo, Ilheu do Farol and Ilhas Desertas.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
22 minutes ago, trisho0 said:

Do I need this "fix all in one" if I don't use ORBX?

You can use this AiO fix also if you don’t have ORBX.

Without ORBX you won’t need the additional autogenmerger tool.

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