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  1. José Alberto

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    So it's solved. Thanks @masterhawk For example, a simple change in EHAM runway configuration (via developer configurator). It's not a usual thing but happen.
  2. José Alberto

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    I do not use it regularly. Only when I change anything in the scenery library... Does anyone else have this problem? PS: right now LPPS and GSX are fine, but: But this is better.
  3. José Alberto

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    If I make a change in the scenery livrary and not run FTX Vector Configurator GSX does not work.It does not even appear on P3D menu.
  4. José Alberto

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Found the problem. This: What we observed running "FTX Vector Configurator" doesn't solve the problem as two filesABP_LPMA_Default.bgl and ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl remain unchanged after using the program. So it's required to remove/renameit manually every time you use "FTX Vector Configurator" (!). God How we use GSX in Madeira and Porto Santo? in my case, because of GSX, I have to run FTX Vector Configurator every time after make a change in the scenery library. So now, I turn off these two files and GSX wont work until I run FTX Vector Configurator again I miss something? PS: thank you @masterhawk
  5. José Alberto

    Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Hello. Any solution to this problem in Porto Santo? I have the "Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one" applied on my P3D v4.3.
  6. It's frustrating but I think the wait will be worth it. And anyone who does not want to wait, as has already been said, has an excellent alternative.
  7. Yeah. I should do a search for for "lockheed problem / lockheed issue" in an Airbus topic Next time I'll do it as suggested PS: end of off-topic.
  8. I had negative feedback (downvotes) because of a simply question. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to be here all day reading everything.
  9. And what if instead of 4K textures we had 2K or even 1024 textures?
  10. José Alberto

    Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)

    Very, very good
  11. Could you/the team can make the dirt and a "pristine looks" optional?
  12. Anything new about the paintkits? I find the current paintkits confusing and difficult.
  13. José Alberto

    Madeira X Evolution missing lead on lights

    Thank you for the explanation This video shows the lights on the road north of the runway: From my experience it is a beautiful sight. The flashes are a lot more intense than in the video, spectacular in my opinion