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  1. After update now the jetways are working …. Thanks to all
  2. Found, SODE jetways work via Shift+D but GSX doesn't ...
  3. OK, found a file AS_EDDK-SODE-JETWAYS.zip and followed instructions the same as I did with the previous version. Before I had working jetways and now with version 1.060 and placed the SODE file in Library configuration of AES EDDK still non working jetways. GSX says "No Jetway Here". SODE rebuilt jetways I can see them blinks so SODE knows the jetways and GSX doesn't see the jetway. Am I missing something?
  4. I uninstalled the old EDDK version in order to install the new version 1.060 and now no jetways working and some missing. Should I run the new installer over the old one? Before I had working jetways.
  5. Does exist NZFX AFCAD in somewhere in this planet? Just flew today NZCH rwy 20 to NZFX rwy 15 via waypoints as PEHRR - LASSE - URROA - JEHOO - NOBEY and landed now in NZWD1 (Helicopter area). Before I flew using the FMC default from PMDG 737NGX and landed in NZIR. Now is more weird (lol). I think a NZFX AFCAD is needed.
  6. I flew from NZCH to NZFX and after landed I found the arrival was in NZIR and not the NZFX. It looks like the AIRAC has the NZFX database but not the NZIR. The sim FSX and P3Dv4 doesn't have NZFX scenery. So, the solution for now is to setup FMC entering NZFX as the arrival but we land in NZIR. Any ideas?
  7. I what to add NZFX to AES Antarctica X too ...
  8. I will give a try with ZFX and come back here. Edit: I loaded FSX and also P3Dv4.5 and none be able to show me ZFX or NZFX Do I need to install another scenery?
  9. OK, I understand. As time ago the VHHX we used to find the database info to add it in AIRAC files, can we find the info for NZIR? Actually, AIRAC supports VHHX. For the NZIR not yet so far.
  10. I see .. if I reinstall the AES Antarctica X again, will be installed the AIRAC as needed in order to land in ILS on NZIR?
  11. I was reading this thread and very interesting and well detailed. But, I remember when I first installed AES Antarctica X years ago I was be able to fly ILS via FMC from NZCH to NZIR. I don't remember what AIRAC was in that time. Does anyone know what AIRAC number was it when AES Antarctica was first released? I can give a try since then.
  12. So, how to tell FMC to go to NZIR airport? Let's say I am in NZCH airport and then I want to take off and landing in NZIR, how to program FMC accordingly? I will be lost in the planet.
  13. I have Aerosoft Antarctica X installed in FSX and also in P3Dv4.5 with AIRAC 1912. Loaded and the FMC from 737-800 aircraft says NZIR "Not In Database". Does any Pilot here what data to enter in AIRAC? I don't mind to enter data again for the next AIRAC.
  14. I know that and is a very good idea to keep internet connection up for updates. But what about SimStarterNG, can be used offline?
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