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  1. Will be created a new SODE jetways for Zurich?
  2. I don't think it is an issue from GSX. I operated the jetway with Crtl + J and I got the exactly the same behavior of the jetway undocking with GSX. We need a new SODE files for this LSZH scenery indeed. I did a test with a different spot, on the Gate E23. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rkQ1DUlPr7JZbhEfTeJaVjsabpFHfP2A/view?usp=sharing
  3. Yes, AES intended to say Aerosoft. Tried on Gate E27 and still the jetway undocking with sunken wheels. I use PMDG 737NGX. I tried PMDG 747 and the Bird is too large for the Gates A42 and E27. Any more ideas? Screenshot from Gate E27 showing the jetway sunken in Undock process. If the Jetway is docking normal it should undock the same way.
  4. I launched P3Dv4.5 and removed the AES LSZH from Scenery Library. I didn't see anything related with SODE. Launched to LSZH and P3D loaded the Default and from Gate A42 the jetway worked as a charm, docking and undocking, Rebooted the system and downloaded the Installer again from AES and installed without errors. Launched the AES LSZH Gate A42 and the jetway still with undocking problems and can be seen in: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALBp_YEXiSal0eAa_dY8dexjllxDhY4M/view?usp=sharing
  5. Good idea. I will proceed and to report it about results.
  6. I will test with other Gates to find if Jetways get sunken wheels during Undocking. The wheels issue occurs during undocking and when it finish the wheels become restored. This is not normal. Uninstalling the old version do you mean the files from SODE must be removed as well? I will see if that resolve the problem.
  7. And also for AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-ZURICH-20_PROF_P3DV4.zip? I have the old version 1.0 and the latest version 1.1 and both have the same jetways issue and it happens only during the undocking step.
  8. I downgraded Zurich 1.1 to 1.0 to find if the jetways wheels still sinking on ground during the undocking and yes, still the exact problem. I realized about the naming and you are right and I apologize about. I don't mind about naming Zurich or Zuerich it was just curious on why the naming it is as is. I want to find an answer about the jetways wheels sinking. can I try something about?
  9. Here screenshot of wheels sunken. Reinstalled and still Zuerich instead of Zurich.
  10. +1 I have some questions: 1. Jetways wheels sinking on ground during undocking, how to fix it?. 2. Before the airport name was Zurich and now is Zuerich, is it normal?
  11. After update now the jetways are working …. Thanks to all
  12. Found, SODE jetways work via Shift+D but GSX doesn't ...
  13. OK, found a file AS_EDDK-SODE-JETWAYS.zip and followed instructions the same as I did with the previous version. Before I had working jetways and now with version 1.060 and placed the SODE file in Library configuration of AES EDDK still non working jetways. GSX says "No Jetway Here". SODE rebuilt jetways I can see them blinks so SODE knows the jetways and GSX doesn't see the jetway. Am I missing something?
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