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  1. When I approached Lukla all went fine until touchdown. Right after touchdown then the elevation is shown. After panning around yes, I can handle the airport better. I never had this with another airport. I think the airport can be improved in some way from the Developer. Patricio Valdes
  2. From LUKLA Scenery Tool I changed all 3 options, Bonus Outer Area, Lukla Platform Simplified or Extended. Still elevations on the runway. It looks like an ALT file is needed? Patricio Valdes
  3. Here it is the scenery settings. Can I try any other setting? I thought elevations is related with ALT files from scenery\world\scenery folder. I don't have any ALT file. Reinstalled and still the same. I can take-off without elevation but landing.
  4. I have installed the AEROSOFT - LUKLA - MOUNT EVEREST EXTREME in P3Dv5 with Installer v2001 and all scenery went fine until I landed on runway. It appears to be an elevation issue but don't know why. Any ideas to fix? Patricio Valdes
  5. pm me ...... Patricio Valdes
  6. I have the exact elevation problem with EDDB Berlin. The plane floating on air. Solution to give as a try? Patricio Valdes EDIT: Found solution, from scratch to install the version then to install the ORBX patch if we have ORBX installed. The plane sits on the ground perfectly. As soon as we update to version the plane floats on air. EDIT final: To resolve elevation just replace the file EDDB_OBJ-Smooth.BGL from the version
  7. Terrific Brno airport scenery, Congrats! Please, keep creating more artwork airports. Hopefully the war ends soon. Patricio Valdes
  8. Due to the long time been without updates then, no more updates. We have to live with as is. Patricio Valdes
  9. I have question related with Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic. I found a video at time 1:43 there is an airport showing. What airport is it? The video is from Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic | Aerosoft Shop Patricio Valdes
  10. What is that dark area visible on down left side of photo? Patricio
  11. Yeah!!! Now Brno is getting terrific, good Artwork ...... Congrats! Patricio
  12. It seems I am the only one having this ...
  13. From Zagreb Professional Configurator version the Dynamic Apron Lights window is blank (black) regardless if P3dv4 or v5. Is there a way to fix it or an update on the way?
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