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  1. Uzhgorod UKLU houses and buildings are terrific! Well designed with very high quality grass and vegetation. Please, keep going on. Patricio
  2. Any progress to release an update for LLBG Ben-Gurion scenery? Patricio
  3. Thanks, it looks like a very powerful Bird. More like a flying Cadillac car ... Patricio
  4. Terrific houses made for this beautiful Bratislava. Please, keep making more sceneries. Patricio
  5. AIRAC 2102 doesn't have SCGC so not flyable for me to give a try.
  6. That's around 12 hours flying 1,524,4nm
  7. Good idea .... or to replace my sunglasses (lol). Patricio
  8. I understand but anyway I can't find the Chart even to use it with FSX sim. So, any other Aerosoft Scenery to give a try in order to see the Northen Lights or Aurora borealis? Patricio
  9. I just checked Wikipedia link and I can see the runway as well. I am intended to purchase Aerosoft Vaeroy scenery I want to see the Northern Lights. But flying from a nearest airport to ENVY I guess I can use a Charts to find the course instead of AIRAC. Am I right? On the another hand, I don't see other way to see the northern lights at the moment. Patricio
  10. I wonder if ENVY Vaeroy is the same scenery as ENVA? I don't see ENVY in the actual AIRAC from Navigraph. Any help is much appreciated. Patricio
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