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  1. Wow! that's so fast making the Liepaja with so detailed graphics looking as somebody shot a camera. Patricio
  2. I can see Gate C8 and D4, I checked on mine and jetways are docking fine. Did you add SODE accordingly?
  3. lol, since the evil is free for a long time can you dress animated people wearing masks in Liepaja (lol)? Patricio
  4. Covid is a common human issue today so please stay safe you and your family. Liepaja will be well done I know that. Patricio
  5. I saw all Liepaja pictures here and really I am very impressed so detailed historic airport scenery, a dream scenery to add in my system. Animated flags would be a good accent bringing more life to Liepaja Airport. Does Liepaja have a train near to the airport? Patricio
  6. I am learning now the Liepaja Airport is history as well. Does that emblem exists in real? Patricio
  7. Progressing fast and accurate your Liepaja, very nice. Patricio
  8. Glad to see this update for Bratislava I am still waiting to grab it. In my P3Dv4.5 I have the Lighting HDR disabled. With HDR enabled I loose the quality image. I like the look as FSX and it is what I get with P3Dv4.5 Patricio
  9. +1. I am waiting for this Liepaja scenery, I can see the progress of this artwork, I like it. Patricio
  10. There is a Configurator file in the same installed scenery. Try that first. If not a success try uninstalling LLBG from Windows Control Panel and clean the folder (yourDriveLetter):\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Ben Gurion V4. Install it again and see what you get. Patricio
  11. Aha! another masterpiece Liepaja scenery is a must have as well. Congrats! Patricio
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